Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex
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Titles Dragonvoice Roaring Wyvern
Nicknames Dovahrex, Hollow Lung Shouting Tigarekkusu Ashu (JPN Name)
General Info
Species Flying Wyvern
Habitats Dunes, Volcanic Hollow, Sunken Hollow, Primal Forest, Desert (2nd), Old Volcano, Sandy Plains, Forlorn Arena, Sherin Peaks, Ingle Isle, Arena (4th), Sand's Heart, Defunct Factory, Devastated Town, Defiant Stronghold
Size Large
Relatives Brute Tigrex, Grimclaw Tigrex, Molten Tigrex, Tigrex
Signature Move Unrelenting Roar
Elements Element Fire Element Ice Element Water Element Dragon
Ailments Severe Fireblight Severe Iceblight Severe Waterblight Status Mudded Status StunStatus Defense DownElement Dragon
Weaknesses Element Thunder Element Dragon
Creator Chaoarren

The Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex are Deviants of Brute Tigrex.

Aesthetic Differences

Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex
Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex Icon by TheBrilliantLance A wyvern with a power equivalent to dragons. The Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex doesn't need claws to defeat his enemies, for his very voice can kill. Roars emitted can be heard for miles upon miles and those who hear it will often find it to be the last thing they ever hear. Requires special permission to hunt.

Explanation For Differences

A male Brute Tigrex that has developed unusually large lungs that's body had to change to accommodate them.

Aesthetic Differences

Whole body is a darker shade, silver coloured head, larger curved horns, larger spikes on tail, longer fangs, armoured face, plating covering chest and torso is wider.

When enraged its eyes, arms and chest glow a deep red, a red darker than in other Tigrex species.

Story Behind Name

This Tigrex has been known for a very long time, however it wasn't until the current age when it was confirmed a reality. Tales told of a Brute Tigrex that had a voice so strong it could destroy solid rock and kill with it without even having to touch its prey. One hunter was in the Desert at night having heard one such individual being in the area when all of a sudden a sandstorm kicked in. A Kushala Daora had appeared, confidently flying over the sands knowing none would come out to attack it, confidence that would be broken when a deep mighty roar was heard. The hunter could clearly remember a darkened pseudo wyvern figure gliding in to face the Elder Dragon. Without hesitation the Kushala roared airborne and formed its black wind barrier around itself then flew like a bullet at the Tigrex. The targeted proceeded to get upon its hind legs and suck in an extreme amount of air into its mouth like a vortex, expanding its torso widely and turns it a deep red. As it appeared Kushala was about to tear the Brute Tigrex in half it brings itself down, flings its claws by its sides and releases all the air at once in a roar not ever documented before. The roar's sound has a deep and ear bursting loudness to it. Said roars blast rushes out in a huge ring shaped wind with a grey and blackish colour along with a spark of the dragon element also being shot from the Brute Tigrexes mouth that races around it. As soon as the Kushala comes into contact with the roar the horns, wings and tail are almost completely destroyed and the steel dragon is sent catapulting through the air until it crashes into a rock pillar which breaks it, sending the Daora falling down. After a few seconds pass the Brute Tigrex roars in a standard way and then leaves. The hunter now emerging from his hiding spot finds in astonishment that the Kushala Daora is dead, its steel armor distorted and wreaked by the force of the roar.

Samples of the Kushala were taken to researchers, who confirmed the existence of the unique Brute Tigrex. It was classified as a Deviant and given the name of Dragonvoice due to its shouts being able to kill dragons and having the same power as them. Immediately it was made a monster that requires urgent evacuation from hunting grounds and villagers should it appear near them, and restricted to hunter who gain special permission to hunt them.


Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex have the same behaviour as regular Brute Tigrex with noticeable changes. Should it notice a threat, it will not flee from it and proceed to fight it no matter what. They will use their signature roar attacks rather than use their claws.


