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Titles Black Hammer Tail Wyvern (Black Fates Cwenos) Black Doomful Dragon (Cwealis)
Nicknames Solstice Conquest War Cwenos, Black Flame God, Ascended Cwenos, Black Tigtalis, Tigdoom, Cwealin
General Info
Species Elder Dragon
Habitats Schrade Forging Zone
Size Very Large
Relatives Cwenos, Vindictive Cwealis, Perfectial Cwealis
Signature Move Eclipse Purge
Elements Element Black Flame Element Darkness Element Fire Element Dragon
Ailments Element Black Flame Status Stun Status Bleeding Severe Fireblight Status Dragonblight Status Sleep Status Confusion Status Blind Status Undrea Status Noxious Poison Status Deadly Poison Status Possession
Weaknesses Element Light
Creator Chaoarren

"This dragon, it's power can be felt from over here, it's unreal! Just what the hell have you gone and awoken over there?" - Young Man In The Elder Dragon Research Center In Dundorma

The Cwealis also known as Solstice Conquest War Cwenos is a very special and powerful form of the Cwenos.

Unlock Requirements

Hunters must have hunted a Lvl9999 Conquest War Black Fatalis, a single Shadow Cantios and 10 Cwenoses.

Before the ultimate awakening

Before it transforms into the Cwealis, there is a special quest known as "Black Fate" that must be completed with the Cwenos upon reaching the requirements.

Black Fate Lv G Special
Question Mark Icon 4th Fanon Icon
Interrupt The Fatalis's Plan
Reward: 62600z Location: Schrade Forging Zone
Contract Fee: 6800z Time Limit: 50 Mins
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:


Client: Minegarde Guild Master

Hear this well, hunters! You have slain the Cwenos and raided the Black Dragon's home on several occasions, and lived! Now, it is time for you to face your greatest challenge yet. The Fatalis is preparing something of apocalyptic proportions, and it falls upon you to stop it. We count on you to end its terror, once and for all!

"Black Fate" Intro

At the Schrade Forging Zone a Conquest War Fatalis walks towards something. The dragon is clearly wounded and aged, showing with scars and its noticeable limp towards the thing it wishes to do something with. It clears away rubble away from the object, revealing it to be a dead Cwenos, killed by hunters who had came to this place. Fatalis is clearly angry how his creation he spent long to create greatly now lies as dead as the monsters that were murdered to make it. However, he decides this creation deserves another chance after seeing its powers before his very eyes. The Black Dragon puts his hands next to the dulled scales of the Cwenos, the Black Flame enveloping them. The scales on his arms crack, blood begins to leak onto the body. The Black Flames seems to react to it with a bright cyan glowing of the scales. Blood of the Black Dragon flows into the Cwenos and begins to take colour again. Once the body of the Cwenos is completely engulfed in the Black Flame the Fatalis makes a dark roar. Pebbles and dust are launched away from a burst of the power from the renewed tail. And just after the tail glows anew the Cwenos is reanimated, its scales now black all over with no signs of the brown hide that strewn it together before. The Cwenos expels brown blood, its old blood from its body and then seals its vessels shut as soon as red blood starts squirting. Fatalis is pleased, his creation is now truly a creature of flesh and blood. To its downside, the resurrection has weakened the Dragon even more, with it falling to its fours after its completion. The moment lasts next to no time, to Fatalises despair. Cwenos snarls at hunters walking into the zone, the same hunters who slew Cwenos before, in addition to wounding the Fatalis. The Black Dragon of destruction's eyes glow with rage having a flashback to what the hunters have done to it, crippling the image of itself with their weapons of unnatural material, attacked and killed its guard and left it in a humiliating way, and even managed to ruin the Fatalises status among the other variants of the Fatalis species, they now see him as a failure. As if it had just been revived it arises up and roars loudly in full strength and torpedoes up skyward and then behind the Cwenos. It makes a sinister sound to it, which is nothing to the hunters, but to Cwenos it is words. To Cwenos he makes his order clear: Cwenos! Now that you're returned to full power, you MUST not let these hunters live any longer! Failure is not an option. KILL THEM ALL!!. The Fatalis then heads to the ramparts and falls down, still feeling the wounds. Cwenos slowly prowls towards the hunters with its evil glare. Immediately once it gets close it roars in a ghostly light to instantly go into its rage mode power and lock it there. The Black Flame gathers in its mouth and the hunt begins with the hunters having to avoid its Dark Pulse attack.

Appearance differences

This Cwenoses body is now black all over, with the claws, horns and wing membrane still remaining blue.


Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen - Condemned Gorecyclops Battle Theme

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen - Condemned Gorecyclops Battle Theme

Thuds Of A Black Pulsing Hammer

Black Fate Cwenoses Attacks

Cwenos keeps all the previous attacks the regular version has in its Black Flame mode.

  • Triple Bite: Cwenos shakes its jaws and then goes into a three move combo where it bites forward to the left, right, then center.
  • Triple Dark Pulse: In the style of a Rathian it will shoot three Dark Pulses in succession.
  • Double Charge: Now it can do a double up on its charge attack. Whenever it is going to do so it will spin its body around and sweep its tail, knocking away any hunters. This combo can easily catch hunters off guard.
  • Explosive Spikes: When it does its Spikes Shoot attack now if they hit a solid place they will actually become struck in the stone. After two seconds they will glow blue and explode. Those with jaggered edges create shrapnel that causes Bleeding.
  • Tail Beam: Cwenos extends its arms to its sides and raise its tail to channel power of the Black Flame to its spikes. After this channel it will fire a beam from its tail at hunters.
  • Circle Tail Beam: While in the midst of its charging of the attack and hunters are separated it'll do this to not waste the attack. Once the power reaches its tail it'll snarl and jump up and spin around a single time. During the entirety of the spin it'll fire its beam. The height it jumps is randomised which makes this attack much more dangerous.
  • Warping Ringed Dark Pulses: It will prepare its Ringed Dark Pulse for slightly longer. What results is a challenging variant that continuously expands and shrinks over time.
  • Ground Blaster: Cwenos swings its head to the side and takes a step backwards with a violent twisting fire in its jaws. It shall then fling the projectile at close range right into the ground. The attack is not aimed to precisely strike hunters, but to hit them off guard with the resulting ground bursts that result from this attack and the stones that fly from the blasts to stun them.
  • Double Mind Breaker Roar: Should the Mind Breaker Roar have a slight delay, it'll do the attack twice in a row.

Master's Interruption: Once the Cwenos has taken enough damage the Conquest War Fatalis will be shown again as Cwenos falls down. Realising that its creation is about to die again its roars in new rage and awakens its own Black Flame power around it as its body parts turn a light blue. The Fatalis then jumps off the bridge it is on and flies towards Cwenos. Just before hunters can reach it, the Fatalis lands right in front of them, knocking the hunters back. The Black Dragon although clearly injured still has much intimidation behind its presence alone and begins walking towards a single hunter, the one who selected the quest. Before the others can help Cwenos recovers and slams its claws down. A shockwave of Black Flame surrounds the hunters, trapping them for Cwenoses next plan. Using its mysterious ability of telekinesis with the flame of black it raises its claws, along with a wall of stone all around the hunters. The Fatalis manages to grab the hunter and throws him/her in the air at an extreme height. The three other hunters climbing skills pay off as they manage to climb out of the Cwenoes trap right before it detonates it. Fate seems sealed for the falling hunter as Fatalis comes gliding at him/her with jaws wide open ready to crunch bone. In a split second of luck the hunter evades the maw and strikes the Black Dragon in the chest with his/her weapon, connection between which creates a shockwave. Safe, the hunter manages to land okay, with Fatalis plummeting to the earth. Both the three other hunters and Cwenos look at the dragon, the sight of which makes it look dead. To the hunters dismay and Cwenoses relief the Fatalis arises clutching its bleeding chest, the flesh that is hidden by scale and shell now visible. With it noticing the wound it roars skyward and creates ominous rings of clouds up above. It mumbles the sounds from before: Cwenos.. You cannot let them slay me. You must defend this place and me with your own life!. Cwenos acknowledges and goes back into attack formation with Fatalis now ready to join the battle.

Now with Fatalis by its side Cwenos gains some new attacks

  • Cwenoses Trap: See above
  • Ring Turrent: Fatalis will yell at Cwenos and make it fly up high into one of the clouds it has formed. Cwenos then hovers in the cloud and begins firing Ringed Dark Pulses in rapid succession. The aim and speed of the shots makes this quite deadly.
  • The Master's Fire Is Its Too: Whenever Fatalis uses its wall of fire breath Cwenos can use it just like its own fire.
  • Batter Up For Dragon Balls: If Fatalis calls down its spheres of dragon element Cwenos can use its tail to launch them midair at hunters.
  • Fireball Tactic: Both Cwenos and Fatalis use their Fireball attacks at the same time at each other. On impact they both explode into a fiery wave of destruction that ravages the ground level.
  • Spike Mirrors: In certain situations when Cwenos flings its spikes Fatalis will find a use for them. It shall fire its Black Flame beam at one, making it travel to another and cause the one it was at to explode. The beam travels across them until it reaches the last, where it stays at to make a far larger explosion than normal.
  • The Fatal Combination: Cwenos and Fatalis both prepare their most strongest attacks in unison. Just as it looks like its going to be them only doing their biggest attacks at the same time, it becomes much worse. As Cwenos gains the Death Ball on its tail, it will circle Fatalises Death Ball with it. The two circling around it makes the Death Ball become larger and more violent, causing strikes of dragon lightning to hit the area with flashing. Just as the Death Ball is about to reach the ground Fatalis blows a blue wind on Cwenos to act as a shield. With it, it actually flies into the Death Ball and adds its own to it, further increasing its size and instability, which at this point hunters can be sucked into it. Cwenos then glides out of it unharmed and next to Fatalis they both do a dark roar at the Death Ball, sending it to the ground immediately and makes it detonate. An gigantic explosion occurs, of which rivals that of the Disaster Sphere attack from the Dasamios. The blast travels right into the sky, sweeps across all ground level places, disintegrates all buildings in its impact zone and creates a bright flash that affects the entire map. In the aftermath the two dive bomb to the ground and land, giving a roar of triumph. Any hunter hit by the impact of the Death Ball will be one shot at maximum defence with full health while those struck by the shockwave will be sent flying back with massive damage. And those who are sucked into the Death Ball suffer an unavoidable instant faint.

