Forsaken Hamlet
Name Forsaken Hamlet
Area No. 5
Hazards -
Small monsters -
Big monsters Stormlord Lagiacrus
Creator/s Dragonzzilla
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Climate Rocky Shoreline
Weather Stormy
Secret Areas -
Aquatic Areas -
Shortcuts 1

This forsaken hamlet is nestled beneath a chain of forested sea-cliffs, just off the coastline. It is a dreary place of unremitting rain, long since abandoned to the ravages of time and weather. Few monsters choose to live here.


Forsaken Hamlet

A dilapidated fishing hamlet on a stormy shore. A perpetual downpour beats down on the place, and the rotting frames of the deserted village offer the only reprieve from it. The damp, grey sand squelches with every step, and lightning cracks against the distant sky, heralding thunder, which sounds just once before sinking below the murmurous sea and rain.


Forsaken Hamlet Map by Narwhaler
  • Base Camp: Based atop of a forested cliff overlooking the hamlet. A narrow slope leads down to the Area 4, while a passage through the trees leads to Area 1.
  • Area 1 (Forested Ridge): A long, narrow ridge overlooking the hamlet and beachfront, accessed from the Base Camp. Hunters can leap off the cliff edge on the far side onto Area 2.
  • Area 2 (Beachfront): A wide, open beachfront leading into the ocean, akin to the Tainted Sea area in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and the Great Forest Peak of Monster Hunter Frontier. The collapsed frames of piers can be scaled to mount onto monsters. A wide slope leads up to Area 3, while a submerged cave mouth connects with Area 5.
  • Area 3 (Fishing Alley): A tight alley in the shape of an L, built from the side of a sea cliff. The proximity of the buildings restrict movement, but still allow for the passage of larger monsters. Accessible buildings offer shelter from certain monster attacks and balconies to mount monsters. Connected to Areas 2 and 4.
  • Area 4 (Village Center): A wide clearing within the hamlet that allows greater space to maneuver for both monsters and Hunters alike. A narrow slope up a cliff leads to Base Camp, and a large opening in the cliff face allows access to Area 5.
  • Area 5 (Caverns): A network of snaking tunnels that converge on a tidewater cavern connected to the ocean, similar to Area 8 of the Flooded Forest. While larger monsters cannot access the smaller tunnels, the tunnels’ tight turns also make them safe from attack from around corners. Swimming through the tidewater leads back to Area 2.



  • This area was inspired by the Fishing Hamlet location of a game called Bloodborne, but borrows elements from the Tainted Sea area from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in terms of layout.
  • You may use the Forsaken Hamlet, but please leave a comment to notify me if you wish to do. I want to see what you do with it.
  • Huge thanks to Narwhaler for the map! Can't thank you enough!

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