Dasamios Render by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis
Titles Chasm Dragon
Nicknames Sam, World Breaker, Calymatrunsu (JPN Name)
General Info
Species Elder Dragon
Habitats World's Ravine
Size Colossal
Relatives Solstice Conquest War Dasamios, Dire Miralis, Crimson Fatalis, Fatalis, White Fatalis
Signature Move Crushing Grasp
Elements Element Fire Element Dragon Element Thunder
Ailments Severe Fireblight Status Undrea Status Dragonblight Severe Thunderblight
Weaknesses Element Water Element Dragon
Creator Chaoarren

Dasamios. Its gaze turns all who view it to hide themselves away, its breath and ashes makes one lose awareness to their own health, its tail leaves rivers of lava with a single swing, its steps make the ground flatten and crack, and its hands can craft earth and rock into anything it desires. A horrifying yet impressive creature.-Old Wyverian

Dasamios is an towering Elder Dragon that is classified also as an Origin Dragon.


Question Mark Tri Fanon Icon Unimaginably large dragons that roam the worlds mantle. Their hands have been foretold to melt and carve apart ancient strong stone and steel to forge shapes to whatever it pleases. It is estimated that only around ten of these beings live in the world at most, and some never leave the depths. Should one reach the surface the damage can affect the entire planet in calamitous ways.

Dasamios has a Fatalis shaped body. The top and bottom of its head is lined with horns. More spines run down its back, with a large volcano like vent located where its arms meet. There are ridges along its neck arms and sides that look like they can be walked across. Its arms are defended by bright orange braces. Its hands have a crimson core that extends similarly coloured veins to its raging claws. Spines continue to run down right to the tails end, a thin pointed spear.

It does have a lower half, which is only revealed if its greatly threatened. It's feet have the same pattern as its hands along with its talons. It's tails base resembles a Miralises.

When enraged its grey scales turn to a blazing red and its vent extends out and begins to erupt fire.

The main feature of Dasamios is its mindbogglingly gigantic size. The Dire Miralis only reaches nearly half the length of one of its toes.


An extremely aggressive dragon, much like a Crimson Fatalis. Anything not like it gets destroyed instantly. Its been known to even command fire based monsters to spare them from death. To Elder Dragons like it, it is worshipped as the being which will bring the dragon kind back into power over the land.

It breaks apart the earth using its extremely powerful arms, causing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and even the possibility of an entire region to be moved.


World's Ravine: Area: 1: The Chasm Dragon's Reveal

The scene begins next to the peak of Sherin Peaks, an area right next to a hole in the sea, heavily spewing ashes. An Obsidian Deviljho cares not about the ashes and with the last bite out of its meal, goes to sleep near the edge. A boat appears out from the edge, heading towards the hole. On board is the hunter deemed elite enough to stand a chance against the thing that lurks within it.

The boat reaches the edge, revealing the boat to be a Dragonship. The hunter peers down the hole, seeing walls of rock preventing water from entering it, one such rock looks to be emitting the ashes. All of a sudden, the ashes stop, only producing very light amounts. Six spires glow red and begin to rise along with the rock formation. The water begins to shake as the shape rises out of the hole into a towering figure. Two huge red/orange eyes open as the entire figure lights up, its Dasamios.

Two hands arise next to the hole, with each having a blazing orange core. Without warning it swings its arms into the walls causing a massive quake that sends the ship away far. The hands craft a circle of rock, with several rings expanding across. Dasamios then let's out a roar, a tremendous force of wind that causes a earthquake that extends all the way to the peak, causing a tsunami to hit the area. A crack extends up the mountain causing the area to arch towards the sea, waking the Obsidian Jho. It turns around to find a Cantios staring right at it, the Jho was unaware it had taken its nest. The camera zooms to the ship as two more roars are heard.

