Dark Agsolestea by Cottonmouth255
Titles Shadow Snake Wyvern, Darkness King
Nicknames D.Agsol, Purple Aggy
General Info
Species Snake Wyvern
Habitats Snowy Mountains, Jungle, Tundra, Misty Peaks, Frozen Seaway, Heaven's Mount, Glacial Wastes, Forested Spring, Cavernous Cliffs, Prehistoric Jungle
Size 5504.2 cm
3987.0 cm
Relatives Agsolestea, Jet Agsolestea
Signature Move Shadow Beam
Elements Element Darkness Darkness (Element Dragon+Element Ice)
Ailments Element Darkness Darkblight
Status Poison Poison
Status Noxious Poison Noxious Poison
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Creator Cottonmouth255, adopted by Dinoman0310

Together, the Agsolestea and Dark Agsolestea are Snake Wyverns and are polar opposites of one another. The Dark Agsolestea is the darkness-dwelling male of the species.

In-Game Information

A male snake wyvern that draws its power from the darkness. It seeks a female Agsolestea in the breeding season and protects her loyally. Attacking with light and darkness, an enraged pair of these monsters is something not even an elder dragon wishes to face down.

Introductory Cutscene

Location: Forested Spring Area 7

Synopsis: In the dead of night, an Agsolestea sleeps in the shade provided by the immense tree. Shafts of moonlight illuminate its scales, making them glitter slightly. The hunter walks into the area and suddenly notices the sleeping serpent, and pauses. The hunter hadn't expected to encounter it at this time of the night.

But then, a slithering sound reaches the hunter's ears. Emerging from the cave near the tree is a dark purple Agsolestea. Its hide gleams brightly in the moonlight, and its frills glow ominously as it draws strength from the darkness. The Dark Agsolestea stops at the base of the tree and hisses softly to the sleeping Agsolestea.

The white serpent wakes up and joins her mate, and both of their heads swing simultaneously around to face the hunter. Together, they raise their heads and produce earsplitting screeches. The hunter readies for battle as the Agsolesteas settle down, and the hunt begins.

Basic Information

Bionicle Heroes Soundtrack - Zaktan's Theme

Bionicle Heroes Soundtrack - Zaktan's Theme

Agsolestea and Dark Agsolestea Theme

Monster Class: Snake Wyvern

Weakness: Fire

Element: Darkness (Ice + Dragon)

Status Ailments: Darkblight, Blinded, Poison, Pin

Theme: Uses the "BIONICLE: Heroes" Zaktan battle theme.

Habitats: Snowy Mountains, Jungle, Tundra, Misty Peaks, Frozen Seaway, Heaven's Mount, Glacial Wastes, Forested Spring, Cavernous Cliffs, Prehistoric Jungle


  • Curls up in a shaded area to recover stamina
  • Cannot use Darkness-element attacks when low on stamina or not charged up
  • Drops an item when both frills are broken
  • Sometimes ventures into deep water, but only to move to another area
  • Eyes glow green when enraged
  • Frills glow bright purple when charged up
  • If the Agsolestea becomes enraged, it will as well

Physiology and Behavior

The Agsolestea and Dark Agsolestea are the most snake-like of the Snake Wyverns - unlike Najaralas and Remobras, they have no legs and rely entirely on slithering around on land to get from place to place. They are also decent swimmers, but don't like staying underwater for long. They are larger than other Snake Wyverns, with the largest ones measuring close to 5500 cm. Agsolesteas are females and have shining white scales and blue frills, while Dark Agsolesteas are males and have scales of dark purple/black.

The Agsolestea is a diurnal creature, while the Dark Agsolestea is nocturnal (although exceptions apply). The female absorbs sunlight through her frills and is able to focus that light into projectile attacks, while the male can do the same by absorbing shadow energy. They are both able to spit a deadly poison, as well as constrict their prey in their muscular coils.

Agsolesteas are typically found in tropical, forested areas while Dark Agsolesteas can be found in frigid areas. However, during breeding season they will come together in certain subregions to mate and breed.

