Erampent by Narwhaler
Titles Giant Thunder
Storm Beast
Nicknames Eram
General Info
Species Elder Dragon
Habitats Sandy Plains, Desert, Highlands, Thunderstorm Valley, Stormy Lowland
Size 8823.41 cm (Big)
Relatives Kirin, Oroshi Kirin
Signature Move Lightning Attraction, Landthrust Charge
Elements Element Thunder
Ailments Severe ThunderblightStatus Paralysis
Weaknesses Element DragonElement Ice
Creator Narwhaler

Erampent is a strange Elder Dragon related to Kirin.


Erampent appearance is somewhat similar to a rhinoceros, however, it has a sole big spiral horn like Kirin on the head. Similar to Kirin its skin is scaly, but more plated and thick. It also has bristly hairs on the back, lower jaw and tail. Its legs are short and muscular, while its tail is long and stands upright.


(?) Newly discovered Elder Dragons closely related to Kirin and more brute. They inhabit plains and stormy areas. If perturbed they will charge at enemies and attract lightning with their enormous horn in a rudimentary way.

Erampent inhabits desertic and rocky areas, preferring locations where thunderstorms are usual. This rare Elder Dragon lives a solitary life, normally grazing and looking for food around wide plains and grassland areas. Despite of being a herbivore, it's highly agressive towards possible threats such as big monsters and hunters.


Erampent, similar to its cousin, is able to use lightning to attack, but on a less developed level. Erampent is able to attract and direct lightning to attack, but it's only able to do this during storms, and in a very rudimentary way. It can also make use of electricity charging its tail hairs electrostatically to perform a small discharge or attract thunderbolts behind it.

However, Erampent mostly uses its incredible force to crush, charge and stomp targets. It can also lift great rocks with its horn and cause strong quakes with its legs. When enraged it will summon a thunderbolt that will cause a strong thunder similar to a roar, while enraged it can charge at great speed while dragging its horn to lift dirt and dust and summoning more lightning.


  • Its horn can be broken three times, its back and its tail once.