Ferrumos is a powerful and adaptive flying wyvern with crocodilian features.
Ferrumos Artwork by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis
Titles Iron Crushing Jaw Wyvern
Nicknames Power Jaws
General Info
Species Flying Wyvern
Habitats Primeval Coastline, Primal Forest, Ancient Forest, Old Jungle, Jungle, Deserted Island, Marshland, Flooded Forest, Misty Peaks, Everwood, Gorge, Tide Island, Ruined Temple and Wildspire Waste.
Size 1388.2 cm - 2603.1 cm
Relatives Albino Ferrumos
Signature Move Draconic Chomp.
Elements Element Dragon Dragon
Ailments Status Dragonblight Severe Dragonblight, Stun
Weaknesses Element Ice Ice
Creator Nrex117


Ferrumos is a large, powerful semi aquatic flying wyvern characterized by its massive crocodile like jaws and tusk like fangs, powerful limbs and striking black skin with a light grey underbelly the webbing of its wings are olive in color. The top of its head is tipped with a pair of horn-like projections above the eyes, and its powerful broad and paddle like tail is covered in crocodilian like scutes.


As a pseudowyvern, its wings have evolved into forelegs, allowing it to run at fast speeds. Though it possesses a pair of adequately-developed wings, it is rarely seen flying for long periods of time due to its wings not being as powerful as other Wyverns and it mainly use its wings to help it glide through the water. Ferrumos is known to swap between bipedal and quadrupedal stances when from time to time but tends to use all its limbs in locomotion. Like its relative Tigrex it has powerful set of lungs, unlike its relative however they aren't used to produce loud calls but aid Ferrumos in holding its breath while submerged. The stomach of Ferrumos produces the Dragon Element to help it break down its food, but it can also discharge the dragon energy from its muscles as a form of defense.


Ferrumos can be found in a wide array of habitats as long as it meets two conditions, it needs to be warm and have a decent amount of water for it to lurk within.

In Game Description

Ferrumos Icon
A powerful semi-aquatic Flying Wyvern that has the ability to control the dragon element. Hunt at your own risk for this beasts powerful jaws cause even the most powerful of monsters to think twice before picking a fight with this beast. It has been nicknamed the all terrain wyvern by the guild due to its abilitys to move adeptly on land, water and in the air.



  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Wyvern Feet
  • Infraorder: Aquatic Wing Wyvern
  • Superfamily: Steel Jaw
  • Family Ferrumos

Habitat Range:

Ferrumos are known to thrive in tropical and subtropical areas and tend to shy away from the colder regions of the world but despite this they are a very wide spread species of Flying Wyvern, generally living anywhere that's warm and has water.

Ecological Niche:

Ferrumos are apex predators preying heavily on large herbivorous monsters such as Aptonoth, Larinoth, and Epioth. They can also prey on smaller carnivores like Jaggi and Velociprey. The only real competition this monster faces is from other large apex predators such as the Rath wyverns, Brachydios, Zinogre, and Seregios, but they tend not to target other large predatory monsters because of the risks involved. In its native lands this monster has a fierce competition with the fearsome bird wyvern Sicarapax, and is known to be preyed upon by the gigantic terrestrial leviathan Seruslong on occasion.

Biological Adaptations:

They have adapted an ambush strategy for hunting normally waiting in or around watering holes but have also been known to wander or fly around game trails if hungry enough they also evolved a Dragon element producing organ in there stomach to help the digest hard materials that they consume like bone, keratin, and chitin they can also spit globs of dragon substance if angered. They kill prey with a powerful skull crushing bite. Their wings are used to fly short distances and aid on movement while underwater, and their powerful tails can deliver stunning blows and also aid in swimming. Their body is covered in strong bony scutes and scales to help protect them from damage. Their blood is filled with powerful anti bodies that allow Ferrumos incredibly high resistance to infections and toxins.


Ferrumos are highly aggressive Flying Wyverns. To hunt down prey the typically wait near or around the waters edge and ambush foes. Ferrumos are known to bask in areas with shade to draw in residual dragon energy from their surroundings.


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Ferrumos theme

Ferrumos theme


  • It is heavily inspired by crocodilians .
  • Its favorite prey is Piscine Wyverns.
  • Combining Ferrumos Blood with a Kelbi Horn and than with a Life Powder will create a healing item that heals all hunters on a hunt as well as curing all ailments (with the exception of sleep status) and giving a temporary health, attack, and defense boost for 5 mins, and only one can be carried at a time!
  • They are one of the few predators that rival Sicarapax
  • They can not be poisoned at all!
  • They can not be paralyzed at all!
  • They can be put to sleep!