Frenzied/Apex Behavior

Dark Agsolestea can become infected with the Frenzy. Its frills and underbelly turn dark blue while the majority of its body becomes pitch black. Its hisses rise and fall in pitch, and its roar becomes more shrill, like a screech. It is now able to perform a Dual Shadow Ball (two Shadow Balls) and Dual Shadow Beam (two Shadow Beams).

Dark Agsolestea can also overcome the Frenzy and become Apex Dark Agsolestea. Along with its Dual Shadow Ball and Beam attacks, it now takes less time to perform its Shadow Gather and will immediately execute a Dual Shadow Beam once it finishes.


Dark Agsolestea can be carved three times, have its tail severed, have both frills and its belly broken, and drop an item.

Note: Items are listed in order from most common to least common.


Icon Name Description
Hide Icon Dark Purple D.Agsol Hide+ Purple skin from a Dark Agsolestea. It seems to have never felt the touch of sunlight.
Scale Icon Black D.Agsol Scale+ A scale that is as dark as night, and yet glimmers with the light of the full moon.
Claw Icon Dark Purple D.Agsol VenomFang A terrible dark tooth that oozes with venom. Rare and valuable, but be careful.
Webbing Icon Red D.Agsol Frill+ A strange enigma, this frill gathers strength from darkness and buzzes with black lightning.
Sac Icon Black Night Organ A vile inner sac that produces darkness. Said to corrupt those who are exposed to its power.
Ball Icon Dark Purple D.Agsol Topaz This purple gem is thought to have formed when the light of the full moon touched the egg of a Dark Agsolestea. It brings greed to those who lay eyes on it.


Icon Name Description
Hide Icon Dark Purple D.Agsol Piel A sample of Snake Wyvern skin that slips through fingers and disappears into darkness. Incredibly expensive.
Scale Icon Black D.Agsol Shard A scale so dark, it melts away into the darkness as if invisible. But when in the sun, it gleams with a stunning purple gloss.
Claw Icon Dark Purple D.Agsol VenomFang+ There is a black market that deals specifically in Dark Agsolestea goods, but they still refuse to touch this vile fang.
Monster Parts Icon White Agsolestea Lash The leathery tail of a Snake Wyvern. It is smooth enough to whip through air with zero resistance.
Webbing Icon Red D.Agsol Fan This magnificent frill must be kept in darkness, but if it lays there for too long, it will shine with destructive, lethal shadows.
Sac Icon Black PitchBlack Organ Those that gaze into this deep, dark organ are corrupted by the shadows. It is said to swallow the victim's soul.
Mantle Icon Black D.Agsol Mantle The more evil with which this mantle is gazed upon, the more beautifully it shines. Its luster turns positive emotions into negative ones.


Icon Name Description
Hide Icon Dark Purple D.Agsol Dermis This skin is almost invisible in the shadows. Silky enough to make luxurious undergarments from.
Scale Icon Black D.Agsol Splinter This shard withers in sunlight, but draws strength from darkness. When immersed in shadow, it becomes invisible..
Claw Icon Dark Purple Vile D.Agsol Fang Only professional wyvern biologists can handle this fang with enough caution to not get scratched. One cut, and you're finished.
Monster Parts Icon White Agsol Tailbone Many vertebrae make up this tailbone. This makes the tail itself extremely flexible, able to be used like a whip.
Webbing Icon Red D.Agsol Panel Mysteriously, this Dark Agsolestea frill converts shadow into deadly energy. How is this possible? Perhaps we will never know.
Sac Icon Black Abyss Organ It is said that the most fleeting of glances into this shadowy organ will steal away not only the spirit, but the very essence of one's life.
Mantle Icon Black Agsol DarkDiamond In contrast to the WhiteDiamond, this priceless jewel corrupts the soul beyond repair, twisting joy into despair and good will into cruelty without compare.



Double Quickstrike: Rears its head slightly back, then darts out and snaps with its fangs. When it retreats, it will do another right after it.