Shouting Competition: Area 2 Desert (2nd): Dragonvoice: I

In the middle of the area a single Genprey is seen running. It stops and looks around before looking at the screen. Without any warning two wyverns smash into each other with the Genprey directly in the crossfire and is obliterated. The two wyverns are a Diablos and the Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex, both feared monsters of this region. The two continue to clash blows with each other and it appears both are equally matched. But there can only be one winner in these parts and the conflict is just about to end. Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex takes in a large breath then goes and crouches in a motionless stance leaving the Diablos to think its given in so it charges full speed. Just before it can hit it Dragonvoice lunges forward and emits a powerful roar that comes out in a blast of wind. This roar is so powerful that the blast breaks the horns of Diablos and sends it tumbling backwards to its defeat. The Diablos now hornless flees the victor who is now emitting another roar, this time of triumph.


It shares attacks with the normal Brute Tigrex

Lvl 1-5

  • Dragonvoice's Roar: Both it's upright and crouching roar gain a boost in range from a standard Brute Tigrex. The crouching roar has a big difference from the standard, it too will damage if too close to it.
  • Rough Tail: Due to the enlarged spikes on its tail when it does its tail spin they will shred the ground and send three rocks in opposite directions. These rocks are elemental based like with the rock throw with the claws.
  • Tail Sweep: Does a tail sweep in the style of Frontier's HC Tigrex that flings two rocks in the direction it was done in.
  • Tail Swing: It will raise its tail up and make a wide turn with it, swinging it like it was a blade. It is possible it can do this two times in a row, the other in the opposite direction.
  • Detection Roar: Should Dragonvoice notice somebody but not truly see them, it has this method of finding them. It will raise its head up high and make an unusually quiet roar. A sound wave is sent from it that covers a wide radius, then travels back to the Dragonvoice. If any hunters were in the radius, regardless if they were sneaking or not Dragonvoice will immediately enter combat with them.
  • Knock Out Roar: Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex will tear up and hold a rock in its jaws then fire it with a shout in a motion like a Tetsucabra. The rock will impact with a roar like sound that requires Earplugs and should a direct hit be caused it will Stun the hunter.
  • Fiery Roar: When in a volcanic area it may decide to breathe in near a lava flow and absorb the heat into the air inside its lungs. Using this heat it releases a fiery wind wave with a roar that explodes should it impact a solid surface. This allows it to inflict Fireblight alongside the elemental rocks.
  • Starved Jaws: When its tired the Dragonvoice Brute Tigrexes bites will caused Defence Down.
  • Forward Roar: It crouches down and then takes in a breath and roars forward. The roar creates a wind wave that's not unlike the Akantor's.
  • Sweeping Roar: Does the same animation for the Forward Roar but will take in a longer breath and turn its head to the left or right and release a wind wave that sweeps in front of it like the Akantor.

Enraged Only

  • Molten's Enraged Roar: When it enters rage mode it will do the super roar like the Molten Tigrexses second rage phase.
  • Dragon Element Source: When enraged being near its mouth when it roars will inflict Dragonblight along with the raw damage.
  • Advanced Rampage: Now its rampage attack now has it swing its tail and claws wider and will turn and track with more preciousness.
  • Rampage Roar Wave: The roar from this attack will now send out a wind wave that increases its range greatly.
  • Earth Breaking Roar: Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex will drag it's jaw into the ground then roar right into it. The ground will be shattered and send a blast of element based earth at hunters from all around its front.
  • Blazing Roar: A super version of its Fiery Roar. It will take a large breath near a lava flow and turn to hunters with a flaming maw. It then breathes out a long ranged flamethrower shaped roar that is slowly and minorly swept side to side while done. It will then shake its head in a unique manner to expel smoke from its throat.
  • Shield Roar: In a HC Akantor based attack it will raise its head up high and create a roar that surrounds its whole body and knock anything near it away.
  • Dark Roar: Dragonvoice's mouth glows with a darker sounding snarl, dragon element flowing through it. Biting the air six times it releases a reddish black wind wave that will cause mostly Dragon damage, but will strangely also cause a red wind to flow back to the Dragonvoice from what it hit and cause it to regain health.
  • Unrelenting Roar: The signature attack of the Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex. It will stand on its hind legs and suck in a gigantic amount of air that expands its torso greatly and turns it even darker red. While inhaling the wind will suck in hunters near it like the Amatsu's Grand Tornado. It brings itself down, flings its claws by its sides and releases all the air at once in a blast rushing out in a huge ring shaped wind with a grey and blackish colour with a spark of the dragon element also being shot from the Dragonvoice's Brute Tigrexes mouth that rushes around it. This roar travels quite a far bit and should hunters be hit by it they will suffer massive damage, be inflicted with Dragonblight and be sent flying away. The Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex will then do the animation that it uses when tired.

