Divineusurper Seregios
DU Seregios by Narwhaler
Titles Divineusurper Thousand Blade Wyvern
Nicknames Hardcore Seregios, HC Seregios, HC Steve, Holy Seregios, Divine Seregios
General Info
Species Flying Wyvern
Habitats Ancestral Steppe, Frozen Seaway, Dunes, Everwood, Sacred Pinnicle
Size 2246.53 cm
Relatives Seregios
Signature Move Arrow Rain, Horn Lightsaber
Elements Element Light Light
Ailments Element Light Lightblight
Status Bleeding Bleeding
Status Stun Stun
Weaknesses Element Ice Ice
Creator Cottonmouth255

The Divineusurper Seregios is a Deviant of Seregios.

English: Divineusurper Seregios

Japanese: Seruregiosu

Latin: Wyvernus Usurpator Decaelo

In-Game Information

Divineusurper Seregios
Divineusurper Seregios Icon by Chaoarren A wyvern foretold to be from the heavens themselves. The Divineusurper is said to be a being sent down to this world. Its one goal is to search out those who have committed horrible crimes or have hearts of pure evil and destroy them with its scales sharp enough to pierce through stars. Should a human be found guilty in its gaze, there is no escaping retribution. Requires special permission to hunt.

Basic Information

MHGen - Deviant Monster Battle Theme

MHGen - Deviant Monster Battle Theme

Monster Class: Flying Wyvern

Weaknesses: Thunder, Ice

Element: Light

Status Ailments: Lightblight, Stun, Bleeding, Pin

Theme: Uses the Deviant battle theme.

Habitats: Ancestral Steppe, Frozen Seaway, Dunes, Everwood

Behavior: Same as regular Seregios

Physiology and Behavior

The Divineusurper Seregios is a special Seregios that is much more powerful than ordinary members of the species. Like all Deviants, it has several traits that distinguish it from the original. For one, it is covered in pure white scales. Its horn is metallic blue, and larger than normal. All specimens that have been recorded are the size of the largest known Seregios - about 22 m long. Its roar is quite different, sounding almost like a holy like wail, while its other noises are slightly higher-pitched than the regular Seregios.

It is said that its scales are also much sharper than the golden ones of ordinary Seregioses, being able to cut up its opponents just by touching them. However, it is difficult for the Divineusurper Seregios to throw these scales, so it focuses on attacking at close-range. Because of their beautiful white sheen, it is said that the Divineusurper Seregios is an angel sent down from heaven to seek vengeance on evildoers. The appearance of the Divineusurper causes suspicion and controversy in any nearby settlements as they wonder who it was sent to punish.


Divineusurper Seregios can be carved three times, have its tail severed, have its head, wings, and talons broken, and drop an item. Note: Items are listed in order from most common to least common.


Icon Name Description
Scale Icon White Divineusurper Skyshard
Scale Icon White Divineusurper Justiceblade
Claw Icon Black Divineusurper Brightcarver
Claw Icon White Divineusurper Silverscraper
Monster Parts Icon Light Blue Divineusurper Lightbreaker
Monster Parts Icon White Divineusurper Shinestabber
Ball Icon White Divineusurper Holylens


Like all Deviants, Divineusurper Seregios shares most of its attacks with its normal counterpart. It does not use many of its projectile attacks, but all of its attacks now cause Bleeding, including its Pin attack. When its scales explode, the shrapnel will produce a burst of light that causes additional damage; and if a hunter is hit multiple times, the shrapnel will actually cause them to become Stunned. Its Roar also requires High-Grade Earplugs to block.

Exclusive to DU Seregios

Spread-Talon Combo: Jumps into the air with an Arrow Spread, then immediately goes into an Aerial Talons attack. (Bleeding, scales may cause Stun)

Arrow Rain: Crouches low to the ground and rattles its scales (extending them if it is not enraged). Then, it will raise its head, wings, and tail while screeching, firing 5-8 clusters of scales into the air. The scales will then hit the ground around it, causing bursts of light. (Bleeding, Stun)

Angelic Reveal: Unleashes its Roar, suddenly jumps into the air while spinning, then quickly opens its wings and produces a blinding aura of light that covers a wide area around it. (Stun)

Horn Lightsaber: Lowers its head and displays its horn, which will flash with blue light. Its horn will flash twice, then a long blue blade extends from it that the Divineusurper Seregios will swing three times. (When not enraged, its horn will extend as if it was enraged.) (Lightblight, Bleeding)

Reveal-Skim Combo: Performs an Angelic Reveal, then immediately does its Skimming Knockdown Pin attack. (Stun, Bleeding, Pin)


Divineusurper Lv G1
Divineusurper Seregios Icon by Chaoarren
Hunt a Divineusurper Seregios
Reward: 25800z Location: Dunes
Contract Fee: 4420z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Wound Divineusurper's wings Sub.Reward: 2040z
Other Monsters:

Apceros, Genprey

Client: Deviant Researcher

Well met hunter. I have a new Deviant that has been noticed, known as the Divineusurper. This is a Seregios Deviant that has been said in legends to be an angelic being that has came down to strike down the darkness in the world with its holy blades. This monster will be a real pain to look at, so be careful not to stare at it for too long.