Ascension Cutscene

There are two ways this cutscene will begin: Should enough damage be done to Cwenos, or if Fatalis takes enough damage.

If Cwenos is the one who reaches near death, it will fall down again in injury. As all four hunters prepare the final attack Fatalis will suddenly warp Cwenos and it's places with its dark power, resulting in Fatalis taking the final blow instead. Also, the energy fully restores Cwenoses health and body to perfect status.

If Fatalis is fully depleted of its health it will stammer backwards for a bit and then will start the cutscene.

Fatalis, having taken too much injury for it to further handle looks in disbelief, taking aloft to try and regenerate. Nothing happens, and Fatalis howls into the sky and then violently falls down, becoming motionless. Suddenly a circle of Black Flame from Fatalis kicks hunters away from it, as Cwenos rushes in a panic for its master. The Black Flame becomes a dome, preventing hunters from intervening from the event that is about to happen. Cwenos approaches Fatalis, its bloodstained maw indicating that the dragon is done for. It rears its head up to give one final speech: Cwenos. I have failed... Failed to defend... my title... My death.. will be heard through the entire planet! You.... You must take up.. take my power... With it.. you shall become... even greater than even I! You shall become a fear all living things respect! My.. time is done... your rules begin.. is.. nighhhhhhh.... With that, the Legendary Black Dragon, Fatalis, dies. One with a very forgiving soul could feel sad for it, but all others feel a great sense of freedom and joy with the dragon's evil gone. With its death, the sky clears, and it looks like hunters will get to slay the Cwenos for good this time. With shocked looks in their faces, they see the clouds darken once again, and the ground begins to shake as the Cwenoses eyes glow intensely. It grabs the corpse of the Fatalis with its claws and tail in a raptor like way, beginning violent waves of power once again. A chaotic whirlwind rushes around Cwenos, gradually increasing in speed as it absorbs all of Fatalises power into it, which despite now dead, has every last bit of power it had when it was at full strength. Cwenos then gets upon its hind legs and stands in an outstretched position to begin its fusion of its power and Fatalises. Black Flame erupts from the Fatalis, which Cwenos absorbs in full with every wave. The four hunters have to evacuate the area as the power becomes too much for them. The very body of Fatalis is absorbed into the Cwenos, now nothing but a blue outline. With all the power absorbed a pure white orbs engulfs Cwenos as it curls up floating airborne. It makes a far reaching growl that echos many times. All the forms of power the Black Flame has circle the Cwenos at extreme speeds with an ear piercing sound. Then, the Cwenos yells out and then spreads itself out with a tremendous roar as it fully morphs the Fatalises powers with its own. A blue light envelops literally everything around the Schrade so much, it is the only able to be seen.

As the chaos dies once again, the sky becomes visible. It lacks the eclipse and is now black and blue with motionless stormy clouds. Rocks rain from the sky as the new beast awakens. The Cwenos is no more, it is something much worse. The four hunters struggle to get up after such a transformation and shock of the blast of energy. They look motionless at the thing that stands where Cwenos once was, only to see a black, cloaked figure. It raises its arms and to their shock, speaks in a low male voice. You fools. Because of your selfish actions, I have now fully achieved my true, perfect form! I no longer am a lowly guard, I now am the successor to the Fatalis! My name now, shall be... Cwealis. A simple name, but effective in bringing the fact that no longer am I a wyvern, but dragon! My rule will be legendary in every location of this world! Begone hunters! Leave now and never return!. As it says that last line Cwealis reveals its new shape. And its makes a grave warning... Should you trend upon this stone ever again... I will make sure that I bring forth a second war upon your world, and exterminate all non wyvern kind forever!. A blue mist is then emitted from the cloak like wings of Cwealis that hides it and the Schrade Forging Zone from sight. The scene ends with hunters running away, seemingly feeling guilt over what they have done.

As the Cwealis

With the Cwenoses transformation into the Cwealis it has gained many unnatural powers beyond his old master. He has become a master itself, taking complete control over the mind of a powerful Shadow Cantios to use as his guard. Unlike Fatalis did with him however, he uses the Shadow Cantios as an assassin to kill rivalling monsters to make sure he remains unchallenged.

Aesthetic Differences

Cwealis Icon by Chaoarren Transformed from the Cwenos, the now Elder Dragon rules over the ruined remains of the kingdom of Schrade with a merciless gaze. Its power is said to be unimaginable, easily having superiority and toppling over the power of that of its old ruler and master, Fatalis. The most bravest of scouters have reported seeing a shadowy wyvern that it controls that acts like a guard and assassin to it. It is a dragon still hidden in never ending mystery.

Cwealis is dramatically different to Cwenos in several ways. The greatest being that his once basic wings have changed into long cloak like forms that hang from his arms and both connect to each other at the middle. His hands now have five fingers in a disturbingly human like shape with long thick claws. There is a strange dark grey hide that covers Cwealises arms that covers its arms and upper torso, in addition to that it also is on the Cwealises back legs where it hangs off from the behind. Across that hide line several burnt bones of human origin, with a skull in the middle of the chest that has a think straight above the eye sockets. Cwealis lacks the long neck of Fatalis, being still the same shape as when it was Cwenos. The face is much more savage looking, with several small spikes along its face, with its two main horns grown largely in length that curve behind it along with multiple spikes in front of them that slightly resemble a crown and protect its head from blades. Its side horns that resemble that of the Conquest War Fatalis still remain although slightly smaller. On its back, several pieces of hide flow to go along with the cloak of the wings that hide some spines. Its tail has also become longer, with the hammer section having gone a transformation in shape. It has split into several sections, with appear to extend and close like a vice, with a large blue core visible in the center.

The colour scheme of Cwealis is entirely black and blue, like the Black Flame. The wings, back hide, eyes, mouth, main horns, claws, spines and spikes are whats blue, and the rest a dark black.

Introduction Cutscene

Schrade Forging Zone: Dark Tale Of Granted Power

Several months after the last battle there, the same hunters from before walk with noticeable fear towards into the Schrade Forging Zone. It is a changed place, a large section of buildings is now completely gone from being destroyed during the event that happened. Four large blue glowing pillars mark the sides of the area. Small stone built bridges run over rivers of a strange reddish, purple and blue liquid. These rivers run across the area in thin and thick forms, as if something could swim in it. A pool of it seems to be the source of the rivers, and is in front of what the hunters are looking for. A black and blue throne is seen overlooking the entire area, on it, a cloaked black creature. The hunters walk to it without any trouble until the creature begins to move. Its arms unfold a bit so it can see what has trespassed upon these grounds. It somehow and someway knows speech: What things dare to walk upon these sacred grounds of Schrade?. Its eyes flash open with blue glow. Could it even be-, it catches eye of the hunters, making it have quick flashbacks. Its first one is of its very first encounter with the hunters as a mere pseudo wyvern with a hammer tail. The second is it unlocking its Black Flame ablities through threat of defeat. The third is of its temporary death by the hunters and its fade into blackness. The fourth is of its advanced upgrade via resurrection by its fallen master, the Fatalis. The fifth one is it feeling remembered anger from seeing the hunters again. The sixth is that of it doing its The Fatal Combination attack with Fatalis. The seventh is seeing Fatalis fall to the ground after receiving its fatal wound. The eighth is of its final words to it. The ninth shows the transformation of it into its current state. And the tenth and last one is its first words of speech being aimed as a warning to the hunters to never again return. But, as it sees them now, they have ignored its warning and returned to kill it. It finishes its sentence with what is a roar and word combined: YYOOOOOOOOUUUUUU!!!.