Dasamios huffs flame and what appears to be Undrea from its mouth, as more of the same emits from its back vent. It places both hands on the rings next to the ship and does a shorter less powerful roar as the hunter is in battle position. The screen fades out, and the battle begins.


The battle is broken up into two phases, in the first hunters will have to fight Dasamios as it alters the rings and landscape around it. During it hunters can leap onto certain parts on Dasamios and walk across it like the Mohran's. The more parts damaged, the more walkable parts there becomes.

Its attacks have long charge up times to make up for its size.

Phase 1

As seen the battle begins with Dasamios in the roaring animation, it is possible to get at least one hit on it before it ends.

Phase 1 Attacks

  • Roar: Used in the beginning and when it enters rage mode, getting too close will cause high damage, and only shields can block it.
  • Undrea Clouds: During the fight Dasamios is always expelling ashes from its vent and in big bursts during certain attacks. Coming into contact with it causes instantly inflicts Undrea.
  • Claw Rake: Raises its left or right hand and forms a claw position. It then drags it in an arc across the area in front. When enraged it leaves a trail of fire.
  • Hand Pound: Raises its right or left hand for whichever hunter it will attack. It is swung downwards and slams into the ground. Causes quake, can change the area and when enraged causes fireblight.
  • Crushing Rake: Raises both claws and sets them to equal positions. Both them slam into each other like a clap. Causes quake and when enraged Fireblight.
  • Brace Swipe: Raises its arm in front over its side and quickly swipes to the other side. Mostly used to get a hunter off the arm.
  • Vent Burst: Leans forward as its vent sparks. Raising itself up it fires several flaming rocks from it that aim at hunters.
  • Sweeping Bite: Brings its head towards the ground as a spark of dragon is emitted. Turning its head in a direction it opens its mouth and then does a single chomp across causing Dragonblight to whoever it hits.
  • Forward Fireball: Arches its head back and fires a single fireball directly in front. Obviously causes fireblight. Smoke emits afterward which causes Undrea.
  • Aimed Fireball: As it prepares it, turns and tracks a hunter. It then fires it, and if enraged can do it twice.
  • Dragon Burst: Growls with its mouth open, and then blasts a cloud of dragon element in front of it. Obviously causes Dragonblight.
  • Dual Arm Slam: Raises both arms up and brings them both down for a much bigger attack. Quake and fireblight if enraged.
  • Body Slam: The biggest form of slam in this phase. Lunges back with its two arms behind it. What follows is a massive slam which causes extremely high damage, causes quake to the entire area and granted change to the ground it hit.
  • Your Thunder Is Now Mine!: Should hunters use Thunder Element weapons on Dasamios it will adsorb the power to a limit that its Undrea Clouds will begin to rumble with thunder. If its reaches that point, for a while its clouds will release lightning bolts at random places and coming into contact with them or the cloud will inflict Thunderblight.
  • Charged Fire Ball: Leans up high as fire blazes in its mouth aimed below it. Upon shooting it, it will explode in a huge radius, as a blast of Undrea emerges from its back.
  • Flamethrower: Puts both arms to its sides while fire emits inside its mouth. It lunges its head forward and blasts a huge stream of fire in front of it.
  • Sweeping Flamethrower: Raises its head to its side as it growls gathering fire, upon completing an equally large stream of fire is expelled in an arc. To avoid it, hunters must go above or below the rings its aimed at by an orange visual sight. Going behind Dasamios will result in getting hit by the vent ashes and contracting Undrea.

Phase 2 introduction

The Titans True Power

  • Triggered when Dasamios loses 20% of its health

This is not Dasamios' true power, as seen as is starts emitting huge amounts of Undrean ash into the sky, blotting out the remaining traces of light completely and enveloping the area and peaks in even deeper darkness than at night.

Dasamios stands there, glowing red in the darkness in an eerie way. It gives off a one second roar and a sharp blade bursts from the areas side, the dragons tail. In a dramatic move it begins sweeping the tip across the sides. The hunter upon seeing what it is doing gets back to the Dragonship as the tip breaks through the area beside it. With its sides broken the area collapses in on itself! Dasamios falls through first quickly then followed by the Dragonship.

