The Fallen Woods is a location that has sunk into a ruin unearthed by a Mysterious Monster.

Fallen woods map


  • Base Camp: Behind the tent is small trees that lead up to towering foliage, the Everwood. In front of the camp is a massive sinkhole surrounded by the woods. Looking closely at the center a ruin can be seen, in G rank.
  • Area 1: The Descent: The entrance of the area has trees by its sides. Suddenly the area opens up and dead decayed trees are littered along the floor along with dirt. In this area there is a cracked slab that can be climbed and is good for jumping attacks.
  • Area 2: Ruined Landscape: Woods are sighted overseeing the area on a ledge and what seems to be a waterfall transitioning to a river which halfway across the area is covered by a massive tree, presumably fallen over from its own weight. There is a fishing spot next to the tree helped indicated by a crack.
  • Area 3: Unwelcome Creatures: As soon as the player enters the area they'll be able to notice the nest by the right of the area swarming with Wroggi/Ioprey. On the opposite side a poisonous pond is seen surrounded by geysers that randomly spew out poison. The geysers and pond do poison damage, G rank it becomes deadly poison. High rank of this area is the lowest point of the map. In G rank there is a path leading further down.
  • Area 4: The Center: The warps in the ground in the other areas all lead into this areas center, a rather large ruin with a worn symbol resembling that of a Kirin's. The floor around the ruin has turned to a unique stone, drained of all life. The cracks in the walls steam out poisonous mist and dragon lightning, as if something is lurking in it.
  • Area 5: Tenebroshi Ruins: Named for the creature it once contained, the center of the area has four dull broken crystals around an alter. The crystals on the north look like Thunder Kirin's horns while the south crystals look like Oroshi Kirin horns. A staircase is visible but blocked off.

Monsters appearing

Area Hazards

  • Area 3, 4: Poison
  • Area 4: Dragon surges
  • Area 2: River can carry you to Area 3's poisonous pond