Ferrumos Artwork by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis
Titles Iron Crushing Maw
Nicknames Power Jaws
General Info
Species Flying Wyvern
Habitats Primeval Coastline, Primal Forest, Ancient Forest, Old Jungle, Jungle, Deserted Islands, Marshland, Flooded Forest, Misty Peaks, Everwood, Gorge and Tide Island.
Size 2407.92 cm - 2743.2 cm
Relatives None
Signature Move Draconic Chomp.
Elements Element Dragon Dragon
Ailments Status Dragonblight Severe Dragonblight, Stun
Weaknesses Element Ice Ice
Creator Nrex117


Ferrumos is a large, powerful semi aquatic flying wyvern characterized by its massive crocodile like jaws and tusk like fangs, powerful limbs and striking black skin with a light grey underbelly the webbing of its wings are olive in color. The top of its head is tipped with a pair of horn-like projections above the eyes, and its powerful broad and paddle like tail is covered in crocodilian like scutes.


As a pseudowyvern, its wings have evolved into forelegs, allowing it to run at fast speeds. Though it possesses a pair of adequately-developed wings, it is rarely seen flying for long periods of time due to its wings not being as powerful as other Wyverns and it mainly use its wings to help it glide through the water. Ferrumos is known to swap between bipedal and quadrupedal stances when from time to time but tends to use all its limbs in locomotion.

Like its relative Tigrex it has powerful lungs which allow it to have powerful roars, but the lungs also allow it to stay submerged underwater for long periods of time to ambush prey. The stomach of Ferrumos produces the Dragon Element to help it break down its food, but it can also discharge the dragon energy from its muscles as a form of defense.


Ferrumos can be found in a wide array of habitats as long as it meets two conditions, it needs to be warm and have a decent amount of water for it to lurk within.


Albino Ferrumos: A more aggressive white colored variant of Ferrumos that might not actually be a subspecies at all, but an individual with albinism. Its coloration has brought it many difficulties in its life causing it to adapt a more aggressive approach in dealing with hunters.


Raft Ambush! Lv ★★★★★★
Ferrumos Icon
Hunt a Ferrumos
Reward: 5000z Location: Primeval Coastline
Contract Fee: 550z Time Limit: 50 min
Subquest: Put a Ferrumos to sleep. Sub.Reward: 1100z
Other Monsters:

Qwartonoth, Corvolos

Client: Peeved Fisherman

"THAT BRUTE . . . THAT FIEND, HE SMASHED MY BOAT TO BITS . . . AND I DEMAND REVENGE, go forth hunter and I will make it worth your time."

Invasive Species Research! Lv ★★★★★★
Ferrumos Icon
Capture a Ferrumos
Reward: 4800z Location: Flooded Forest
Contract Fee: 550z Time Limit: 50 min
Subquest: Slay a Great Wroggi Sub.Reward: 1000z
Other Monsters:

Ludroth, Wroggi, Great Wroggi

Client: Interested Biologist

"So I have gotten word that a certain primordial wyvern has began to show up in a area near this location, would you be so kind as to capture me a live specimen for my research?"

Trouble on the beach! Lv ★★★★★★
Ferrumos Icon MH10th-Royal Ludroth Icon
Slay a Ferrumos
Reward: 5100z Location: Jungle
Contract Fee: 990z Time Limit: 50 min
Subquest: Slay or Capture a Royal Ludroth Sub.Reward: 3000z
Other Monsters:

Velociprey, Aptonoth, Ludroth, Royal Ludroth

Client: Jungle Village Chief

"There I was sittin on the shoreline rod and reel in hand waiting for the big one to bite, but then off in the distance I see a Royal Ludroth goin crazy in da water and then I realized it was bein chased by some nasty looking croc wyvern. Please help me hunter I'll never catch a fish with this commotion going on!"

Trouble in the seas! Lv ★★★★★★
Ferrumos Icon
Slay a Ferrumos
Reward: 8440z Location: Deserted Island
Contract Fee: 990z Time Limit: 50 min
Subquest: Mount a Ferrumos Sub.Reward: 400z
Other Monsters:

Maccao, Ludroth and Aptonoth

Client: Mogga Village Child

"So I was going to go sneak out of the village to go fishing and I saw this big scary wyvern rise from the water, this is to scary to have near the village please help us!"