Lvl 6-10

Like all other Deviants it gains changes to its attacks when it progresses to a higher level.

  • All of its unique roars gain a range boost.
  • The Earth Breaking Roar flings three rocks out now that are also element based.
  • Its "Rough Tail" now flings four rocks instead of three.
  • The Knock Out Roar now sends out two smaller rocks to the left and right of the main rock.
  • The Unrelenting Roar can now reach the other side of the largest areas even when on the opposite side of them.
    • It also has a stronger sucking effect, a larger radius, and will send hunters flying back at near triple the length of before.
      • Should hunters hit a wall now before travelling a quarter the length, they will smash into it with enough force to create a circular hole, with several rocks crumbling down from it to harm other hunters below. The affected hunter detaches from the hole and plummets down to the floor motionless for a few seconds, but even after recovering if they haven't fainted will now be Stunned on the floor which must be broken out of should they wish to survive.

It as well gains new attacks.

  • Triple Forward Roar: Dragonvoice shakes its head quickly while breathing in air and while also stepping backwards. It does three forward roars quickly in a row, but this time it turns its head with each roar and makes a step either forward or backwards.
  • Triple Super Roar: Like the G Rank Molten Tigrex it can do its Super Roar three times in a row.
  • Spin-Roar Combo: Once it finishes its Advancing Spin attack it'll immediately do its Forward Roar attack. Hunter's can spot this by its inhale animation right before it's spin.
  • Rush Roar: Dragonvoice will raise itself up and take in a large amount of air, and then unexpectedly look underneath itself. Confidently, it roars at the spot it sees and instantly uses the blast to launch itself up and high where it will glide and snarl at a target then descend upon him/her with a powerful crash. The roar will upswing those hit, and those hit by the crash are sent flying backwards from the impact.
  • Backjump Roar: Occasionally when about to jump back for an attack it will take in a breath and then jump backwards while roaring, sending the wind from the roar right forward as a distorted sphere.
  • This Is The Dragonvoice's Fight!: If several monsters are attacking the hunter at once, then it will do this. It will stamp its claws on the ground and emit a silver tinted roar at the monsters that will make them flinch and stop fighting. They will go to a corner of the area and stop doing anything until the Dragonvoice leaves, or it uses the enraged version of this attack known as Roar Of Rallying.

Enraged Only

  • Sound Fury Infusion: When enraged it can use this new ability. Dragonvoice will stamp and raise its claws upwards, dragon element sparking around wind in its mouth. It will roar with a flail of its arms, then something strange happens. The dragon element filled wind is seemingly absorbed by the arms, which proceed to flow around them. This new power will increase the movement speed of the Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex, and the attacks used by the claws for half a minute.
  • Forward Roar To Sweeping Roar: Its build up to a Triple Forward Roar will be noticeably faster than usual, and it does have a meaning. It does just one forward roar, then swings itself to the side and does a slightly wider reaching Sweeping Roar.
  • Double Forward Roar To Super Roar: It will do its build up to the Triple Forward Roar slightly slower than before, and instead of there being a third one, it will do a super roar instead with slightly bigger range.
  • Triple Forward Roar-Shield Roar Combo: It will do its build up to the Triple Forward Roar noticeably slower. Once done with the original attack, it will without much warning, shake its head and do its Shield Roar with slightly bigger range.
  • Roar Of Rallying: A new unique roar unlocked in this rank and rage. If there are a variety of small monsters in the area that it is in, and they aren't hostile towards the hunters, it emits a pinkish grey coloured roar shaped and acting like the Detection Roar to the air that will cause all monsters who hear it to flinch then proceed to attack the hunters without any second thought.
  • Dismaying Roar: If another large monster is in the area and is attacking hunters a lot, then it'll take action against this. It will look at the large monster in quest and emit a blackish red roar in a similar fashion of its Dark Roar that will make the monster flinch then leave the area. Should their only be one area in the location, then the monster will go to a corner of the area or fight hunters far away from the Dragonvoice for two minutes.
  • Draining Roar: An upgrade to the Dark Roar, the Draining Roar will have the Dragonvoice build up the dragon element more and then knock a hunter downwards with an outburst of draconic wind from the maw. Then, the dark red glowing area on the area will be involved in the next unnerving step. The Dragonvoice will begin to suck in the reddish energy as a misty red wind, but thats not all. Hunters in the glowing area will have their health and stamina drained at a rate equivalent to Deadly Poison, worst of all being that there is a sucking effect near the glowing area that pulls hunter to the mouth like the Unrelenting Roar. Should a hunter find him/herself right next to the maw the Dragonvoice will actually snap them up it its jaws and launch them high into the air with the upswing motion. The health and stamina that was drained will restore the Dragonvoice's own health and stamina.
  • Cyclone Roar: An upgrade to the Backjump Roar. It will take in a larger breath than before and jump upwards instead of back and then spin midair to morph the large sphere of wind into a wide-reaching tornado. It ends the spinning with a roar in the direction of a hunter that will send the tornado rushing towards them quickly and will cause significantly high damage and upswing them should it touch them. The Dragonvoice then will land behind the tornado afterwards and resume fighting.


High Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Scale Icon Black Dragonvoice Scale The Dragonvoice's much greater violent encounters is what leaves this scale much different than a regular Brute Tigrexes scale. A single scale is equivalent to a grown wyvern shell.
Carapace Icon Black Dragonvoice Carapace The Dragonvoice's carapace can withstand much punishment while still being easily movable. It protects the unspeakably mighty lungs from damage.
Fang Icon Black Dragonvoice Fang The Dragonvoice's fang is able to withstand the strongest of winds without even being dented and chew into rock like shells.
Claw Icon Black Dragonvoice Claw The Dragonvoice's claw is built to maintain balance from the battle roars emitting from the maw threatening to launch it away. It is however not much more strong than a standard Brute Tigrex one.
Monster Parts Icon Black Dragonvoice Tail The Dragonvoice's tail is lined with long and thick spikes that tears into rock like it was soil. Organic material gets cut up like a multi-edged blade.
Monster Parts Icon Grey Dragonvoice Scalp The Dragonvoice's scalp has a sharp defence that deflects any standard attack to it. It is the iconic part of it.

G Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Scale Icon Black Dragonvoice Shard The Dragonvoice's battles in lava filled and sun baked locations has hardened and blackened this scale to near a hellbent shape.
Carapace Icon Black Dragonvoice Cortex The Dragonvoice's cortex is as black as its feelings, stern and hard and uncaring. They are a symbol of a lone warrior.
Fang Icon Black Dragonvoice Hardfang The Dragonvoice's hardfang has a unique shape due to the constant violent roars that it produces that aids it pierce solid steel and hardened rock with ease.
Claw Icon Black Dragonvoice Hardclaw The Dragonvoice's hardclaw defies the heretics who claim that it has become useless from its roaring strength by surviving non-dented planted through hardened rock and tearing like a hook through battled scarred enemies.
Monster Parts Icon Black Dragonvoice Lash The Dragonvoice's lash cuts through thick flesh and stone in a single slash thanks too its developed spikes lining it. It is equivalent in power to a decent quality sword.
Monster Parts Icon Grey Dragonvoice Skull The Dragonvoice's skull is the hardest part on its body, easily able to prevent its roars from being interrupted. Anyone who has faced one will instantly recognise this.


  • Head Wounded: Becomes Non Armoured
  • Left Claw Wounded
  • Right Claw Wounded
  • Tail Wounded: Spikes Broken And Makes Rocks Flung From It Smaller
    • Tail Severed: Prevents It From Flinging Rocks
  • Chest Armor Broken
    • Chest Wounded: Makes It A Weakpoint


Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex is ridden in the same way all other Tigrexes are.

Interactions With Other Monsters

With Iodrome

Killing Blow(F)

Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex doesn't get a regular Turf War with an Iodrome, only getting a Killing Blow instead. Able to be done when Iodrome is at half health. The Iodrome, with no chance of being able to achieve a victory and its only weapon being its poison tries in vain to bite the Dragonvoice's head. But its fangs don't even do a thing against the metal helm, and with a swerve of its head the Dragonvoice knocks the Iodrome midair and grabs it by its own superior fangs and shakes Iodrome violently around and will attempt to attack hunters while this is going on. When enough time has passed, the Dragonvoice ends the attack with a brutal bite that kills the Iodrome almost instantly, who is then tossed away like it was just a mere bone.