A ring of fire and spears form around the enlarged hole, preventing the sea from poring in. The quake sends a shockwave up the peak where Obsidian Deviljho and Cantios are fighting. Cantios is knocked down, but as Jho is about to pounce and crush it, the shockwave hits. The mountain shifts with Jho completely missing Cantios and begins to slide with the area, giving out a scream usually only heard open ones dying breath. Cantios weakly changes to sky mode as the entire mountain side collapses, leaving the Jho to plummet into the lava below to its death and bursts into a miniature eruption. Cantios let's out a roar of triumph as blood leaks from its mouth.

The hunter emerges from the Dragonship, seeing nothing but cloud mist everywhere in a burning cave. It clears and Dasamios full form is revealed, a Fatalis figured body excluding wings. It climbs onto two legs as its scales turn red as its rage builds, and it roars causing the area to illuminate red. As soon as the roar finishes the camera zooms behind the hunter immediately, and the final battle with The Chasm Dragon begins.

Phase 2

In this stage Dasamios has full body movement, allowing more attacks and greater freedom of movement. The area is at first flat but attacks from Dasamios will create ledges and holes. The area itself is massive for such a fight and attacks will eventually bring down the walls around the area, creating a molten feel to the area and expand it, beyond which are wide caverns.

Phase 2 Attacks

A lot of attacks are brought over from Phase 1

(All Fours)

  • Roar: Same as before but now can be used on all four
  • Fireball: Shoots a single fireball in front of it like the Fatalis brethren.
  • Triple Fireball: Rears its head up and fires a fireball, left, right and center like a Rathain does.
  • Dragon Rush: The basic two step move by Fatalis', although this version can inflict Fireblight via hand hits and full damage from its rear legs.
  • Dragon Burst: Bites a few time and sends a cloud of dragon from its mouth.
  • Claw Rake: Sticks its claw into the ground and drags it across.
  • Heavy Slap: Dasamios does the punch attack used by Chameleos/Amphibians which unlike them can send a hunter flying back if hit directly.
  • Sweeping Bite: A quick sweep of its head with it mouth open.
  • Flamethrower: Like Fatalis except the forward blast at the beginning inflicts Undrea instead of Fireblight.
  • Charged Fireball: Looks down as a burst of fire forms in its mouth and fires an extra powerful fireball. Brings it into standing mode.


  • Walking: When walking its footsteps cause quake and even huge damage to those stepped on.
  • Tail Swing: Looks behind its tail as it swings it upwards to its right and slams it down. It then spins it around to its left. Causes quake with the slam and Fireblight when enraged.
  • Tail Slam: Brings its tail up and slams it directly down, causing a big quake.
  • Body Slam: Much like in phase 1 but slower because of the massive range on it. Brings it into all fours mode.
  • Fire Monster Call: Gives out a bellow that summons Uroktor, Rhenoplos and sometimes an Agnaktor to temporary attack the hunters along with Dasamios before they leave in 2 minutes. It cannot do this for 6 minutes after they leave.
  • Fire Ball Fall Raises its head to the air and fires three fireballs that slowly fall to the ground.
  • Explosive Sweep: Swings its head to the side and sweeps out a fire blast that explodes all at once will remain on the ground as flames.
  • Lightning Strikes: Aims its head towards the ground and yells several times each sending out a zap of dragon thunder.
  • Wide Swipes: It raises its right hand in a claw position and swings it in an arc and does the same with the other.
  • Stomp: Raises its right or left foot and slams it down causing big quake and an area of broken ground around it.
  • Vent Summon: The vent burns and then fires out a fiery cloud that rains fireballs down to a while.
  • Flamethrower: Gathers fire in its mouth and breathes a stream of fire extending from its feet to way across the area.
  • Sweeping Flamethrower: Does the same thing but does it in an arc which can be close or far.

