The Deadwood Grotto is a cave location near the Drowning Cliffs.

The entirety of the areas are inside the grotto, on the Base Camp, Area 6, Area 1 and Area 5 there's holes in the rock from where rays of light shine upon the mossy rock.


Deadwood Grotto Map
  • Base Camp: The entrance to the grotto, a few trees line up one of the paths.
  • Area 1: A forested cave, there's patches of moss on the ground.
  • Area 2: A mossy cave with a pond of green mossy water.
  • Area 3: A dark cave with no remarks, used as nest by cave dwellers.
  • Area 4: A cave with a water stream and patches of dead trees.
  • Area 5: A cave with holes to the outside, there's a few trees and a lot of moss in the ground.
  • Area 6: This place is filled with ruins of an ancient civilization.
  • Area 7: A mossy cave with a stream of muddy water.


Most monsters here have adapted to cave dwelling, there may be Kelbi and Aptonoth roaming the first area, Mosswine and Bullfango are a common sight.

Large monsters such as Khezu, Gigginox, Gypceros and Shogun Ceanataur are also found here.

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