With Nibelsnarf

Turf War

The Nibelsnarf blasts a gust of sand at the Dragonvoice, who utilises the wind to fire a sphere of wind back to the Nibelsnarf. Before it hits it in the mouth, the Nibelsnarf quickly digs underground to escape the wind sphere. Dragonvoice then rips open a hole in the sand with its claws and roars into the same hole. The hole is filled up, so the sound escalates until it reaches the Nibelsnarfs tunnel. The roar blasts the Nibelsnarf right out of the ground for high damage and leaves it defenceless. Dragonvoice makes the standard Tigrex taunt upon seeing this.

With Tigrex

Turf War

The Tigrex gets the first move, charging headfirst at the Dragonvoice, but is easily blocked with a single claw. It doesn't try anything else other than trying to break the guard, so Dragonvoice simply does a Forward Roar to knock it away for moderate damage.


Able to be done when Tigrex is at 20% health. The Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex walks up to the wounded Tigrex to nearly face length and emits a loud Dismaying Roar that sends it running, then flying away in defeat. The Tigrex is then considered repelled and then disappears from the locale once out of sight.

Killing Blow

Able to be done when Tigrex is at the state of limping. The Tigrex in one last attempt tries to attack the Dragonvoice, but it is knocked down with a swing of a claw. Now with Tigrex unable to get up, the Dragonvoice uses its Knock Out Roar right at the Tigrexes head. Being severely weakened and at close range, the blast knocks Tigrexes head upwards and back, then falls limp as it was killed by the hit instantly. Dragonvoice then walks away from it as if it were nothing.

With Brute Tigrex

Turf War

Dragonvoice and the normal Brute Tigrex first trade useless claw strikes which do no damage to either of them. They then enter into a shouting battle, with both roaring at each other, the effect of which affects hunters nearby without Super HG Earplugs. Since nothing is being achieved, the normal Brute Tigrex flings some rocks at Dragonvoice, who retaliates by spinning around to destroy them, then does an Earth Breaking Roar that the Brute Tigrex cannot avoid in time, knocking it away for high damage.


Same conditions as normal Tigrex. Dragonvoice runs up to the Brute Tigrex and emits a long and powerful roar into its face. Frightened, it attempts to claw Dragonvoices face, but the plating protects it, and it responds by swiping at Brutes head and biting right into the top and tearing up the scales, doing high damage in the process. If not already, the Brutes head is wounded and it gives up the fight and flies off, repelled and leaving the locale.

Killing Blow

The Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex decides that the Brute Tigrex, who is limping away isn't safe enough to just let it escape. So, it gets a charging start and pounces upon its back. The Brute Tigrex takes moderate damage from the pounce and makes a scream as it is pinned down, now trying once again to slash the Dragonvoice, with no effect once again. As the Brute Tigrex becomes desperate, it begins making a built up Super Roar, but is cut off in a gruesome fashion as the Dragonvoice bites and tears out a large chunk of meat from the Brutes neck before it can get started. The Brute Tigrex emits a gurgle and dies as Dragonvoice roars at it before eating up the meat chunk.

With Gravios/Black Gravios

Turf War

The Dragonvoice approaches the Gravios, but back-jumps away when it does a tail spin. In a fluid chain, the Gravios then stumbles around and shoots a fire beam that Dragonvoice is hit by, which it guards against and takes small damage from it in the process. Dragonvoice then inhales the heat from the air and roars forward a ball of flame at the Gravios that hits it in the face, flinching it backwards with small damage. Then Dragonvoice then tackles into Gravios using a Rush Roar, smashing Gravios down for high damage, and may wound its belly.