The Chasm Dragon's Last Stand

With 40% health remaining things get intense. Dasamios gives out a roar as all its scales glow even brighter red and its vent blasts a huge fireball, covering and enlightening its whole body. The Dasamios is now in permanent rage mode until the fight ends and gains devastating attacks. Plus, it abandons its all fours stage.

  • Certain Fireblight: Since its in permanent rage its claw attacks will always do fire damage. Even if they are damaged fire still emerges from the core.
  • Meteor Eruption Takes two steps and emits a fire blast from its vent that rains down meteors for double the old summons time.
  • Lava Vomit: Its throat swells and glows orange. It then spews out a huge puddle of steaming lava right down in front of it to do damage over time for a while.
  • Cloak Of Flame: Its body flashes once as fire starts to encloak it, then a short burst of fire expels from it. Used to get hunters off it more easily.
  • Fire Throw: Does a quick swipe with its burning hand, sending out three fireballs across in front of it.
  • Fire Throw Into Grasp: If a hunter is hit by the hand swing of its attack, it will grab the hunter in its hand. Flame will surround it and if hunters fail to break free in time the hunter is flung by Dasamios out of its hand with a blast. It will continue to fight while the pin is in effect.
  • Claw Rake's Grasp: If hit by the claw directly, Dasamios will grab the hunter and slam him/her into the ground. Dangerous because there's no chance to escape by button mashing, it must be flinched before it slams its hand down. Will also cause Fireblight and damage other hunters in the pounded area.
  • Undrea Breath: Including its flamethrower it can do an Undrea based one. During this the vent is left more vulnerable as the cloud stops during the attack.
  • Flame Thrower Aftermath: The path a flamethrower travelled across will now leave a wall of fire behind to do damage over time.
  • Slam Recovery: When it does a body slam, it will now go back up to standing instead of its all four.
  • Triple Fireball: Can now fire three fire balls in succession.
  • Standing Charged Fireball: Same as the all fours one only done standing now. Can be fired to a distance.
  • Disaster Sphere: Undoubtedly its strongest and devastating attack. Dasamios opens its mouth as a ball of intense fire forms. Both its hands arc near it. The shear amount of air that is sucked near it brings in the Undrea ashes to it and combined with the dragon element creates an extremely bright orange/red/white elemental ball. It is fired, causing Dasamios to be moved quite a distance back. It moves slower than a fireball, bringing up a final warning of a circle of white light where it will explode. And finally, upon hitting the ground, explodes with such extreme force, every hunter experiences dragon wind, all the walls that have not been destroyed yet fall, the music mutes upon the blast being in effect, its range is four times the size of a Charged Fireball and those who get hit faint instantly without guts. Smoke and fire remain on the direct impact zone for a while and over five minutes must pass before it can be done again. This attack alone can bring quest failure to hunting parties that haven't had a single faint during the entire fight.
    • The only way to survive this attack is by wearing an armor set with guts and Fire Resistance 20, as Severe Fireblight will kill them regardless otherwise. Even then they suffer Undrea and Severe Dragonblight.

Death of Dasamios

Dasamios let's out a pained roar from the fatal damage its taken. It steps backwards to the center of the area and falls to its hands, which cores are dying. It manages to get back up, just as the hand cores die. It looks to the sky and gives out one final roar before its body's glow fades to just black stone. It then collapses on its front into the ground, dead.

The Aftermath (Single player only cutscene)

It is done, Dasamios lies dead in the center of the area, no colour except black and grey dyes its shell. The hunter examines the head to check if it has truly died, a rumbling sound comes from above. The death of Dasamios is also destroying the effects its done to the weather, including the ring of stone stopping the sea from flowing in. Water starts pouring into the chasm, beginning to flood the area. The hunter quickly dashes to the Dragonship, luckily still functional. The Dragonship floats as the water rises, drowning the remains of Dasamios forever.