Tail Swing: Turns its head to the side and hisses, then swings its tail in that direction.

Tail Flick: Swings its tail twice in front of it.

Slithering Circles: Tenses its body up, then launches itself forward, slithering in a circle. It will sometimes do two or three of these before coiling up again. Often chains this with an Upward Spiral.

Venom Spit: Draws back a little bit and bends its head close to the ground, then fires a huge blast of poison in front of it while retreating backwards. (Poison)

Twisting Bite: Rears its head, hisses, and whips its tail behind it, then darts forward in an S-shape and bites savagely. Does two always.

Upward Spiral: Twists itself into a tight ball, then "jumps" upwards in a spiralling motion.

Shadow Gather: Its frills start glowing as it coils up, then it uncoils and raises its head as a shadowy wave of darkness ensues. It is now able to use its elemental attacks. (Blinded)

Shadow Ball: Performs the same animation as the Venom Spit, but shakes its head while doing so. Then, shoots a blast of darkness in front of it. (Darkblight)

Shadow Beam: Wiggles its head and tail and screams, then lowers its head to the ground and fires a laser beam of darkness. This attack can be aimed as well. (Darkblight)

Constrict: Does a quick turnaround in which it swings its tail back behind it, then darts forward and throws its tail out in front of it. It will then coil up around the hunter and Pin you for continuous damage. (Pin)

Roar: Rears up from its coiled position and releases a hissing roar. Can be blocked with Earplugs.

G-Rank Onwards

Venom Spit: Now causes Bad Poison damage. (Bad Poison)

Shadow Ball: The darkness ball will now travel in an erratic path before disappearing with a small explosion of shadow. (Darkblight, explosion causes Blinded)

Shadow Beam: The Dark Agsolestea now lowers its head while swinging it to the side, and will aim it before sweeping it to either its left or right. (Darkblight, Blinded)



Elemental Resistances:

  • Fire -20
  • Water +5
  • Thunder (0)
  • Ice -5
  • Earth -10
  • Sky +5
  • Dragon +30

Skills: Dragon Res +15, Halve Blind, Cold Res, Taunt


Elemental Resistances:

  • Fire -40
  • Water +5
  • Thunder (0)
  • Ice -5
  • Earth -10
  • Sky +5
  • Dragon +30

Skills: Darkness Attack +2, Halve Blind, Cold Res, Fire Res -20


Elemental Resistances:

  • Fire -30
  • Water +15
  • Thunder +10
  • Ice +5
  • Earth (0)
  • Sky +15
  • Dragon +40

Skills: Darkness Attack +2, Negate Blind, Cold Res, Crit Element, Fire Res -20


Dual Blades

Singing Couple --> Singing Couple+ --> Serenading Marriage

Great Sword

Darkness Cleaver --> Darkness Cleaver+ --> Lunar Eclipse --> Total Lunar Eclipse


Son of Selene --> Father of Selene --> Moon God


Night Javelin --> Dark Night Javelin

Hunting Horn

Shadowed Serenade --> Prince's Serenade --> Call of the Night

Switch Axe

Dark Axe --> Shadow Axe --> Lunar Slicer --> Agsol's Coldblade

Light Bowgun

Darksolestea --> Agshadowstea


  • It uses the Darkness element, which is a combination of Ice and Dragon.
  • The Dark Agsolestea is based on a cottonmouth snake. It gets its name from "Agkistrodon", the genus name of the cottonmouth, and "solstice", referring to its two forms living in either warm or frigid environments.
  • Each of the Dark Agsolestea's weapons relates to the moon in some way. Its Longsword is even named after the goddess of the moon in Greek mythology.
  • The Dark Agsolestea's weapons all have dual element, due to the fact that it uses the Darkness element.
    • Its Dual Blades and Light Bowgun are upgraded from the Agsolestea's Dual Blades and Bowgun.
  • Its armor set introduces new skills that negate the effects of the Blinded ailment, as well as Darkness Attack +2, which increases the damage done by Ice and Dragon weapons.

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