Killing Blow

Able to be done when Gravios is at the state of limping. Without any time wasting, the Dragonvoice uses its Super Roar to stun Gravios, then try to bite its neck. The Gravios tries in vain to shake Dragonvoice off as pieces of its armor are bitten off. In a last ditch effort the Gravios jumps into the air and attempts to fly, but this is exactly what Dragonvoice wanted. The Dragonvoice fully bites the Gravioses neck and grabs into its left wing and right leg using its claws, and with one violent twist, the Gravios is spun around onto its back and dies from a broken neck before it crashes down. Dragonvoice then jumps off the body and goes back to fighting the hunters.

With Firepower Black Gravios

Turf War

Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex jumps upon the Firepower's head before it can do anything and does a Backjump Roar that does moderate damage to Firepower and enrages it. Firepower expels blast gas from pores leading right to its mouth, then moves it towards it with a single small wing flap. Firepower also dramatises a flare in its mouth to keep Dragonvoice away while it does so. When the blast gas has emerged into the flare, the Dragonvoice moves in again, to which the Firepower responds by shooting the flare, that Dragonvoice destroys with a quick roar. The flares destruction however scatters all the blast gas all around the Dragonvoice and blinds it for a moment. Before it can fully understand what the orange dust around it is, the Firepower unleashes a short powerful fire beam directly at Dragonvoice. The Dragonvoice is ragdolled by the explosion of the blast gas and fire, taking very high damage only lessened by its scales fire resistance. It takes a few seconds before Dragonvoice is able to get back up.

With Diablos/Black Diablos

Turf War

The Turf War is almost a recreation of Dragonvoices intro cutscene. They both clash together to no effect to themselves but do huge damage to any hunter hit between them first. Then the Diablos and Dragonvoice continue to strike each other to no avail. Dragonvoice then drops down as if exhausted, tempting the Diablos to build up a charge. Dragonvoice also charges up a huge breath out of notice, as Diablos comes charging fast. Right before the Diablos can strike, the Dragonvoice emits a more powerful than usual Super Roar that sends Diablos rolling backwards, and has a high chance of breaking one of its horns, rarely, even both. This does very high damage towards the Diablos. The Diablos emits a scream as it stumbles to stand up and leaves the area via digging. The Dragonvoice does a recovery taunt when Diablos digs away.

Killing Blow

With Bloodbath Diablos

Turf Wars

Scenario 1: Bloodbath is in normal state
Scenario 2: Bloodbath is in massacring state

Killing Blows

Scenario 1: Bloodbath is killed
Scenario 2: Dragonvoice is killed

With Rathian/Pink Rathian/Gold Rathian

Turf War

With Qurupeco/Crimson Qurupeco

Qurupeco and Dragonvoice have a special interaction with each other other than Turf Wars. If Qurupeco tries performing a song aimed at it, or it tried summoning it then Dragonvoice will do something very strange for it. It will get on its hind legs, take a breath, and make a roar in the style of the Qurupeco, with the roar sounding like its cry. Two things can happen next. If the Qurupeco is calm, then it will freak out and panic, dropping a shiny then flies off. If it is angry, then it will yell at the Dragonvoice for mocking it and automatically begins their Turf War.

If Dragonvoice is enraged, then instead of mocking Quru, it will simply do a quick Super Roar that scares Qurupeco away even if Quru is also enraged.

Turf War (Qurupeco)

Turf War (Crimson Qurupeco)

With Tropicstar Qurupeco

Turf War

With Grimclaw Tigrex

Turf War

With Hellblade Glavenus

Turf War

With Soulflare Azure Rathalos

Turf War

With Darkemperor Stygian Zinogre

Turf War

Killing Blow

With Slaughternumen Black Diablos

Turf Wars

Scenario 1: SN is in normal or moderate state of rage
Scenario 2: SN is in Slaughter Raging state
Scenario 3: SN is in Numen Warfury state

Killing Blow

Scenario 1: SN is in normal or moderate state of rage
Scenario 2: SN is in Slaughter Raging state
Scenario 3: SN is in Numen Warfury state

With Vilhelis

Turf War

With Kushala Daora/Rusted Kushala Daora

Turf War

Killing Blow

With Teostra and Lunastra

Turf War

With Chameleos

Turf War

With Sandstone Ukanlos

Turf War

In a very rare confrontation, the Dragonvoice and the Sandstone Ukanlos stand off against each other. To get things going quickly, the Dragonvoice flinches Sandstone Ukanlos with a very fast Forward Roar and rushes towards the Sandstone, latching onto its face and striking it viciously with its claws and fangs, doing moderate to high damage. The Sandstone Ukanlos screams, which knocks Dragonvoice off it from the voice. The Sandstone then grasps the sand as it rushes around it as it stands up to do a roar as Dragonvoice is about to launch a Cyclone Roar. The Sandstone Ukanlos then roars, creating a large violent wave of sand that races at Dragonvoice, who then does its Cyclone Roar. The roar fails to have any effect on the sandstorm, which launches Dragonvoice off the ground and crashes it through it for very high damage and knocks it down.

