The Foaming Cliffs (Japanese 藻場崖, "Kelp forest and Cliffs") are a temperate coastal region, most of the areas are partially or completely underwater. As its name suggests, the area is characterized by the high cliffs imposing across the seashore. The waters are quite calm and full of life, the zones vary from beaches to kelp forests.


Foaming Cliffs Map
  • Base camp: The base camp is located in the border of a cliff, surrounded by a dense forest. Hunters must jump to go to Zone 1, similar to the Sunken Hollow.
  • Zone 1: A pebble beach with an enormous cliff at one side and the vast sea at the other, the sound of the waves resonates in the surroundings.
  • Zone 2: A calm sand beach with some rocks and clear waters.
  • Zone 3: An area facing the open ocean where kelp starts to grow in abundance.
  • Zone 4: An open underwater area, rocky walls in the sandy bottom mark the limits of the area.
  • Zone 5: A narrow passage bordering the cliff, there's a small forested hollow with a Felyne village. The view is extraordinary.
  • Zone 6: A dense kelp forest where aquatic herbivores can be found.
  • Zone 7: A narrow rocky beach full of different shells and other valuable objects brung with the tide.
  • Zone 8: A rocky foreshore with tidal pools and numerous exists.
  • Zone 9: An underwater cave, it has some interesting ores and a demanded type of barnacle.
  • Zone 10: An extension of the kelp forest across an underwater path, it has an entrance to the cave.
  • Zone 11: A cave with great stalagmites on the ceiling, the cracks on the walls shelter diverse creatures. The bones and sandy nest point that it's a lair of sea monsters.


  • Small monsters: Tuna, Molid, Perciform, Sharq, Ludroth, Epioth, Qemys, ???
  • Big monsters: Royal Ludroth, Lagiacrus, Plesioth, Miziru, Curyoestus, ???

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