Ruined Vacation Lv ★★★★★★
Ferrumos Icon Lagiacrus Fanon Icon
Capture a Ferrumos
Reward: 8440z Location: Deserted Island
Contract Fee: 990z Time Limit: 50 min
Subquest: Mount a Lagiacrus Sub.Reward: 300z
Other Monsters:

Aptonoth, Kelbi and Epioth

Client: Disgruntled Man

"Me and my family were going to take a trip to the Deserted Island to take in the view of the sea, but we can't when a Lagiacrus and Ferrumos are making such a huge waves over their territorial dispute! Please hunter save my family vacation!"

Mountain ESCAPE! Lv ★★★★★★
Ferrumos Icon
Slay a Ferrumos
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Contract Fee: {{{Contract Fee}}} Time Limit: {{{Time Limit}}}
Subquest: {{{Sub Quest}}} Sub.Reward: {{{Sub Reward}}}
Other Monsters:

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Trembling Coast! Lv ★★★★★★
Ferrumos Icon
Hunt a Mikiragaan and Ferrumos
Reward: 40000z Location: Primeval Coastline
Contract Fee: 4500z Time Limit: {{{Time Limit}}}
Subquest: Break Mikiragaan's back Sub.Reward: 5500z
Other Monsters:

Corvolos, Iginoth and Slagtoth

Client: Local Fisherman

"I have just been attacked!!! I was trying to get my nets out of the water, when suddenly a Croc-Like Flying Wyvern jumped out of the water and bit my boat in half. As I was trying to get my stuff back home, a huge green tank rushed at me. Its plow-ish chin was as big as one thousand mackerels together. Could you help me?"


Scale Icon Grey Ferrumos Scale: A hard bony scale from a Ferrumos.

Shell Icon Grey Ferrumos Scute: A large bony scale perfect for reflecting fatal blows.

Claw Icon Grey Ferrumos Tusk: Large sturdy fangs that have ended many lives.

Webbing Icon Dark Green Ferrumos Webbing: Webbing that has adapted to help aid in movement in air and water.

Monster Parts Icon Grey Ferrumos Tail: A powerful tail that aids in swimming and dealing blows to enemies. (Severed Tail only)

Scale Icon Grey F. Belly Scale: A soft and flexible scale from the underbelly.

Carapace Icon Grey Ferrumos Plate+: A hard to obtain material surprisingly flexible and yet hard able to transfer currents of dragon element. (High Rank only) (Breakable Reward only)

Armor Sphere Icon Dark Red Dragon Substance+: A strange combination of stomach acid and dragon energy, it must be used for something? (High Rank only)

Medicine Icon Dark Red Ferrumos Blood+: Has very strong medicinal properties said to be able to cure most ailments and supposedly restores youth, but not on its own, mixing with other substances should make a fine potion! (High Rank only)

Hide Icon Grey Ferrumos Hide+: Makes fine quality leather and is high demand! (High Rank only)

Breakable Parts

Head - can be scared.

Horns and Tusks - can be broken.

Tail - Can be scared and severed.

Wings - Can be scared once for each wing.

Claws - can be broken once for each wing.

Back Plates - back plates can be broken.


Ferrumos Icon
A powerful semi-aquatic Flying Wyvern that has the ability to control the dragon element. Hunt at your own risk for this beasts powerful jaws cause even the most powerful of monsters to think twice before picking a fight with this beast. It has been nicknamed the all terrain wyvern by the guild due to its abilitys to move adeptly on land, water and in the air.


  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Wyvern Feet
  • Infraorder: Aquatic Wing Wyvern
  • Superfamily: Steel Jaw
  • Family Ferrumos

Habitat Range

Ferrumos are known to thrive in tropical and subtropical areas and tend to shy away from the colder regions of the world but despite this they are a very wide spread species of Flying Wyvern, generally living anywhere that's warm and has water.

Ecological Niche

Ferrumos are apex predators preying heavily on large herbivorous monsters such as Aptonoth, Larinoth, and Epioth. They can also prey on smaller carnivores like Jaggi and Velociprey. The only real competition this monster faces is from other large apex predators such as the Rath wyverns, Brachydios, Zinogre, and Seregios, but they tend not to target other large predatory monsters because of the risks involved. In its native lands this monster has a fierce competition with the fearsome bird wyvern Sicarapax, and is known to be preyed upon by the gigantic terrestrial leviathan Seruslong on occasion.

