Desolate Field
Name Desolate Field
Japanese Name 枯れ野
"An expansive, barren field that is practically devoid of life. A constantly active volcano nearby keeps the area under a thick blanket of ash, so almost no vegetation grows. Despite the harsh conditions, equally harsh monsters manage to survive and inhabit this area."
Area No. 9
Hazards Hot areas
Small monsters Aptonoth, Apceros, Kelbi, Wroggi, Iodrome, Bnahabra, Vespoid, Bullfango
Big monsters Rathalos, Azure Rathalos, Silver Rathalos, Dreadking Rathalos, Rathian, Glavenus, Hellblade Glavenus, Deviljho, Savage Deviljho, Solmaron, Seregios, Astalos, Rajang, Brachydios, Warhead Brachydios, Gravios, Black Gravios, Lavalord Gravios, Basarios, Igneous Basarios, Uragaan, Steel Uragaan, Crystalbeard Uragaan, Volvidon, Great Wroggi, Iodrome, Stygian Zinogre
Creator/s MonsterHunterFlacko
Icon {{{Icon}}}
Climate Hot and dry
Weather Cloudy
Secret Areas 1
Aquatic Areas None
Shortcuts 1

The Desolate Field is an area known for volcanic ash falling from the sky like snow. There is little to no vegetation, only a few small shrubs, tumbleweeds, and trees that have no leaves. Powerful monsters inhabit this area, such as Rathalos, Glavenus, Brachydios, Gravios, and Seregios.


  • Base Camp: A small, circular area that contains the base camp. This area is closest to the volcano (which is inaccessible to hunter), so a layer of ash coats the ground.
  • Area 1: This area is a little larger than the base camp. Gray grass pokes through the ashy ground. A few trees are located here, stripped of their leaves.

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