As the Dragonship reaches the surface, the clouds dissipate, revealing a bright sun and blue skies. The biggest mountain of Sherin peaks has fallen, flopped on its edge a dead Cantios, having surcommed to its injuries. The lava has disappeared, turned to solid rock with no sign of the Obsidian Deviljho which fell in.

The camera pulls out from the Dragonship near the peaks and into the sun, which the scene fades out in a bright flash.

Rage State

As mentioned above its grey scales turn red, its vent expels more Undrean ashes and fire, its hand cores and chest core glow, and its mouth will house burning flames.

  • The chest cores glow will only be noticeably visible once the chest shell is broken once and entirely visible once the shell piece is completely broken. Otherwise its a very slight orange tint in the area in the chest where its located.


Dasamios gives out 22 carves in total, 6 from the head, 6 from the body and 6 from the tail base. An additional 2 can be carved from the severed tail

Icon Item Name Description
Scale Icon Dark Red Dasamios Crustscale Touching this scale from the Chasm Dragon can shred the skin in horrific agony from its daggered and crocked points. Most wouldn't touch it let even look at it.
Carapace Icon Dark Red Dasamios Mantleshell Carved from the Chasm Dragon, a colossal shell hardened to the point of invincibility. Only days of water pouring can weaken it enough to be used for any good purpose.
Claw Icon Dark Red Dasamios Quakeclaw The tools the Chasm Dragon used to tear open the very world itself in horrific ways. Dare you touch and wield them?
Horn Icon Dark Red Dasamios Cyphthorn Tall red blades from the Chasm Dragon's head. It contains heat well and aids fire's destructive abilities to decimate all beings not of the volcanic world.
Eye Icon Dark Orange Dasamios Eruptioneye Its gaze alone turned many monsters of fire to its side, and others running in fear. Even in death it still has a terrifying stare that hold the inferno of the eternal underworld that the Chasm Dragon ruled over.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Red Dasamios Sunetail A single swing of this daggered tail once belonging to the Chasm Dragon leaves behind rivers of molten magma. Entire mountains fall effortlessly to its strike.
Ore Icon Dark Orange Dasamios Magma Pure magma that flowed through the Chasm Dragon's shell and body like it was a living volcano. Cooled down it is as hard as the shell itself.
Bone Icon Black Raging Vent From this vent lies lava, as if it were a living volcano. This is most of what the guild only recorded seeing of the Chasm Dragon.
Sac Icon Black Overwhelming Ashes The Chasm Dragon's custom made version of The Frenzy that managed to damage the ecosystem in the Sherin Peaks. Some say exposure to these ashes takes away ones awareness to injuries.
Ball Icon Dark Red Blazing Shearcore From the palm of the Chasm Dragon's hand, solid rock turns to liquid in seconds from exposure to this raging orb. There is nothing that it cannot destroy.
Mantle Icon Dark Red Undying Cataclysmic Core The heart of the Chasm Dragon that still flows alive even now. Naysayers tell it were to break, the dragons of this world would engage in a apocalyptic war that would wipe out all life in the world.
    • To give more carves, the quest complete countdown doesn't begin until after Dasamios' death animation finishes.


Dasamios cannot be mounted, but some parts of it can be simply walked on and across, like the Mohran's and Dalamadur. Several breaks will make more parts able to be walked across.

It is even possible to climb Dasamios in some locations via breaks and hang onto the spines under its chin like the icicles in the Frozen Seaway.


Dasamios theme is split into two parts for its phases. Although they are intended to be original by the creator, these suit it well.

