Field of the Fallen is an area outside of the Castle Schrade, created by BannedLagiacrus.

Field of the Fallen Map

This area is feared by many hunters for what lives in the area and what lives inside the Castle Schrade. On the ground, through out the area, is pieces of armor scattered around the area belonging to hunters who previously came and then died mysteriously, hints the area's name. Those who come back have went crazy and say that something was controlling them and that it tried to make them do things. There have been sightings of Fatalis coming here to gather armor before melting it on its hide along with another unidentified Elder Dragon, Shoji Akalis.


Base Camp

This Base Camp is in an hidden passage outside of the Castle Schrade leading to the field. There is no supply boxes and there is drawings on the wall of Castle Schrade along with skeletons belonging to monsters and hunters. One of the pictures show a strange eclipse.


A thick fog covers the area, making it hard to see. Every time hunters take a step on the ground, they can hear themselves stepping on a pieces of armor and they can hear howling from something with each step. Behind the fog, hunters can see the castle still standing but on fire along with a familiar roar coming from the castle. When hunters make it to the other side of the field, something will begin to flap its wings and clear the fog revealing the armor filled field, the castle on fire, and the monster itself, Shoji Akalis. In the area as well are mounds of armor and large pools of boiling water.


Armor Piles: Some of the armors in the area are gathered in piles and can be used as weapons by the monster just by hitting it. Hunters can also use this as a weapon by striking it but its risky due to them potentially hitting their teammates with them.

Boiling Water: Around the area is multiple puddles of water that slowly drain a hunter's health just by standing in them. This water is said to have extremely hot armor in it.


Snake Wyverns: Remobra

Elder Dragons: Fatalis, Shoji Akalis

Fanged Beasts: Burst Species Wilolu

Flying Wyvern: Burst Species Warlaros


  • The idea of this area is mostly inspired by what happened in the Castle Schrade and by Fatalis itself.
  • It is said that there is hidden treasure somewhere in this area and hunters just need to know where to look.
  • Shoji Akalis is said to grab and trap hunters in the boiling water before doing ungodly things to them.
  • If hunters use the Armor Piles, they have a chance to gain a few pieces of armor and charms by doing so.