Divineusurper Lv G2
Divineusurper Seregios Icon by Chaoarren MH4U-Unstable Quest Icon
Capture a Divineusurper Seregios
Reward: 26450z Location: Ancestral Steppe
Contract Fee: 4580z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Hunt a Seregios Sub.Reward: 2060z
Other Monsters:

Konchu, Maccao, Seregios

Client: Deviant Researcher

Well met hunter. As custom of Deviant studies I demand that a Divineusurper Seregios be captured and brought to us for study. This won't be easy, considering that there is a regular Seregios in the area with it. Also, no insurance can be provided on this quest, so falling in battle once will mean failure. Prepare yourself.

Divineusurper Lv G3
Question Mark Icon 4th Fanon Icon Desert Lagiacrus Icon by TheBrilliantLance Divineusurper Seregios Icon by Chaoarren
Hunt a Agsolestea, a Desert Lagiacrus, and a Divineusurper Seregios
Reward: 29200z Location: Everwood
Contract Fee: 4750z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Wound Desert Lagiacruses back and head Sub.Reward: 2180z
Other Monsters:

Jaggi, Genprey

Client: Deviant Researcher

This next quest will be difficult! An Agnolestea and a Desert Lagiacrus have followed the light of the Divineusurper and have entered the Everwood to cleanse the area of its "evil". But this evil for them includes innocent travellers! So, we have to send you in to take them all out.

Divineusurper Lv G4
Divineusurper Seregios Icon by Chaoarren Cerulean Qurupeco Icon by Joe333red Valstrax Fanon Icon
Hunt a Divineusurper Seregios, a Hyper Cerulean Qurupeco and a Valstrax
Reward: 34800z Location: Frozen Seaway
Contract Fee: 4960z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Wound the Valstrax's head and wings Sub.Reward: 2340z
Other Monsters:


Client: Deviant Researcher

I don't think I have a good feeling about this... There is a Cerulean Qurupeco that has called in a Divineusurper to rid itself of a pest, but has now gotten even more aggressive due to an... urm.. lets say accident. A red comet has been seen coming inbound to this place, it could be the worst.. Hunter you must steel yourself to take on this holy threat!

Divineusurper Lv G5
Divineusurper Seregios Icon by Chaoarren Bloodblade Seregios Icon by TheBrilliantLance
Slay a Divineusurper Seregios and a Bloodblade Seregios
Reward: 38240z Location: Sacred Pinnacle
Contract Fee: 5200z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: Wound the horn of the Divineusurper and the Bloodblade Sub.Reward: 2520z
Other Monsters:


Client: Deviant Researcher

We must call upon you once more for this Deviant hunter. This time, upon the Sacred Pinnacle there is a conflict occurring between a Divineusurper, and another Seregios Deviant known as the Bloodblade. The Bloodblade is the opposite to the Divineusurper in lore, it is said to be pure evil and brings death and agony to everywhere it visits. Clearly said, they are each others nemesis. Do not even think of entering there without methods to cure bleeding and means to deal with both Deviants simultaneously.


Divineusurper and Bloodblade begin on opposite sides of the area.

The both attack each other should hunters leave after being noticed.

The Sacred Pinnacle has a unique mechanic in this quest. The weather will change depending on the status of both monsters. At the start the sky is a purplish colour, blue mixes with red. There is rays of light on the side of the area Divineusurper begins at, but a storm crackles on the side the Bloodblade begins at. Should Bloodblade be killed first the sky will clear and become like when Amatsu is slain. Should Divineusurper be killed first the sky will turn a dark red and the area will darken.

Divineusurper Lv Super
Divineusurper Seregios Icon by Chaoarren
Slay a Divineusurper Seregios
Reward: 42680z Location: Tower Summit
Contract Fee: 2780z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:


Client: Deviant Researcher

I have seen that you have managed to survive all the quests I've given you involving the Divineusurper! Now, there is one final test left remaining. The people who used to worship this thing have come to realise that it isn't as holy as they made it out to be, and want the one that flies above the Tower to be slain. This individual is recorded to be much older and stronger than any other you've fought before, even said to be the one mentioned in the legends. But legends can be defeated, and the one to defeat this one... is you!


  • It shares Seregios' Latin name - Wyvernus Usurpator Decaelo means "wyvern usurper of the skies".
  • When its various parts are broken, it will be harder for its projectile attacks to cause Bleeding. However, their ability to Stun is not hindered.
  • Its Horn Lightsaber attack was inspired by a similar attack that Astalos has, as well as Destoroyah's Horn Katana.
  • Its Angelic Reveal has a similar animation to what Shagaru Magala does when enraged.
  • Render by Narwhaler and icon and quests by Chaoarren.
  • It is seen as the opposite to the Bloodblade Seregios by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis.
    • The Divineusurper is a holy wyvern that banishes evil and only fights those who seek to harm it in quick putdowns, while the Bloodblade is a wyvern of evil, deliberately searching out for things to violently murder just for fun, of boredom, and even revenge.
      • This is made clear in its G5 quest where both are fought at the Sacred Pinnacle.