This creature is the Cwealis, a Black Dragon created by absorbing its old masters power, and in turn gained his knowledge and even gender. He speaks again: What is it that brings you back time and time again? Even after your witness to the power that was shown before you, it didn't halt your return. Now you even seek to destroy me!. The Cwealis stands, exposing his tail to enlight in its blue glow. In a sudden movement he unfolds his wings completely to reveal their cloak like form. A burst of light travels from his tail to his body, enlighting several parts in a light blue colour and knocking back hunters by the force of the power. Cwealis talks again: Those who fail to heed my warnings.... Mid sentence it leaps from its throne at a great speed and aims at the hunters, looking ready to flatten them. The quest taker is unready, and seems like his/her life will be swiftly crushed by his foot. To their shock, nothing happens. The Cwealis is floating down without need of wing flaps, it is levitating. He completes his sentence: ..will feel my wrath in full!. He continues on: Hunters often take on the impossible thanks to their addiction of greed. Those perish in the span of a single second without a single trace to tell of their existence as a flesh and bone creature. You are the only exception to this. You just want me dead and nothing else.. He grows angry as its dead masters knowledge comes to mind: Dead like the countless innocent dragon and wyvernkind your ancestors murdered for their own desires. You killed us for your weapons, burned our nests for your villages, destroyed our lands as mire target practice, stole our eggs and made them into food, turned our shells and scales into foundations of buildings, and worst of all you drove many of our kind to permanent extinction! We realised then that humans and dragonkind can never cooperate, and should we have let them continue they would have killed all of us.. Cwealis then gazes upon the hunters: So began the Great Dragon War, our act of revenge on the ones who harmed us. Many of us died at first, but there was one being who brought our luck around. That being was my former master, Fatalis. With his commitment to aiding the Elder Dragons and his unsalable fury for them, he brought living hell down on these grounds. In a span of a single day, this grand city and castle was completely purged of its people... with not a single one living to tell the experience. The war continued, and at last.. we finally eliminated the civilisation from the face of the world, with only their constructs remaining to prove of their existence. To Fatalises dismay... most of the grand and worthy dragons and wyverns were all slain in the war, with only weak and pathetic ones that now populate your world..

The hunters were simply gobsmacked, they couldn't believe what they were witnessing here. And to add to that Cwealis still wasn't done. In this current age, the same events are beginning to happen once again! And the worst part of all.. You damn killers managed to even slay the one who saved us from annihilation, the Black Dragon Fatalis himself!. Cwealis begins to prepare for battle: Today, thanks to your failure to obey my demand, I shall lead the 2nd Great Dragon War into battle and rid this world of mankind forever! Using my knowledge, that I have told you, which was from my master, and with my unstoppable power, dragonkind will rule over this world at long last. Extinction of your species is your only salvation! All four hunters cannot move an inch from what they have learned, and genuinely feel fear now. Cwealis ends with this: Hmm. Shocking to hear that your great ancestors were nothing but senseless killers, and you follow their footsteps isn't it? Do not fear, for you will join them... in death!. Upon saying this Cwealis draws his tails back and swings it to aim and fires a blast of Black Flame from it that burns the very ground where the hunters stand and seemingly disintegrates them. Hahuhhuhuhuhuhhuhuh! Shame that all the damage you did to me and all of us was avenged in a single and simple blast. No matter, for it is time for planning for-. He is interrupted by weapon unsheathing of all four hunters, ready for battle having recovered by thinking of their victories over this evil. Black Flame begins to surround Cwealis: So you have gotten over your fear have you? Doesn't change the fact that I'll destroy you all the same! For in order to plan out my attack on your cities... I shall have to kill you four first! GET READY TO DIIEEEEEEEE!!. And with that, the epic battle to slay Cwealis begins!


1st Theme

Shadow The Hedgehog OST - Black Doom

Shadow The Hedgehog OST - Black Doom

Rise Of The Black Doomful Dragon

2nd Theme

Black Doom Remix (Shadow the Hedgehog)

Black Doom Remix (Shadow the Hedgehog)

Dark Power Of The Black Doomful Dragon

3rd Theme

Dragon's Dogma OST - Imminent Triumph

Dragon's Dogma OST - Imminent Triumph

Black Doomful Dragon's Fury


Upon the battle starting Cwealis will say: Now I shall put an end to your attempts to take me down, and your miserable lives!


  • Black Fireball: His head will rear back and a fireball of Black Flame will be shoot out and its swung forward.
  • Powered Black Fireball: His rear back will have a slight delay, for he prepares more fire. Cwealis shoots the fireball in a more forceful way that explodes in a wider radius.
  • Pure Fireballs: Cwealis will create a black orb in each hand and drain the dragon energy from them to make them pure fire. He then literally punches the flaming balls at hunters. Since it is not of Black Flame it will cause Fireblight.
  • Black Projectiles: Cwealis creates five spheres of Black Flame around himself and one by one fires them at hunters.
  • Draconic Balls: Three black orbs will appear around Cwealis and will swirl around him, extinguishing the fire within. Then they are sent flying in three different directions. Since it has no fire to make Black Flame, it will cause Dragonblight.
  • Energy Blade: Using his claws he creates a light blue boomerang shaped blade that spins clockwise rapidly. He turns to face a random hunter and adjusts the ground level of it to make sure hunters can't just climb upwards upon seeing its formation. Cwealis then pushes forward the blade in a swift strike. The attack can cause Bleeding.
  • Tail Sweep: With his tail Cwealis sweeps the of ground of all who stand near it.
  • Eye Beams: A lens flare appears on Cwealises eyes with them turning pure blue. Whatever he was looking at before will be struck with a beam from both the eyes.
  • Pulse Swipe: Using one of his claws he slashes the area below. With the swing comes a Dark Pulse to add range.
  • Black Fire Wave: In a swift movement Cwealis curls his wings in addition to surrounding himself with Black Flame. And with a swift swing of his arms to his sides the wings unleash the fire across the front in the left and right.
  • A Laser: Energy surges to Cwealises mouth to form a whitish sphere. With it, he uses it to fire a solid beam of Black Flame that can go forward, upward or across the area.
  • Tail Beam: Like when he was Cwenos he uses the power in his tail to make a solid beam of Black Flame that can hit directly, move forwards or move sidewards.
  • Black Punch: Looking towards a hunter, Cwealis throws one of its arms to its far side and rushes backwards clenching the selected fist. The Black Flame engulfs it as he turns to face the hunter he was looking at. Cwealis flings himself at him/her and directly downward punches the ground with the energy making it rupture around the impact. Depending if directly struck or hit by the shockwave it can send hunters flying back or into the air.
  • Spin To Bite: Cwealis snarls in a more beastly tone as its maw opens. In a quick move it swings its body around in a full circle while swooping its mouth down low in a single bite.
  • Basic But Effective Close In: If Cwealis decides not to range strike a hunter he'll simply glide at them to reach them. Hunters may be hit with his tail or by the glide itself should they wander near him.
  • A More Violent Close In: With a flip of his tail Cwealis will dash straight at a hunter and sweep his tail to end it. The tail movements will upswing if they hit.
  • What's In The River?: Cwealis will hover over the main source of the liquid in the area with the tail building power. With a simple flick he causes the spikes in his tail to release a pulse into the liquid. Immediately it reacts violently to the pulse and begins raging, causing the liquid to spill over the edges and ruptures that fling globs of it across the place. This liquid is to the hunters dismay, extremely toxic. It will inflict Deadly Poison, and can also inflict Blind and Confusion making this attack very dangerous.
  • Cwealis Backflip: As he has a tail and can fly in a sense, Cwealis can do a backflip attack. He shall raise his tail up high behind him while slouching down as if he is about to fall down. Instead of that, he fully throws his body forward with his tail following, resulting in three spins. Should the attack be successful hunters will be sent flying.
  • Nerve Gas: The hide on Cwealises body will turn a faint blue while its tail turns a purplish blue along with a same coloured mist starting to come from it. Both his wings and tail seem to shake as the mist thickens. When it surrounds Cwealis entirely he'll move his tail forwards and create a large cloud of the gas around him in all directions. Hunters that touch the mist fall asleep immediately for a notably long time.
  • Confusion Roar: Cwealis breathes Black Flame around its mouth to take in a large amount of air. He'll mix the two elements together to create a chaotic looking wind identical to that of the Mind Breaker Roar of his past form. Cwealis spins around to create a burst of the energy in a funnel shape to strike everywhere below and near him and uses the energy he still has in his mouth in a short and distorted roar aimed forward in a wave form. In all stages of this attack including its preparation it will cause damage and Confusion.
  • Lazer Bombardment: Cwealis will look to the sky whilst his eyes glow a fierce blue and climbs higher into the air. With a spin of his body and a strange snarl Black Flame is sent at an extreme speed inside the clouds above and makes them flash blue as Cwealises eyes. As the clouds rumble Cwealis spreads out his cape like wings fully and roars. After this huge beams of Black Flame will begin bombarding the area that destroy anything they touch, indicated by a cylinder of white light. The bombardment will last several seconds before Cwealis lands. If it lasts longer than usual then the second phase of the battle is about to begin.

On Ground

Should Cwealis land or be knocked out of the sky he will remain in this state for a while and use several attacks unique to it.

