Titles Primitive Lava Dweller
Nicknames Lavasnarf, Magma Douche
General Info
Species Piscine Wyvern
Habitats Oceanic Volcano, Tainted Sea, Boiling Isle
Size 1654.8cm-2965.5cm
Relatives Lavasioth
Signature Move Boiling Water Cannon
Elements Element Steam Steam
Ailments Element Fire Fireblight
Element Water Waterblight
Weaknesses Element Ice Ice
Element Thunder Thunder
Creator Rack&ruin
Epineguma is a Piscine Wyvern found in volanic regions, dwelling within both lava and the heated water within some of those volcanic areas. It can be fought in High rank and above.


Epineguma has a body stance that similar to that of a Gobul or Nibelsnarf but its not flat but rather, it has the body shape of a grouper with a mixture of black, green, and red rock-like scales with large front fins that have developed claws for it to support itself when on land and out of the water or lava. The tail is light brown as well as the dorsal fin that starts at the back of its head and ends midway to the tailfin. The dorsal fin is also serrated with dorsal spines that are separated equally. Also Epineguma's maw is just as large as a Gobul and a Nibelsnarfs and its appetite is just as big.


Epineguma shows a lot of similar behaviors of mos known leviathans such as Gobul and Nibelsnarf including its attack style but its a much more active hunter than the two leviathans. It oftenly movs from area to area to find food unless a threat is among it, then it will proceed to bombard the supposed attacker with fire and scalding water that is stored within its stomach. Another ability Epineguma has is that it can emit steam from the mouth and body that can damage players when near epineguma


Epineguma is rather high in the food chain depending on where it lives. Very little can prey on this leviathan sized piscine wyvern except Deviljho, for his saliva and powerful jaws can penetrate its thick scales. Other than that its extremely aggressive, attacking whatever looks,acts, and sounds like a threat. They may attack other monsters such as Rathalos, Gravios, Agnaktor, Shogun Ceanataur, Berserk Tetsucabra, Seregios, or even the Rajang and the Brachydios can be attacked by this piscine wyvern.

Carves (High Rank)

Scale Icon Black
Epineguma Scale+ A multicolored scale that withstands the harshest temperatures.
Hide Icon Dark Red
Epineguma Hide+ Epineguma Hide that is tough enough to withstand the claws of wyverns.
Webbing Icon Brown
Epineguma Webbing+ The dorsal fin of Epineguma. Many advise to be careful when handling these claws for the dorsal spines are very sharp.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Red
Epineguma Tail The tailfin of a Epineguma. Not all too useful as a tool.
Claw Icon Red
Epineguma Finclaw+ The developed fins and claws of an epineguma. Not often used for land locomotion but rather to keep the Piscine Wyvern balanced.
Sac Icon White
Boiling Sac The organ found in Epineguma that can create steam and boil water to the hottest temperatures.