Interactions with The Frenzy/Hyper Status/Apex/Tempered

Since Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex is a Deviant it cannot enter or be in any abnormal states.


MHGen - Deviant Monster Battle Theme

MHGen - Deviant Monster Battle Theme


Dragonvoice Lv I
Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex Icon by TheBrilliantLance
Hunt a Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex
Reward: 20000z Location: Desert (Day)
Contract Fee: 4000z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:

Genprey, Apceros

Client: Deviant Researcher Head

This Quest is for hunters with Special Permits. The target: a Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex, known for its silver skull and extremely powerful roars. This monster is highly dangerous. Be careful.

Dragonvoice Lv II
Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex Icon by TheBrilliantLance MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon
Capture a Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex
Reward: 21600z Location: Volcanic Hollow
Contract Fee: 4180z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Hunt a Iodrome Sub.Reward: 1200z
Other Monsters:

Ioprey, Rhenoplos, Iodrome

Client: Deviant Researcher Head

This Quest is for hunters with Special Permits. We have spotted a Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex in the Volcanic Hollow and we want it captured alive. Make sure to prepare yourself with capturing equipment before accepting this quest. There have also been reports of an Iodrome in the same area.

Dragonvoice Lv III
Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex Icon by TheBrilliantLance Nerscylla Fanon Icon
Hunt a Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex and a Nerscylla
Reward: 23040z Location: Sunken Hollow
Contract Fee: 4300z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Wound Nerscylla's back crystals and claw Sub.Reward: 1500z
Other Monsters:

Konchu, Genprey

Client: Deviant Researcher Head

This Quest is for hunters with Special Permits. Your main target is the Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex that has appeared in the Sunken hollow, with a Nerscylla in the same area must also needing to be taken out.

Dragonvoice Lv IV
Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex Icon by TheBrilliantLance Rathian Fanon Icon
Hunt a Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex and a Hyper Rathian
Reward: 24600z Location: Primal Forest
Contract Fee: 4450z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Wound Rathian's head and tail Sub.Reward: 1750z
Other Monsters:

Konchu, Ioprey

Client: Deviant Researcher Head

This Quest is for hunters with Special Permits. The Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex in the Primal Forest is fighting a Hyper Rathian and causing havoc. Both must be taken out with haste.

Dragonvoice Lv V
Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex Icon by TheBrilliantLance Grimclaw Tigrex Fanon Icon
Hunt a Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex and a Grimclaw Tigrex
Reward: 25850z Location: Forlorn Arena
Contract Fee: 4580z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Wound Dragonvoice's head and both of Grimclaw's claws Sub.Reward: 2300z
Other Monsters:


Client: Deviant Researcher Head

This Quest is for hunters with Special Permits. Both a Dragonvoice and a Grimclaw have appeared at the Forlorn Arena and must be defeated. Just hope that you can take out the first one before the other appears.

Dragonvoice Lv G1
Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex Icon by TheBrilliantLance Black Gravios Fanon Icon
Hunt a Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex and a Black Gravios
Reward: 27020z Location: Old Volcano
Contract Fee: 4650z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Wound Black Gravioses head and belly Sub.Reward: 2480z
Other Monsters:

Apceros, Rhenoplos

Client: Deviant Researcher Head

This Quest is for hunters with Special Permits. Your main target is the Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex in the Old Volcano. A Black Gravios rampaging in the same area also needs to be taken out. This is exceptionally dangerous, so G-rank permission is required for acceptance of this tier of quests.