  • A Swipe: Slashes the area in front of him. The animation is borrowed from Fatalis.
  • Dash: Cwealis unlike the Fatalis can actually use his legs to run towards a hunter without having to get on his fours. This is only used to occasionally reach a far away hunter.
  • Lunging Bite: While in front of a hunter he may do this. Using a short dash he reaches a hunter and swings his fangs at him/her.
  • The Classic Fireball: Standing still Cwealis will rear his head back and swing it back forward a breathe a fireball directly forward.
  • Arm Slam: He swings one of his arms down at a hunter with the wing being part of the attack. Nothing else special.
  • Tail Burst: A blue light surrounds the tail with a spark of dragon element surging around it as it is brought upwards. The energy is released with the slamming of the tail downwards like the Conquest War Fatalis.
  • Sweep The Ground: Another attack borrowed from the CW Fatalis where he swings his tail around to face another direction.
  • Multi Swipes: Cwealis will ready its arms with a surge of power. Using the powered up claws he will strike around the nearby area in a rampage which intends to hit a hunter off guard and cause them to spread out.
  • Uppercut: One of his hands light up just like in the Black Punch attack. Cwealis turns at a hunter and takes a step forward and swings the hand skyward, sending anyone hit by it high into the air.
  • Watch The Direction!: A gathering of Black Flame surrounds his mouth for a second that lights up a path in that time. With a swing of his head he flings the cloudy fire in the path that was lit up before.
  • Rock Throw: With a swipe of his wings and tail he breaks up the ground around him and engulfs himself in Black Flame along with the rubble. Using the mysterious control he has over the element it stops the rocks right in their tracks and holds them still. Turning to hunters he makes an outwards motion with his hands that fires all the rocks right at hunters. There are several variants of these rocks, sharp ones will inflict Bleeding, clusters will cause Stun while normal looking ones will just cause damage and nothing more.
  • Smash Of The Mighty Tail: Cwealis slams his tail down quickly, making it start flaming. Lifting his tail up now, he couches down and jumps up and brings the full weight of his tail down right at hunters. Upon it landing the tail impacts into a large destructive blast that sends rocks flying in several directions that can be normal, flaming, or sparking with dragon element.

Arrival Of The Shadow

Upon losing 20% off his maximum health another cutscene will begin to play. Cwealis envelops himself in a shield of the flame and begins to speak again. Hmm. It seems I cannot kill you using held back power. I should have seen that coming!. As he finishes he fires a Black Flame fireball into the sky and restarts the Lazer Bombardment: These lazers will be used to wipe out your cities in a few glorious minutes!. The hunters rush to evade the lazers striking the area once more, this time striking the mountain range behind the Schrade Forging Zone where something is coming. A black and red wyvern with an essence of blue just like of Cwealis flies into the Schrade area which its kind would normally avoid and swiftly evades multiple lazers and heads straight for the battle zone. There it hardly lands into the fray with Cwealis taking notice: You are late Shadow... For you could of warned me of this before they even arrived. But there is no time for that now. Shadow... these are the vile humans that dared attack this place and slew the Black Dragon. Now they are back to try and bring me down! Destroy them, and become my second in command of the soon to be freed world!. The Shadow Cantios nods and immediately turns to the hunters and roars at them with its eyes of terror, with a blue aura burning around it. Cwealis then announces something worse: Now fools, be prepared. For now I shall show no mercy!. With that the battle resume with Shadow Cantios in flight and everyone ready for a tense fight.

During this phase hunters will also have to deal will the Shadow Cantios along with Cwealis.

On Ground

Now Cwealis will has the energy ball attacks he has when levitating in this state.

  • Flamethrower Sweep: Cwealis gathers violent fire in his mouth that flickers. Suddenly he swoops his head to the ground and a powerful burst of fire blasts from his mouth and wreaks the ground with enough force to send his body upwards again and send hunter flying backwards. What follows afterwards is a torrent of blue fire that can cover a huge range that extends from the left to right of Cwealis.
  • Standing Dark Punch: Now he can do his Dark Punch attack while on the ground.
  • Jumping Fireball: With a fast bob of his head Cwealis will jump backwards and shoot a fireball at where he was once standing.
  • Crunch: A pulse form flare appears around his mouth and his growls forge it around his fangs. Cwealis leaps at his target and plows his jaws into the ground in which they stand and with a single bite ruptures it into many pieces.
  • Dark Tail Spinning: In the style resembling a Duramboros Cwealis backs up and begins spinning his tail around. Unlike the Duram he'll move towards hunters while doing so and it for sure does more damage should it hit and he doesn't spin like a ballerina too.
  • Welcome To The Spin Slam: Should the Dark Tail Spinning continue longer than normal the tail base will be set alight and he'll proceed to do its Smash Of The Mighty Tail attack
  • Roundhouse: Using his tail as a leverage Cwealis jumps up and turns and then roundhouse kicks a hunter right in their face. Not only is there the obvious threat of its foot, but also of his tail that will upswing.
  • Roundhouse Of The Black: As the tail is about to be used, Black Flame races down to it to his legs to power the attack. This will grant higher damage and range to the roundhouse kick.
  • Breaking And Throwing The Building: With claws raised he strikes repeatedly on a building next to it and damage it. Using the Black Flame it picks up the pieces into the air and launches them all at the hunters. Large chunks of stone will cause Stun.
  • SLAM: His tail emits a strong blast that is enough to lift him airborne, since he isn't using his levitation powers he dives at a hunter and body slams them for big damage.
  • Sudden Beam: Cwealises will drop down low and be motionless for three seconds as an aura appears round him that will rapidly drain health. Within half a second the aura is sucked into his mouth, and the next half he turns to a hunter within sight and fires a short but deadly beam at him/her that'll send him/her flying.
  • Pillars Of Flame: Like as when he used the Grim Flame Pillars attacks as the Cwenos, Cwealis raises not one but both of his arms skywards as Black Flame power surges around them. The moment they strike into the ground a large explosion blasts from the impact that will send any unfortunate hunters flying away from him. The main gathered power is sent into the ground and erupts around Cwealis in a wide area bigger than the original version. In addition the pillars are much taller and slightly larger as well.
  • A Punch And An Uppercut: Both hands are engulfed in Black Flame and using them it does its Black Punch with one hand with the other following up with an Uppercut.
  • Circle Flames Of Punishment: The Cwealis takes in a large breath to generate power. With a single spin he breathes out fire in a circle around him then uses his tail to fling himself up which also ignites the inside of the circle. The Cwealis then slams down into the circle and destroys it creating a pulse shockwave that flings rocks from it.
  • Target Board Made Of Flame: Cwealis will appear to do the start up for the Pillars Of Flame, but instead he uses only one hand and with it he uses he power to instead create a circle of fire around a hunter. Due to them being unable to walk out of the fire they have to carefully time a dive as Cwealis will soon after do its Tail Smash on the circle and likely cause a faint.
  • Tail Helps Jaws Hunger For Vengeance!: He appears to form the flare like with the Crunch attack. Instead of leaping he swings his head to the side and upswings his tail forward to launch hunters into the air. He'll dash for one of them and snap its jaws at them for big damage and inflict them with Dragonblight.
  • Firewall: Cwealis will create a thin horizontal form of Black Flame and expel the dragon element from it to strike at his left and right for a sudden and unexpected attack. Now with pure fire he breathes it around the ground to instantly create raging flames that quickly drain health and cause Fireblight.
  • Dragonwall: He will do the same thing but with the two elements swapped. The Dragonwall is however different as when breathed out it will move from place to place via sparks rapidly.
  • Black Flame Wall?: Instead of separating the elements, Cwealis breathes Black Flame onto the ground which seems is going to be used just like the two other variants. Cwealis has other plans. He body slams into the flames and sends it at hunters keeping their distance.


  • Off-Guard Swift Strike!: Cwealis will create an Energy Blade that looks normal. Hunters might realise that this one spins in an anti-clockwise fashion instead of clockwise. He seeming throws the blade away like he created it by mistake, but then the catch comes. The blade will speed towards hunters from behind to easily catch them unaware and can give them the Bleeding status.
  • Projectile Orb: Using his both hands he creates a black orb in the sky using the ever dangerous Black Flame. For 10 seconds projectiles of pure fire and dragon will be fired at the area before it dissipates.
  • Black Fireball Bomb: Like the Fatalis did Cwealis will glare at a single spot while a violent flame burns in its mouth. The flames disappear for a fraction of a second as he moves his head back and fires a Black Fireball that has a much larger radius.
  • Throwing The Orb: Cwealis will grab the Projectile Orb before it starts firing at throw it at hunters. As it hits the ground it bursts into many orbs of dragon and fire that hit all around it.
  • Hyper Beam: The original mouth beam is done faster now, since he now has this. Cwealis creates a fierce blazing fire in his mouth that takes considerably longer to prepare than the A Lazer move. When fired it will distort the visuals for a second and begin its destruction. It can be told from its white and purple colour as the normal is blue. The Hyper Beam can be moved just like with the normal one.
  • Claw Beams: On each of his claws a blue spark forms. All of a sudden Cwealis turns the sparks into individual small beams and begin moving them around. Although they don't do nearly as much damage they will trip hunters over to be vulnerable to Shadow Cantios.
  • Rapid Pure Fire Balls: Waving his hands with pure fire racing around he quickly punches forward many fire balls that can overwhelm if not careful.
  • Dragon Ball Shield: In a movement not unlike the 4th Gen Lagiacrus Cwealis sparks from dragon element and spins around quickly forming 8 balls of dragon element around himself. They will remain with him for a while to stop hunters from continuously hitting its legs.
  • Destructive Energy Blade: Cwealis creates an Energy Blade and turns it vertically. The blade turns red as Cwealis inserts more power into it and he begins to aim it. Once large enough it is launched where it will spin like a saw into the ground and move until it sinks fully into it. Being struck by this causes instant Bleeding, and if that wasn't bad enough shrapnel will be launched from its sides that can also cause Bleeding if hit twice by it.
  • Aerial Tail Slams: With his tail Cwealis will fly over the hunters and slam his tail on them at random. Hunters must watch his head movements if they are to see if he'll target them next.
  • Tracking Beams: His eyes shall glow as he prepares his Hyper Beam and look at hunters. Starting at his foot he slowly brings the beam right at hunters with good tracking. If they dodge the first one they'll have to be wary as he'll always do a second faster one to attempt to trick them.
  • Hand Lazers: Like the Conquest War Fatalis his hands will burn with Black Flame and he'll drag them slowly as they fire out beams one after the other.
  • Catch This!: Hands blazing he roars as his powerful tail is readied. He backflips into the ground itself, tearing out a huge boulder of stone. Using the fire he'll control it in his hands and turn at one of the hunters he wants dead. Once he's chosen he'll push the boulder to fly at the hunter and do massive damage. After it hits it breaks into six smaller pieces to also cause damage.
  • Tail's Fire Ball: Cwealis repeatedly shakes his tail in an action that makes the base burst into flame. In a forceful way he swings his tail with enough power to throw himself around and expel the fire within the base into a large fireball to send those impacted to be sent flying.
  • The Hand Crush: Taking a big breath in he breathes out nerve gas to put hunters asleep, but that's not all. As soon as a hunter falls asleep he glide right at him/her with a blazing hand and grab him/her. With the gas still around the hunter he clenches his fist to enlight the gas and cause an explosion that will do massive damage to the affected hunter. Cwealis then simply drops the hunter and prepares another attack.
  • Tail Beam Bombardment: Cwealises strongest attack without Shadow Cantios in this phase. He roars as he surrounds himself in Black Flame making all the spikes on his tail to glow. Aiming his tail like a gun beams start firing rapidly from all the spikes on its tail base with a blue ring around it. The tail base after does something unexpected, it opens up to reveal the core, defended by a purplish metal spearhead and has, with the spikes beams being shot into it. With the core's power he'll end the attack by firing a short blast that creates a massive pillar of fire that goes sky high.

