Titles Crusher Hog Beast
Nicknames Entel
General Info
Species Fanged Beast
Habitats Deserted Island, Jungle, Jurassic Frontier, Misty Peaks, Verdant Hills
Size Medium
Relatives Bullfango, Bulldrome
Signature Move Fruit Buffs
Elements None
Ailments Status Attack Down Attack Down
Status Defense Down Defense Down
Status Stun Stun
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Element Thunder Thunder
Creator MonsterHunterFlacko

Entelofango (エンテロファンゴ, Enterofango) is a Fanged Beast.


Entelofango resembles Bullfango and Bulldrome, albeit with notable differences. Its body is larger and bulkier, and is covered in shaggy beige fur with tan fur on its legs. Tan stripes run across its back. Entelofango has a tan mask-like pattern with a black rim around its face. It jaws are large in comparison to the rest of its body and are filled with large canines, heavy incisors, and powerful molars. The tips of its long tusks are flattened and end in a pentagon shape, resembling a shovel. They sport bony lumps on either side of their heads and along their back.


Entelofango's tusk are its main weapons. It fights by lifting up enemies with its tusks and hurling them away. It digs up special fruit using it tusks. These fruit can give it various buffs, depending on what fruit it eats. These fruits can either recover regenerate its health at a quick rate, give it increased attack strength, and even increase its already mighty defense. While the buffs may give this monster strength, it does the exact opposite for hunters. Though it is known for crushing the fruits with ease, this Fanged Beast can also crush giant rocks in its mouth and toss rocks with its tusks, akin to Tetsucabra.


Entelofango are extremely aggressive and territorial and do not tolerate anything near their territory, not even others of their kind. When seeking a mate, males bring fruit to a desired female and hope that the female will accept their offering. Should the female reject the male's gift, the female will drive off the male.


Entelofango prefers to live in temperate areas such as the Deserted Island, Jungle, Jurassic Frontier, Misty Peaks, and Verdant Hills.


  • Entelofango is an Origin Species (始種).
  • Its design motifs was truffle hogs.
  • Both of its tusks can be broken individually.
  • Its buffs have the opposite effects on hunters; health fruits (green) decrease a hunter's health by 15% of their maximum HP, attack fruits (red) causes Attack Down to hunters, and defense fruits (orange) cause Defense Down.
  • Its rock smash attack can Stun hunters.
  • When in Rage Mode it huffs black mouth.
  • Unlike Bulldrome, Entelofango frequently changes areas and limps when weakened