The Forgotten Fortress is comprised by the ruins of an ancient fortress used long ago to train Hunters, located between large cliffs adorned with waterfalls.


Forgotten Fortress Map
  • Base Camp: The entryway of the fortress, the bed and item boxes are placed on the side of the staircase, there's two corridors leading to Areas 1 and 2, and the staircase leads to Area 6.
  • Area 1: An L shaped corridor with a view to the open cliffs.
  • Area 2: A long and heavily worn corridor, strong monster movements here may cause chunks of the ceiling to fall and change the layout.
  • Area 3: An open courtyard, grass has begun to overgrow and there is a massive view of the waterfalls.
  • Area 4: A long corridor that is surprisingly in good shape.
  • Area 5: A small corridor with water running through.
  • Area 6: A large open area with a water stream, the waterfalls can be seen from here, there is a ceiling which is broken by certain monsters, giving this area an open view of the sky and the waterfalls.


To be revealed.


  • Inspired by Heroes of the Waterfalls' Kingdom song by Rhapsody of Fire.

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