Requiring Shadow Cantios

  • Black Into Grey: Sometimes when preparing a Black Flame breath attack Shadow Cantios will go to Cwealis and breath its Undrea Breath near it. Cwealis will absorb the Undrea into the breath and turn it into Blue Undrea, making its attack cause the Undrea status.
  • A Noxious Claw: When Cwealis is nearby Shadow Cantios when it does its Poison Throw he'll use the Black Flame to take mere drips of the poison and multiply them enough to coat his claws in them. Now for two minutes any hits from his claws do Noxious Poison.
  • Blinding Flame: If covered by Shadow Cantioses blinding winds his next breath based attack will be more blacker and will inflict Blind.
  • Undrea Smoking Fire: Should there be Black Flame burning on the round, Shadow Cantioses Undrea attacks will make it begin smoking with the substance.
  • Clustered Burns: Shadow Cantios may fire its Undrea Tornado at Cwealis for it to suck up. He will use it to fire a Black Flame cluster bomb in the style of the normal Cantios.
  • Out Of Schrade You Go!: The first of the major teamwork attacks. Shadow Cantios will use it Black Flame aura to cast a blanket of blinding wind down a large path. Cwealis will then use a distorted roar at the path to stun already blinded hunters. Should a hunter be stunned Shadow Cantios will swoop down and grab that hunters with its talons. Like in a pin hunters must escape before Shadow Cantios exits the land. Should it succeed the hunter will be dropped into the bottomless ravine separating Castle Schrade and the Forging Zone or high above the mountain range for a OHKO.
  • Tornado Tackle: Cwealis can use the Undrea Tornado to his own advantage in a second way by using it like Sand Barioth. He spins around in it a launches directly at a hunter for high raw damage.
  • River Spill: When Cwealis uses its What's In The River? move Shadow Cantios will jump in the liquid and join in the chaos, spilling far larger amounts of it around the place.
  • Duo Glide Assault: Shadow Cantios and Cwealis will both go to opposite sides of the area and fly up and backwards and begin diving at high speed around the area, looking to cause hunters to go flying. After the attack is complete they will both land down in a random place.
  • Black Flame Master's Tornado: Their most strongest attack is also Cwealises strongest attack in this phase. Shadow Cantios will fire its Dark Environmental Master Undrea Tornado into the air. Cwealis will breath Black Flame around it and make Shadow Cantios unleash it to the ground. Shadow Cantios will spin around it while Cwealis will stand inside it and begin channelling energy into the tornado turning it to Black Flame. Cwealis will jump outside of with a blast from his tail and Shadow Cantios will follow causing the tornado to become bigger than what an Amatsu can create. It will stay there for 20 seconds before it fades away. Should hunters step into it its a one shot and should they have the guts skill then they will be sucked up into the tornado into the clouds to be OHKO'd regardless.
  • Shield Me!: Should Cwealis be flinched heavily or knocked down Shadow Cantios will jump to its rescue and take the blows for him, even if it causes it to be injured and even killed.

Cwealises Full Power

Once Cwealis has 50% of his health remaining, it'll fall into an invulnerable state where Shadow Cantios will take every single attack from the hunters for it until it dies. Once Shadow Cantios dies or it died before Cwealis reached 50% health another cutscene will play.

Cwealis looks at Shadow Cantios, he thinks about this... he was once this, he died for his master too, but was revived by luck, Shadow Cantios is Cwenos, and he is Fatalis. A look of rage takes upon his face as he realises history has repeated itself and he makes another speech: You've truly done it now! Wound me, AND kill my OWN guard?! I won't allow this anymore! I WON'T LET YOU KILL ANOTHER BEING!!. He roars to create a beam that to the hunters astonishment, absorbs Shadow Cantioses body as energy into Cwealis through the skull on his chest, making its eyes glow red. All the different elements from Cwealises power swirls around him. The liquid rivers in the area evaporate and their mist joins the mixture. Dragon element starts sparking in massive lightning bolts around Schrade as Cwealis goes skyward. The energy combination turns Cwealis into a pure blue figure and in a blinding light makes a deafening scream, creating a colossal blast in the sky that floors the hunters and transcends into the skies.

The clouds in the sky begin to reject the Sun's light, very quickly turning the place dark and darker. They rise at an unimaginable rate, soon they break the atmosphere itself and near reach outer space. The black clouds storming with dragon lightning expand across the entire Schrade kingdom remains creating a cylinder of impenetrable black dread from the outside world. Nothing can be seen at first glance, then suddenly, a blue orb appears in the sky and turns to a ring bringing a blue ominous glow to the place. It is an eclipse, and unlike the one seen when White Fatalis descends here, it appears much further away and a black spot is in the middle, only there isn't one. The black spot is Cwealis diving down in flame, his eyes glowing with power, pure power. He impacts the center of the zone, levelling the ground to the point where the rivers don't seem to have ever existed. As the dust settles the Cwealis rises up with a new burning aura around his tail and his hands, feet, mouth and wings glow with just as fierce a glow.

He speaks once more: Now I'm afraid, its time for you to die. At full power, you shall stand no chance at all against me! Accept your fate. Death is the only escape now! If only, you had simply, stayed, away!. Cwealis creates a sword from the Black Flame and swings it two times to show its power then fades it. The human race will soon see what you will. You will die now in terror, knowing that you doomed your planet to ME! Let me show you the ULTIMATE AND PERFECT POWER IN EXISTENCE!!. The third and final phase will start after those words, and the hunters must prepare themselves for Cwealises full strength!

The second theme will also begin begin playing now, which is a remix of its first one.

In this phase all of Cwealises attacks from the previous phases gain a speed boost.

On Ground

  • Hatred From The Tail: For the rest of the fight his tail will have a raging fiery aura that will quickly take away health.
  • Punch, Uppercut And Roundhouse Into Black: In a fluid combo Cwealis will combine his punch, uppercut, and roundhouse attacks all at once.
  • Psycho Attack: An advanced form of his Multi Swipes attack he'll attack blindly in a rage slashing, punching, and smashing up the area.
  • Duel Beam Smash: Cwealis jumps back and fires a Hyper Beam at the left, then jumps backwards again and fire another beam at the right, then jumps back forward and does its Tail Smash.
  • Quadruple Rock Fling: The Black Flame violently tears out four rocks from the ground for Cwealis to throw at hunters.
  • A Sword Made From The Flames Of Black: Cwealis draws his right hand out and creates a sword made out of Black Flame. Using it he can use several attacks used by the Sword And Shield class, excluding the shield of course and the Great Sword if he uses both hands. It will usually last for 30 seconds but several successful hits with it will increase the time.
  • Slash The Ground In Fire: In Great Sword form the sword Cwealis wields will glow blue with a increase in power. He will strike the ground in several slashes which in each one will cause a burst of fire to erupt from the ground where the attack hit in the shape of the attack.
  • Blades Of The Blade: In normal form the sword that Cwealis wields begins to have Black Flame whirling around it. While in this state all attacks used by the sword will generate blades of Black Flame that are send out in the direction of the attacks. The size and severity of the blades depend on the type of attacks used.
  • Duel: If a power melee attack from a hunter and Cwealis collide they'll enter a clash. The hunter must rapidly press an on screen button to stop Cwealises blade and deliver their attack. An aura will surround them both that prevent hunters from doing anything to help their companion. Should the hunter win they will destroy his sword and do triple damage to Cwealis and knock him down for a few seconds. Should Cwealis win he strikes through the weapons and slashes through the hunters torso and sends him/her flying backwards for massive damage and a large loss of sharpness.
  • Smashed To Oblivion: Cwealis swings around his tail to create a ring of fire and does a Tail Smash on it that creates fire pillars around it. He'll continuously jump up and smash his tail down to create many fire pillars around the expanding broken ground. To finish it all off he'll launch upwards and spin around and plow right in the destruction to make a huge blast and make fire pillars burst up repeatedly in several directions.
  • Black Blast: Cwealises second most powerful attack. All the elements begin rushing around Cwealis again to create a damaging force field and they rush around him at lethal speed. Cwealis will move to the ground as he begins to glow like a Death Ball. Cwealis curls up his body and says Black.... On saying that all the energy absorbs into its body and turns him white. The third eye of the black skull on his chest glows red upon this happening. Suddenly he uncurls his body and yells BLAST!!. With that shout, the skull's eye opens up in a red dark fuelled gaze and eight dragon element fires are shot out of the skull's sides which causes the energy that was built up to expel in a massive destruction orb that'll wipe out everything it touches, including hunters who will be one shot.


