Titles Heaven's Deer
Nicknames Eitik
General Info
Species Elder Dragon
Habitats High Altitudes(Heaven's Mount,Ruined Ridge)
Size Average
Relatives Runic Eitiknyr
Signature Move Jet Boost
Elements Element Water
Ailments Element Water Severe Waterblight
Weaknesses Element Earth
Creator YukiHerz
 The Eitiknyr is an equine Elder Dragon that inhabits the highest mountains and valleys.


They are large, slender quadrupeds similar to deers, their antlers are very long and feature a vast amount of branches, their spine bones grow outside their bodies, creating a ridge of bones running from their neck to the tip of the tail, the scales on their legs point backwards, male Eitiknyr have white fur in their chest, their tails are thin and long.

Their bodies are covered in iridescent sharp scales, their antlers are a glowing light blue color.


None Large equine Elder Dragons similar to Kirin, the live on the highest mountains and valleys, feeding on herbs.

Eitiknyrs are Herbivores, their favorite herb is the Night Herb that grows in the Old World, they are passive by nature and prefer to keep their distance from hunters unless provoked.


Eitiknyrs have internal organs that purify water and then send it to its different limbs, its glowing horns act as cooling mechanisms that keep the monsters' internal temperature very low.

They use the stored water in different ways while fighting, they can launch globes of water from their mouths, eject water while using melee attacks such as a bite or a tail swipe and use a water blast AoE attack that damages anything that is too close.

Their most well known ability, however, is known as the Jet Boost, combining their movement speed and ejecting water backwards out of their bodies, they can reach immense speeds and deadly cutting damage, one can hardly survive being hit with the initial water blast.


  • Being a passive monster, the Guild has special rules when accepting hunting quests, thus it is very hard to actually get to hunt one, most requesters being fashion designers that are after their scales.