Dragon's Dogma Extended OST - Fire and Perdition

Dragon's Dogma Extended OST - Fire and Perdition

Phase 1

Dragon's Dogma Extended OST - Clash of Fates

Dragon's Dogma Extended OST - Clash of Fates

Phase 2


  • Left Claw: (Fire effects weaken, until phase 2's permarage mode)
  • Right Claw: (Fire effects weaken, until phase 2's permarage mode)
  • Left Arm Brace: (Spikes break, becomes walkable area)
  • Right Arm Brace: (Spikes break, becomes walkable area)
  • Back Vent (2x): (Spikes broken, then cracks along sides making the clouds become smaller and weakens the Undrea's duration)
  • Chest (2x): (First break, crack with red glow, second break reveals centre core and weak point)
  • Horns (3x): (1st, Crack along base, 2nd, main horn's tips broken, 3rd, horns along bottom broken allowing players to across its head) |third can only happen in rage mode.
  • Neck: (Jaggered scales broken, becomes climbable area)
  • Underbelly: (Jaggered scales broken, becomes climbable area)
  • Face: (Scales on top of face break off into a platform shape, becomes walkable area)
  • Left Foot: (Becomes walkable area)
  • Right Foot: (Becomes walkable area)
  • Tail Base: (Becomes walkable area)
  • Tail Tip: (Fire effects weaken, until permarage mode)
  • Tip Severed: (Must be broken first, the severed tail becomes a platform as well as being carvable)

Interactions with The Frenzy/Apex

Dasamios is an Elder Dragon, meaning its immune to its effects.

The explanation, it is far too large and powerful to be even affected the slightest bit by it.


  • Its Undrea lasts longer than the Cantios until its vent is damaged twice.
  • Its severed tail can be used as a platform, but can also be destroyed with enough hits.
  • If enough damage or the Dragonator hits the exposed chest core it will clutch it then fall over. Plus its the only way to inflict a long fallover time knockdown on it.


World Breaker Lv G-special★
Question Mark Tri Fanon Icon
Slay the Dasamios
Reward: 57400z Location: World's Ravine
Contract Fee: 12640z Time Limit: Infinite
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:


Client: Grand Guildmaster

Hunter of legend, your victories against the impossible have caught my eye for you to solve our greatest danger yet. A colossal origin dragon known as the Dasamios has been causing chaos throughout the Sherin region, chaos that gets worse as more time passes. With no challengers the dragon will eventually destroy the whole region and cause a disastrous effect on the whole ecosystem from the ashes it creates in its destructive wake. You must take the dragonship we have provided you, and then, defeat the Dasamios at the World's Ravine to free the Sherin Peaks and the whole region from its shroud of darkness, and save the world from this unimaginable threat.


  • It is believed by some to be the resurrection of Dire Miralis, regrown from its heart to destroy the land humanity stands on.
  • One conversation with an NPC states, "That thing has a shell so strong not even a Furious Rajang could dent it!". And such Dasamios takes 0 thunder damage along with it also predictably receiving no fire damage.
  • The hands of Dasamios have a burning core that melts solid rock and can cause eruptions from a slam.
  • Material names for it are based from the Japan names for Raging Brachydios parts.
  • In the old fanon only fangame Monster Hunter Tri Frenzy it is the final online boss and is the main antagonist due to it causing the devastating events in the game.
    • It also was the final page made for it.
  • The centre core weakness is inspired by Grigori of Dragon's Dogma, who also holds the themes given to Dasamios.
  • It appears in the special failure cutscene for Cwealis, where it uses a power, presumably Black Flame that struck it to speak. It then goes on to kill Cwealis due to him attacking it out of anger.
  • It's ultimate attack was originally called "Cataclysmic Annihilation", but since Solstice Conquest War Dasamios was created in concept, it was renamed to "Disaster Sphere" and the original name was given to Solstice Dasamioses ultimate attack.
    • Chaoarren did this change because he thought that Solstice Dasamioses ultimate attack would be greatly more suitable for the name.


  • Rathalosaurus: Great thanks for the main render and using it in his FanGame.