  • Smog: Cwealis waves his head side to side while breathing out a black smoke that will both inflict Undrea and Blind on those affected.
  • Beam To The Behind: He gazes to his side while preparing his Hyper Beam. Afterwards he turns around and shoots it right under him and along what once was behind him. This is meant to stop hunters from attacking his tail.
  • Fury Of Black Orbs: Cwealis will glare at hunters with both hands holding a pure blue orb of Black Flame. Without warning it will fling them flying at an unnatural speed meaning many of them will be shot in the span of seconds enough to easily overwhelm evasion tactics.
  • Warping: Using the Black Flame to access his old masters powers his tail flashes and he teleports to another place and immediately does an attack upon reappearing. This move can easily catch hunters completely unaware.
  • Dark Fireworks: A fireball forms in Cwealises mouth, which instead of firing will roar into it. The fire creates a large burst around it, and launches many firework flare shaped flames around the area in front of it. These flames can travel the entire length of the map, so its more safe to run behind Cwealis during this attack.
  • Load Of This: Cwealis dives by his side and fires fives beams on by one at a hunter, forcing him/her to run to avoid them. He can do this up to three times in a row.
  • Black Fireball Nuke: Cwealis charges up his Black Fireball like White Fatalises Electric Blast. Just like it the fireball explodes in its most biggest form possible, upswinging all hunters struck by its blast.
  • Black Projectile Lazers: Cwealis does a yell with a wings shake to effortlessly create ten orbs of Black Flame. They are the same size as the ones found in the previous phases but now they are much more deadly. Instead of being thrown right away they will circle Cwealis for awhile while randomly shooting lazers out of them that can go directly forward, up or down. They can actually be destroyed by hunters weapons this time around by any means necessary. Once they stay out long enough Cwealis will fire them at hunters as previously.
  • Black Meteors: Cwealis roars to the skies and the respond with a bright glow and several meteors of Black Flame come flying down at hunters. These are not like Crimson Fatalises, as they will come in from a diagonal angle so there's no circle to tell of their coming. Should they hit hunters they will do considerable amounts of damage to them.
  • Super Beam: Using the same animation as before he charges a beam with even greater strength, this time distorting the visuals during the entire duration. The beam this time also rages with dragon lightning and looks unstable and is even larger. Unlike the others after it has passed, the area it hit will burst into flame upwards to kill the hunter relief that they weren't hit.
  • Death Ball: An attack taken from his former master. Cwealis will be motionless as he stares to the clouds with a flash from his eyes, they respond to the glare by forming a ring of Black Flame cloud above the area like they were a sentient being given orders by a master. It will be ignored by Cwealis at that stage as he returns to battle as usual. Up above the clouds form into a large sphere that is white and purple in colour with a large amount of dragon element flowing around it. Once this sphere forms completely Cwealis will eventually fly up to unreachable heights and fire a single Black Fireball into it to trigger its release from the clouds and ignite it. The sphere is known as the Death Ball by the ones who have seen this attack and for good reason. It slowly falls towards the ground as an impending threat until it reaches it, where it will shred the bricks and ground under the Death Ball. Once the Death Ball impacts the ground it explodes in a huge explosion that will deal huge damage to those caught it its range and upswing the hunters from its shear power. Although deadly it can easily be dodged by a single panic dive.
  • Doomful Command: A special and potentially deadly move by Cwealis. Cwealis will snarl as the skull on his chest will start having glowing eyes. Suddenly tentacle like appendages erupt from its sides and Cwealis glides low and fast at a hunter. Should the tentacles touch a hunter they will immediately immobilise him/her into their grasp. As the Cwealis goes to fight as normal the hunter is forced to open his/her eyes as the skulls third and previously closed eye, opens. It it a crimson red and it projects that light into the hunter as a voice speaks to them exclusively: Kill the others and you will be spared death!. The other hunters will have to free the one entrapped before he/she is taken control of. Should the hunters manage to flinch Cwealis in this state in will fall and land, freeing the trapped hunter. Should they fail, the hunter will be completely convinced that the ones he/she sees before their eyes are the enemy, and must be slain to ensure his/her survival. The hunter will become possessed, making the hunter uncontrollable by the player, and will begin attacking the other hunters. Should there be no hunters left he/she will be instructed to kill themselves and thus will unsheathe their hunting knife and plunge it into their chest and cause an unavoidable faint if a Guts skill isn't active. Should the suicide command be thwarted by Guts Cwealis will fire a charged fireball from its mouth in an attempt to finish him/her off before he/she recovers.
  • Eclipse Purge: Out of all the beam based attacks Cwealis has, this one triumphs truly above them all, and can only be used once when Cwealis drops to 25% max health. The clouds thunder and the eclipse glows in an orb again with a response of a roar from Cwealis to it. He will speak Hunters, your time has come! With my ultimate attack you will become nothing but air, nothingness!. Cwealis begins flying upwards and with a sharp turn creates a wave of fire from his tail that knocks open a bridge to the base camp shelter of the hunters that was previously a one way entrance to the zone. The fire seems to point to a safety point to avoid what Cwealis is about to do and he acknowledges that with this: Say goodbye, try to find shelter if you can! Maybe you'll think it'll do something to save you, but it won't. Enjoy your last minutes of life you disgusting humans!. As soon as Cwealis begins flying all the way to the eclipses core hunters must and really must make it inside the base camp before it reaches the core or they are doomed. Once all the hunters make it inside or they take too long to reach it the bridge collapses, sealing any outside to their fate. Cwealis reaches the core, the place is so high its outside the planet itself now and in space. His powers are so great the vacuum of space does nothing to his plan. Then he begins. Cwealises tail base opens up as all the power stored in the eclipse is generated into power for the core. From inside the building hunters can see the clouds move upwards as their energy is being drained for Cwealis, and suddenly the building is lifted into the air away from the Schrade Forging Zone. A chaotic scene unfolds with Cwealis gathering all the powers and energy he has for his blast. Soon the force becomes so extreme that the defensive cases around the core break and disintegrate if they haven't already been broken. Violent sparks of many elements races around the tail now, its now right in front of the Cwealis in a curled up state. A sphere of unimaginably huge power forms from all the energy combined and soon it begins to calm as it all transfers into the sphere's pure white glow and then nothing but the sphere remains. The light from the sphere can be seen all over the world, including the hunters who are well out of radius of the targeted area. Its strange, as they seem to using the Black Flames powers for them now, as if this power is angry at the Cwealis for abandoning it in its attack, and has switched sides. Over by Cwealis the preparation is complete. Cwealis takes on final look to see if its aiming perfectly and commences itself to fire. A grand humming is heard as the sphere begins to stretch forwards. And with a great roar from Cwealis the Eclipse Purge is fired! The shear firing of the sphere sends an immense shockwave that disintegrates the remaining clouds in the higher atmosphere. The colossal beam rages unstoppable to the Schrade Forging Zone, the beam out-sizing by a large amount. The hunters are launched so high up by the Black Flame they somehow control that they can see Cwealis recovering from the attack, him looking entirely black with very little power left. The Schrade is blinded in a white light then a large quake as the beam approaches. As the area becomes unable to be seen, the Eclipse Purge strikes. The decayed ramparts of Castle Schrade are blown down and wreaked by the blast, with the remainder of the castle being highly damaged. Everything surrounding the Schrade Forging Zone is obliterated, leaving it a circular blank rock. The shockwave from the beam mows down trees and hills near the Schrade, including some monsters who happened to be there at the time instead of fleeing from the obviously foretold danger. The ground of the ravine bursts and erupts lava that quickly fills up what was once a bottomless blackness. As the light dies the zone is almost completely different. The ramparts of the castle is gone, the mountains behind are now ash, a lava ravine separates the castle and the forging zone, the clouds are still covering the background but the top is now back to normal and now has a dark red colour instead of blue, and the forging zone itself is flattened with no bricks to be seen on its reddish black stone. The building with the hunters descends onto the forging zone and that collapses into the lava once all the hunters are off it. Cwealis soon hovers down with his powers restored and lands dead center in the zone and speaks: Such a shame that the place me and my old master once resided had to be destroyed to stop the strongest hunters of this world. It will be just a foul thing that needed to be done. Once I control this planet, I will have a castle far grander than Schrade was in its glory days! A place of awe and terror, ready to repel the attacks of any who resist! Finally. It is time to inform the dragons of this world, that we have the power to overthrow the humans forever! And begin the eternal rule of-. Then, Cwealises positive thoughts are shattered to atoms as he sees the hunters intact and well. His head shakes with rage and the Black Flames come alight once more. IMPOSSIBLE!!! THAT WAS WAS MY ULTIMATE POWER!! HOW COULD YOU HAVE SURVIVED SUCH A STRIKE!! ARE YOU HUMANS, OR GODS?!! TELL MEEE!! ... The trail of power I left behind.. you... you couldn't have! You became the powers new master... and with it you managed to move your hiding spot out of the blast radius and not get a scratch. Why you.. YOU... YOOUUU.. YYOOUUAAAAAGAHHHHHHHHHH!!! Cwealis upon realising this makes a pained roar as his inner rage turns the blue in the Black Flame purple due to the redness of the anger in his blood. Now in a reddish purple colour instead of black and blue he says something a Crimson Fatalis would be proud of in a more darker and demonic voice: I WILL MAKE EVERY LAST DAMN HUMAN, WYVERIAN, AND ANY OTHER RACE RELATED TO YOURS SUFFER UNIMAGINABLE PAIN AND LOSS BEFORE I KILL THEM ALL!! YOU CANNOT IMAGINE HOW MUCH I HATE YOOUUUU!! IF I CANNOT CONTROL YOUR WORLD, THEN I WILL DESTROY IT!! NOTHING WILL STOP ME!! I WILL OBLITERATE YOU!! BBRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHHHHHHHH!!!. For any hunters who didn't make it out of there in time... they fail the quest and if playing online will be booted from it if none of the players they were playing with was on their friends list.

