The Dragonflesh Cave is a mysterious location constructed inside a cave system.

The name comes from the flesh and other organic materials from dragons with which the walls, ceilings and floors are covered.

One can see draconic limbs such as legs and wings growing from the walls, these can actually act as hazards as they'll try to prevent hunters from disturbing their regeneration.


Dragonflesh Cave Map
  • Base Camp: The entrance to the cave, large fangs are lined up in the ceiling.
  • Area 1: A cave made of rotting flesh, there's a few ledges here and some toe height blood.
  • Area 2: An open cave coated in moss-covered muscle tissue, dragon limbs can commonly seen trying to regenerate in this area.
  • Area 3: A cave of fresh flesh with toe deep blood, one can see small fangs growing in the walls.
  • Area 4: A large cave of muscle tissue with some moss on it, there's knee-depth blood in one border.
  • Area 5: An open cave with a hole in the ceiling where one can see another room from, a stream of blood falls from the upper room and flows into Area 6.
  • Area 6: A large open area filled with deep blood, one can swim and fight "aquatic" monsters here, there is a giant beating heart in the ceiling.


Monsters found here are unique to this environment, with some exceptions, such as small monsters wandering into the cave and Arzuros attempting to use it as their home.


Resources gathered here are unique from those seen in other areas.

Ore Icon GreenDragonite Ore Ore Icon RedClot Ore
Ore Icon WhiteSalt Chunk Ore Icon PinkMuscle Tissue
Scale Icon GreyDecayed Dragonscale
Herb Icon Dark GreenMoss Mushroom Icon RedRed Bloodshrom
Mushroom Icon WhiteWhite Bloodshrom Medicine Icon YellowPlasma
Medicine Icon RedElder Dragon Blood
Bug Icon TealCorpsefly Bait Icon BrownStench Fly


  • It is believed that this area was initially made by the ancients, then expanded by the resulting life forms.
  • During the night one can hear weak roars coming from the different areas.
  • The guild believes the regenerating flesh walls and the heart belong to a relative of Fatalis and Miralis.

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