Dragonvoice Lv G2
Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex Icon by TheBrilliantLance Black Diablos Fanon 4th Gen Icon
Capture a Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex and hunt a Black Diablos
Reward: 29060z Location: Sandy Plains
Contract Fee: 4800z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Wound Black Diabloses horns and tail Sub.Reward: 2680z
Other Monsters:

Rhenoplos, Jaggi

Client: Deviant Researcher Head

This Quest is for hunters with Special Permits. A Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex and a Black Diablos are fighting in the Sandy Plains and will cause much devastation if they aren't stopped. This will be a dangerous hunt, so watch out for both. The Deviant must be captured alive and the Black Diablos taken out with any means necessary.

Dragonvoice Lv G3
Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex Icon by TheBrilliantLance Cantios
Hunt a Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex and a Hyper Cantios
Reward: 32000z Location: Sherin Peaks (Day)
Contract Fee: 5050z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Wound Cantioes head and wings Sub.Reward: 2800z
Other Monsters:

Scofisl, Klickin

Client: Deviant Researcher Head

This Quest is for hunters with Special Permits. Lookout posts at the Sherin Peaks have learned that a Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex has breached the territory of a Hyper Cantios and battle between them is imminent. Them and us order you to go there and eliminate this danger by stopping them both by any means possible.

Dragonvoice Lv G4
Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex Icon by TheBrilliantLance Brute Tigrex Fanon Icon
Hunt a Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex and a Brute Tigrex
Reward: 34500z Location: Dunes (Day)
Contract Fee: 5240z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Wound Brute Tigrexes head and tail Sub.Reward: 2980z
Other Monsters:

Genprey, Apceros

Client: Deviant Researcher Head

This Quest is for hunters with Special Permits. Both a Dragonvoice and a normal Brute Tigrex have appeared at the Dunes at daylight and must be hunted. Earplugs are a must to ensure safety in this Quest.

Dragonvoice Lv G5
Diablos Fanon 4th Gen Icon Kushala Daora Fanon Icon Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex Icon by TheBrilliantLance
Slay a Diablos, a Kushala Daora, and a Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex
Reward: 37240z Location: Sand's Heart (Day)
Contract Fee: 5400z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Wound Kushala Daora's head and tail Sub.Reward: 3260z
Other Monsters:


Client: Deviant Researcher Head

This Quest is for hunters with Special Permits. A Diablos, the Elder Dragon Kushala Daora, and a Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex have all appeared at the Sand's Heart and must be slain. This is an extremely dangerous and difficult quest hunters, be wary.

Dragonvoice Lv Super
Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex Icon by TheBrilliantLance
Slay a Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex
Reward: 39480z Location: Sand's Heart (Day)
Contract Fee: 5550z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:


Client: Deviant Researcher Head

This Quest is for hunters with Special Permits. A Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex of strength of the highest order has appeared at the Sand's Heart and must be slain. This will be the greatest test of your knowledge on this Deviant hunter, a single mistake could bring your end.

The Demon And The Voice Lv G Special
Bloodbath Diablos Fanon 4th Gen Icon Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex Icon by TheBrilliantLance
Hunt a Bloodbath Diablos and a Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex
Reward: 54000z Location: Sand's Heart (Night)
Contract Fee: 7800z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Sever Bloodbath's Horn Sub.Reward: 6420z
Other Monsters:


Client: Deafened Shepard

What am I to do? Those monsters in the Sand's Heart are scaring away my herds and making unbelievably loud roars that can be heard from miles away. One has the appearance of a demon, while the other is a silver skulled wyvern with an even more stronger voice than it. My only hope is for you hunters to rid the area of these demons and make the place peaceful, once again...



  • It can cause Iceblight in cold cave areas and Muddy on mud covered areas with its Rock Throw and Earth Breaking Roar.


  • It is heavily advised for hunters to bring High Grade Earplugs to this monster due to its high usage of roar based attacks.
  • Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex is an inspiration from the Dragonborn, the protagonist main character of Skyrim who has the soul of Dragons and can use their power in the form of shouts, which are all made up of three words in their language.
    • Chaoarren saw Brute Tigrexes ablities and decided to take its roar attacks and make a Deviant where they become its main weapon. Also knowing Skyrim he decided to take some inspiration into making it.


  • TheBrilliantLance: Created the current icon.