The Unleashed Uncontrollable Rage Of Cwealis

Cwealises third theme will begin playing once this phase begins which is entirely different from its last two.

With Cwealises common sense and patience broken by frustration and rage hunters will face an intense final battle as all of Cwealises attacks increase in speed and range even more.


  • The False Uppercut: Cwealis will swing back his hand in a sightly different alteration to the uppercut attack that has a slight blaze of Black Flame emit from it. Should hunters be struck by this version Cwealis will jump up with the hunter in hand and smash him/her into the ground.
  • Blazing Claws Of The Black Fury: The fangs of Cwealis are used to enlight both of his claws and gives of a roar of rage. In extremely quick pace he slashes towards hunters at a deadly speed enough to easily outdo a hunter and mow him/her down. As a finisher he will use the remaining flames in a forceful x shaped slash that will rip up the ground before it and carry the hunters affected along with it.
  • Spiralling Fire: Cwealis gathers fire in his mouth with a turn and spins around quickly before lifting off and spinning around at break neck speeds while creating a unique fireball. He then stops to turn himself to the ground and spin once more, spreading the fireball into whip like flares that hit in a spiral formation with a large area of effect. Cwealis then lands with a burst of fire and quickly recovers to attack again.
  • Permanent Bladed Blade: The blade that Cwealis now creates will always have the energy blades upgrade to it.
  • Outrage Roar: Cwealis will emit flames around its body caused by its tail, wings and mouth and will shake its head violently while swinging its tail around to knock hunters down. His eyes turn pure purple and its scales turn redder as a tornado of fire surrounds him. Cwealis then flings his arms to his sides and emits a rage filled dark roar. This instantly turns the fire into a dome of red fury of blazing hate that will send hunters flying away with large raw damage alongside fire damage and leave fire on the floor in a circle to burn for a while. This attack is done rather quickly despite its power and rage Cwealis displays.
  • Brutal Ruiner: Cwealis moves backwards and rushes towards his target and punches him/her directly in the face, then punches and kicks the hunter rapidly, finishing his combos with a kick to the stomach. Then, he charges a black beam in his hand and fires it at the hunters stomach while he/she is still in the air.
  • Darkness Comes... With A Black Doom: Should a hunter be on the verge of fainting the black skull on Cwealis reacts by its eye sockets glowing purple. In an occasional move Cwealis will take that into consideration. With the eyes creating a searchlight it shoots an slow moving orb of mysterious and unnatural being forward that if not used will dissipate immediately upon ground contact. Should any hunter be unfortunate to come into contact with it they will become immobilised and trapped inside unable to do anything at all. Should the skull come into contact with the orb its third eye will open with a vortex shaped pupil. As soon as that happens dragonwind will affect the area as the skulls mouth opens up with a pure black inside it. The skull inhales strongly with a dark warbling sound and the orb containing the hunter turns a pure black too as the energy is sucked into the skull like a real life black hole, dooming the hunter inside. With that hunters seemingly horrific death the Cwealis glows purple all over his body and regains health. This attack fortunately can be stopped via achieving a flinch on its chest or tail which will leave him vulnerable.


  • Burst The Ravine: Near the lava ravine he will jump upwards high and slam his tail downwards right next to it. The shockwave that emits from the tail makes the lava burst rapidly that will shoot multiple globs of lava of ranging sizes onto the area.
  • A Black Dragon Can Simply Create Destruction: Cwealis will create a small white orb between his hands and fuels his rage into it, turning it to Death Ball size in an instant. But instead of it being launched downwards slowly, Cwealis puts both of his hands in front of him, palms open and hands turned up at a 90 degree angle and moves towards hunters with it in hand. Then, he fuses together the tremendous energy of the Death Ball into duel hand beams that explodes into an extremely powerful stream of Black Flame. This huge fiery stream is moved slowly at hunters until it fully fades away and can easily do massive damage enough to drop a full health bar to 5%.
  • Sight Of Devastation: His eyes glow pure purple with a fierce shine and begin firing rapid fire eye beams that each cause an explosion. This attack can surprisingly be easily overwhelming to not get hit by any of them due to the number of them at once.
  • Instant Possession: Cwealis will curl himself up as the skull on his chest begins emitting a crimson glow around its closed third eye. It unspreads itself with his chest pointed forward with the rest of his limbs pointed backwards. The third eye on the skull opens with a crimson searchlight that will instantly possess hunters than are caught in it without warning and bring them to Cwealises side. After it is done the eye closes again. This attack is done at an alarming speed both with the charge up and the ending.
  • Death Ball Blast: Cwealis charges power in his hands which at first signals an attack using them, however he instead breathes a steam of Nerve Gas in the style of a fireball that puts whatever hits it asleep immediately. Should this happen an orb of energy surrounds Cwealis and he says: SLEEP WELL! FOR YOU SHALL BE SLEEPING, FOREVER!!. He then creates a Death Ball with a hollow inside and brings it down on the sleeping hunter which drains health at a slow rate while he/she isn't awoken by it. Cwealis then points his tail at the Death Ball and announces: PERISH!! and the core glows a bright purple with a high pitched screech that detonates the Death Ball with the hunter still inside, likely causing a faint.
  • Hunter Supernova: A orb of Black Flame is spat out of Cwealises mouth and is eaten. Cwealis snarls at his target and dashes forward and backflips him/her into the air. He will track down the flying hunter and backflip again and repeat repeated until he/she reaches far high up. Without much warning the orb is shown to have just been stored inside the mouth of Cwealis before its shot by a roar. The orb will strike the hunter and keep him/her in the air for a second then in a terrifying way the orb explodes into a much larger orb that is granted to cause a faint without external aid.
  • You're Going Straight To Hell, By Death!: Should a hunter be on the verge of fainting the black skull on Cwealis reacts by its eye sockets glowing a hellish red. In an occasional move Cwealis will take that into consideration. With the eyes creating a searchlight it shoots an slow moving orb of mysterious and unnatural being forward that if not used will dissipate immediately upon ground contact. Should any hunter be unfortunate to come into contact with it they will become immobilised and trapped inside unable to do anything at all. The skulls mouth will open with the inside looking like a glimpse into hell itself and dragon element tentacles will emerge from the skulls sides that control the orbs movement. The lava ravine opens up as the crimson orb floats above it with the trapped hunter shaking their head while looking at the skull, which is having a verdict of fate with flashes of the Fatalises memories along with Cwealises. It easily makes its choice, death. The skull's third eye opens as the skull's other eyes blaze with pure fire that opens with a pure dark orange colour. The tentacles fire out to the hole in the ravine and surround it by its sides. Cwealis himself does something and creates a shield around the ravine as if to protect the area. The tentacles unnatural power comes into full force as they open up a portal to the magma depths of the world itself. The shield is revealed to be useful as fire erupts out of the portal at an extremely violent force and surround the orb which turns solid in colour, hiding away the hunter. A pulse emits from the skull signals the end as the fire is all sucked into the portal along with the hunter in the orb, which power is absorbed by the tentacles and in more than the human eye can see brought back into the skull where its eyes go black again. The hunter is presumably instantly disintegrated as the little energy left in the orb dies out. The power brought back cause Cwealises entire body to glow red as he regains health. In order to stop this attack Cwealis must be flinched before the skull's tentacles point downwards to signal the opening of the portal.
  • Final Black Fall To Doom: If Cwealises tail core hasn't been destroyed yet by hunters and he has less than 1% health remaining he'll do this last ditch final attack. Maddened by his inability to kill the hunters, all the memories from them and the visions from Fatalis he loses common sense. THAT'S IT!! I CANNOT TAKE THIS MADNESS ANYMORE!! I REFUSE TO DIE IN SUCH A PATHETIC, PITIFUL WAY!! DAMN THIS PLACE, I'M GOING TO SEND IT ALL, AND YOU, STRAIGHT TO EVER-LASTING HELL TO FINISH THIS!! RAAUUGGHHH!!!. Cwealis slams his tail inside the ground and begins channelling power at such a high rate so quickly it damages the core and wounds the tail. The zone begins to glow purple as the Black Flames filled with rage begin to destroy the zone and its very apparent that Cwealis truly meant what he said by sending the hunters to hell. If the hunters fail to destroy the core of Cwealis in the next 20 seconds the tail will fire another beam very near what the Eclipse Purge's power was. Almost instantly the Schrade Forging Zone is blown into pieces as the beam blasts far and deep into the earth, leaving only a fiery chasm remaining. The hunters cannot save themselves this time and fall to their end in the fire. Cwealis upon sensing that the hunters are finally dead subsides his rage and returns to his normal black and blue self. Yes... YES!! They are done with.. FOREVER! Once I regenerate these wounds they inflicted upon me... it begins! This world is now... MINE!. As Cwealis flies away into what remains of Castle Schrade the camera pans into the chasm and the quest is then marked as failed. Once the hunters do destroy his core he will be launched high into the air and the death scene will begin to play.

