Egwaido by Setheo

Titles Mud Lurker
Nicknames Mudkip
General Info
Species Fish
Habitats Sandy Plains, Swamp, Old Swamp, Disaster Fens
Size Small/Minion
Relatives Remobra
Signature Move Tail Constriction
Elements Element Water Waterblight
Element Earth Earthblight
Ailments Status Mudded Muddy
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Creator Master Ceadeus 27 / Setheo

The Egwaido is a small, fishlike minion monster that has evolved to live without being underwater for extended periods of time, instead thriving in mud. It is one of the weakest non-catchable fish available.

Guild Description

A small fish that lives within muddy and boggy environments across various continents. Its spread is owed to its breeding patterns, which allow it to reproduce and expand outwards, as well as importation from other areas for use in food. More of a nuisance than a challenge.


The Egwaido has skin the colour of which could be best described as brown, with lacy green fins laced with a darker brown colour than that of the body. Those living in the Disaster Fens display a much lighter colour. The body structure of the Egwaido is used and has evolved in such a way to allow fluid swimming through the mud and fens of its various habitations.


Typically found in land that is either incredibly wet and moist and often flooded or muddy, boggy areas, this small fish shares the Barroth's habitat - and indeed they share a bit of a symbiotic relationship. The Barroth protects schools of Egwaido from predators, while the Egwaido keeps the mud cool and relatively clean.


They attack in groups, avoiding sight until ready to strike, and have powerful jaws which they use to snap on to prey and then, by the force of gravity, fall down and rip off pieces of flesh. It is a very effective attack strategy that leaves many weaker animals defenseless and scared.


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