Biological Adaptations

They have adapted an ambush strategy for hunting normally waiting in or around watering holes but have also been known to wander or fly around game trails if hungry enough they also evolved a Dragon element producing organ in there stomach to help the digest hard materials that they consume like bone, keratin, and chitin they can also spit globs of dragon substance if angered. They kill prey with a powerful skull crushing bite. Their wings are used to fly short distances and aid on movement while underwater, and their powerful tails can deliver stunning blows and also aid in swimming. Their body is covered in strong bony scutes and scales to help protect them from damage. Their blood is filled with powerful anti bodies that allow Ferrumos incredibly high resistance to infections and toxins.


They are territorial and will defend their home from their own kind and even other large monsters. They make their nests along high cliffs along shorelines and rivers to protect their young from other predators. During the mating season males attract mates by bellowing underwater to impress females this normally leads to fights over territories of females.


Bipedal Attacks:

  • Bite: A simple bite dealing moderate damage.
  • Hip check: A simple attack using its flank dealing moderate damage.
  • Ram: A simple charge attack that deals high damage.
  • Draconic Beam: A focused beam of dragon energy that deals high damage to hunters and inflicts severe dragonblight.
  • Tail Spin: Ferrumos will spin its body in an attempt to hit foes with its broad tail dealing moderate damage.
  • Dragon Glob: Ferrumos will fire a ball of dragon energy at targets dealing moderate damage and inflicting dragonblight.

Quadrupedal Attacks:

  • Spin: just like its relative it spins around dealing moderate damage and stunning hunters.
  • Pounce: it pounces on hunters dealing high damage and causing the ground to tremble beneath it.
  • Discharge: similar to khezu it will discharge a cloak of dragon energy that deals moderate damage to hunters and inflict dragonblight.
  • Draconic Chomp: its jaws will surge with Dragon element and will bite the hunter dealing high damage and inflict dragonblight.
  • Draconic Mist: it will fire a stream of dragon element from its mouth dealing high damage to hunters inflicts severe dragonblight.
  • Tail Swipe: Ferrumos swings its powerful tail to either side of its body knocking hunters back and dealing moderate damage.
  • Chomp: a lunging bite that deals moderate damage to hunters.
  • Tail Shock: Ferrumos slams its tail into the ground releasing a shockwave of dragon energy dealing moderate damage and inflicting severe dragonblight.
  • Toss: Similar to tigrex it will push its front limb across the ground flinging rocks at hunters and prey dealing moderate damage.

Aquatic based:

  • Draconic boil: Ferrumos will release a powerful surge of dragon energy that boils the water around it dealing high damage.
  • Whirl Pool: Ferrumos thrashes its tail violently creating a underwater vortex that pulls in and stuns hunters.
  • Ram: Ferrumos rams into hunters dealing moderate damage.
  • Dragon beam: Ferrumos fires a powerful beam of dragon energy causing massive damage to hunters.
  • Dragon vortex: Ferrumos creates a vortex of dragon energy dealing moderate damage and pulls hunters in.

Tired and Rage status

Tired state:

when low on stamina on stamina Ferrumos will have larger openings between its attacks and will fail to use breath attacks, and will search for prey to consume like Aptonoth or other herbivores.

Rage state:

When enraged its jaws will cackle with the dragon element and blood will rush to its extremities similar to tigrex and it will move and attack faster, when enraged it is stuck in a quadrupedal stance.



Iron Clad Jaws - Dual swords

Primal Pounder - Hammer

T.I.A.K! (THIS IS A KNIFE!) - Sword & Shield

Croc on a Stick - Lance

OverBITE - Switch Ax

Shock Scale - Great Sword

Bite Force - Gunlance

Scute Launcher - Heavy Bowgun

Rocket Jaws - Light Bowgun

Tusk Shot - Bow

Mad Croc - Switch Blade

Swamp Fever - Insect Glaive


. . .

Battle theme

Ferrumos theme

Ferrumos theme


  • It is heavily inspired by Tigrex, Kaprosuchus and Kronosaurus.
  • Its favorite prey is Plesioth.
  • Combining Ferrumos Blood with a Kelbi Horn and than with a Life Powder will create a healing item that heals all hunters on a hunt as well as curing all ailments (with the exception of sleep status) and giving a temporary health, attack, and defense boost for 5 mins, and only one can be carried at a time!
  • They are one of the few predators that rival Sicarapax
  • They can not be poisoned at all!
  • They can not be paralyzed at all!
  • They can be put to sleep!

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