Dasamios (Monster Hunter - Fusion Of Eras)

Dasamios Render by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis
Titles Incarnation of the Black Dragon, World Crusher
Nicknames Dasam, Iosus, Dasamus
General Info
Species Elder Dragon
Habitats Ingle Island, Tainted Sea
Size Gigantic
Relatives Fatalis, Crimson Fatalis, White Fatalis, Dire Miralis
Signature Move Roaring Explosion
Elements Element Dragon Element Fire
Ailments Status Dragonblight Severe Fireblight Status Undrea Status Blind Status Stun
Weaknesses Element Dragon Element Thunder
Creator Rathalosaurus (This Version), Chaoarren (Original Creator)

Dasamios is an Elder Dragon that first appeared in Chaoarren's Fan Game Monster Hunter Tri Frenzy in OldFanon, and got re-introduced in Monster Hunter - Fusion Of Eras, with new attacks and a new music theme.


Dasamios' main shape is similar to Fatalis and Miralis. His head is adorned with four horns at his nose tip, and six horns at the end of his skull. More spikes run down his neck and end at his hips. His wings have slowly evolved into a cannon-like appendage, with an almost burning core in the middle, and a glowing, hot stripe going down each one of them. His hands have a red core in the middle and red veins.

Changes from the original

Dasamios could be walked on and climbed in previous games. However, Dasamios was made much smaller, due to its sheer size and attack range in previous games, and so, his attacks are more fair and a bit faster, and because of this, his hands cannot be walked on, instead, his head can be mounted like Fatalis, which is treated as a slower version of it, even slower than the Dire Miralises one which is already pretty slowed down.

It also gets new ablities from the original to keep it just as difficult.


MHOG's Dasamios keeps most of the abilities of the original creation, but has several new ones!

He gets some simple attacks, like dragging his jaw across the ground in an arc, and spitting an ember which burns for a while. When enraged, he can breathe a pure black smog that will Blind hunters instantly, an ailment not seen in the standard version. He gets a secondary ultimate attack now, which has it take in a colossal breath and roar at such an extreme power, that the ground erupts into fiery geysers and sends a wide shockwave out the area in front of it. And should hunters survive all of that, they will become Stunned by the roars power and leave them open for a finishing pounding! And if they survive THAT, they still have to deal with its Disaster Sphere attack! A truly worthy ultimate of the Fatalis species!


Dasamios is highly aggressive and should not be provoked. When enraged, he turns bright red and his eyes glow dark black, with shiny yellow pupils, revealing his true power. His attack power is insanely high and due to that, he is limited to Special-G-Permit.


''A huge and terrifying Elder Dragon, whose power is only rivalled by the Fatalis and some other Elder Dragons. He uses the Fire and Dragon Element like no one else and due to this, he can only be hunted by the most experienced hunters because he kills everyone else with a single blow.''

Introduction Cutscene

  • Location: Ingle Isle
  • Synopsis: The Hunter enters the huge, fiery room, only to get launched away by a extremely loud roar. The hunter stands up and stares around the room, but sees nothing. The hunter starts walking around, when suddenly the floor starts to tremble and shake. The hunter runs towards one huge lava pool, when suddenly, a burning core breaks out of the lava. The hunter jumps backwards, as a big head starts to break out of the lava. It is a Dasamios! The hunter cannot move because of his/her sheer fear. The Dasamios lifts its entire body out of the lava, and his only presence causes the roof to collapse down. Dasamios roars, and the remaining parts of the roof fall down, making huge craters. The hunter realises that his/her life is endangered and starts to run. The Dasamios spits a huge flame, the hunter gets hit and the screen turns black. The hunter stands up again, and sees Dasamios in all its glory. The Dragon hisses and the fight begins...

New Music Theme

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen OST Daimon 2nd Form Theme

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen OST Daimon 2nd Form Theme

As Dasamios' fight is not split up in two phases in this fangame, a new theme is used for this version. The hunter now faces it like the second phase right away.