Death Scene

Cwealis screams out and flies up above the zone. He begins to lose his rage built powers: AGGHH!! THIS CANNOT BE!! HOW.. could.. this.. happen.... He falls to the center again in a lifeless state. Cwealis knowing that he is going to die makes one final speech: Hunters. This isn't over yet. The dragons will rise again. My fellow origin dragons will know about my death, and make sure they finish what I couldn't. I.. find it disturbing now.. that you feel happy.. having bringing the death of a being who can speak like you. That'll you'll use me just as any other common monster. You may have won yourself your life, and a victory. But you have also won the eternal hatred from the origin dragons. Agghh.. What shall you be? Hunter, god over.. the life of this world, or simply.. a human making.. their way of this life? Think.. upon.. thhhatttt.. With that question Cwealis collapses from his lamented state and dies. Upon his death his glow fades and a wind blows around the zone as the chaotic clouds and lava seem to stop as all the Black Flame that resided in Cwealis is dying with him thanks to there being nothing to keep it alive. Soon the lava ravine begins steaming as it cools into solid rock and the clouds begin to dim. As the blue colouring on Cwealis fully fades away another gush of wind blows across the battle torn zone, fully turning the lava to stone and disintegrates the clouds above. Then in the first time in thousands of years, there is a clear sky with a bright yellow sun above the Schrade, lighting up the place that had been covered in a blanket of dim and darkness for many generations. The Black Dragon's reign over this place is finally over.

MHP2G クエストクリアBGM「Triumph!」 15分耐久

MHP2G クエストクリアBGM「Triumph!」 15分耐久

Quest Completed Theme


  • Face Wounded
    • Side Horns Cracked
      • Main Horns Cracked With Side Horns Broken
  • Left Claw
  • Right Claw
  • Left Leg Wounded
  • Right Leg Wounded
  • Wings Ripped At Bottom
    • Wings Damaged
      • Wing Tips Broken With Tears In The Main Webbing
  • Skull On Chest Damaged
    • Chest Flesh Scarred

Tail Breaks Guide

  • Several Spikes Damaged
    • All Spikes Damaged With Core Exposed Slightly
      • Large Section Of Outer Casing Destroyed With Inner Protective Section Exposed
        • Outer Casing Completely Destroyed And Inner Casing Tip Cracked

Until Cwealis fires its Eclipse Purge the tail cannot be damaged any further. After it does that attack its inner casing is disintegrated and even if the Outer Layer wasn't destroyed the cutscene shows it breaking due to the extreme power of the attacks preparation.

  • Core Cracked With Scars Along Tail Itself
    • Core Explodes In A Gigantic Shockwave, Gives Hunters A Tail Item From Cwealis, And Destroys Much Of The Tail.

Once the final break has been achieved Cwealis will scream out and fall motionless for several seconds and will be in a death like state, but will get up and he will speak about it: NOOO! This cannot be! My tail, is destroyed! I.. I can't die now! It will regenerate after I turn you to bloodied messes! It... it.. AAAGGHHHHH!!. He will not be able to use any of his tail based attacks, nor use any attacks that draws power from it. He will be rendered much weaker for the rest of the battle.

In addition to that in order to slay Cwealis the core must be destroyed or the quest will fail with Cwealis destroying the Schrade Forging Zone with its Final Black Fall To Doom attack where it fires a pointblank blast from it to cause the entire area to collapse and in lore kill all four hunters. The attack also grants a long opportunity to do so and leaves it able to be hit by anything. Also too during the attack the first core break is caused automatically due to Cwealis building too much power into the core in a short period of time, leaving it just a few if not a single hit away from its destruction. As told above once the core breaks on that attack the death scene will begin to play out.


Icon Item Name Description
Scale Icon Black Cwealis Blackshard The scale of Cwealis matches the appearance and strength of of Fatalis. Its a true showing of the beings transformation into godhood.
Carapace Icon Black Cwealis Blackcortex This shell rejects all elements from harming what it protects, and harnesses the elements its wearer wants to project. And weapons of non dragon make cannot hope to even mark it.
Hide Icon Grey Cwealis Deathpiel Like the Fatalis before him, Cwealis took the skin and flesh of his fallen enemies and in his case crafted something resembling clothing. Its nearly impossible to not feel uneasy around it.
Bone Icon Grey Black Flame Bone Said to be the skeletal remains of fallen foes, they have been burnt to this black by the Black Flame. The dragon who wore this used them to tell a visual warning of what will happen to his enemies if they die.
Horn Icon Black Cwealis Hardhorn This horn can keep fires burning until the endless times. The fires it creates blaze blue instead of orange, but the more horrific events it is present at seem to turn it to a faint crimson shade.
Horn Icon Dark Blue Cwealis Blackhorn Cwealises signature horn. It appears this can tell of the evil thoughts this dragon still had even now that he is dead. This is often considered to be a sign of intimidation and god like image to many beings.
Fang Icon Grey Cwealis Gorefang With this fang, bone was shattered, flesh was devoured, and fire of evil was launched, just like in the legend of the Black Dragon. A single marking will leave fear inducing scars and wounds for several lifetimes.
Eye Icon Black Cwealis Blackeye One cannot look at this eye without viewing what it viewed. Its visions can drive one to hate humanity, and if looked at long enough will take over their very mind and act like they have become the dragon themselves.
Claw Icon Dark Blue Cwealis Flameclaw Its shape still feels to burn like fire, even though it is now all gone. This pain is told to be from an after worldly vengeance.
Wing Icon Dark Blue Cwealis Cloakwing The cape shaped wings of Cwealis allows one to fly simply by willpower alone at the cost of being unhappy with their way of life. It seen is a sign of dark dominance over all beings.
Bone Icon Black Corruption Skull Should one look into the third eye of the skull it can take control of them to carry out the dragon who held it's plans from beyond death. It's said to contain unnatural powers beyond any natural force and comprehension.
Bone Icon Dark Blue Cwealis Blackhammer With a simple swing it can crush the thickest shells and materials in the world. If swung like a hammer it will break pure stone to dust and leave enemies in piles of flesh.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Blue Cwealis Corepiece A shard of the core of Cwealis. Even a piece like this has immense power that can be used by all no matter how weak they are.
Mantle Icon Dark Blue Cwealis Lifecore Cwealises main power-source. With this core, one can unlock unlimited power over all beings and if harnessed correctly will become completely immortal and invincible to all forms of attack and danger.


The Black Doomful Dragon Lv G Special
Cwealis Icon by Chaoarren
Slay Cwealis
Reward: 102000z Location: Schrade Forging Zone
Contract Fee: 16000z Time Limit: Infinite
Subquest: None Sub.Reward: None
Other Monsters:


Client: Blue Lettered Stone Slate

You hunters would be wise not to return to this place. Just think of what you have created thanks to nothing but yourselves! But, as you want your riches that badly, then so be it. If you dare to try and slay me, then simply come back to here. Be warned, when you fail to defeat me, there shall be unimaginable consequences for ALL humans, and inferior beings!


Although possible on Cwenos, Cwealis is immune to being mounted.

Interactions with The Frenzy/Hyper State/Tempered/Apex

Like any other Elder Dragon Cwealis is completely immune to The Frenzy, and cannot be in the Hyper State or Tempered.


  • Take this! - Occasionally while using his pure fire ball based attacks.
  • Burn! - Occasionally when using his flamethrower attack.
  • Begone!: Occasionally when using his Black Projectile attacks.
  • Try to avoid this! - During his Catch This! attack.
  • Be shred into pieces! - Occasionally when using his Black Projectile Lazers attack.
  • The end is near... - Using his Lazer Bombardment attack for the first time.
  • You shall be killed by me! - Occasionally when using his Sudden Beam attack.
  • Your city walls are worthless to my strength! - Using the Pillars Of Flame for the first time.
  • Time for ruin.. - Using the Tail Beam Bombardment attack for the first time.
  • Shadow... It's time to exterminate these humans permanently! - Said when about to use the Black Flame Master's Tornado for the first time.
  • I'll destroy all who oppose me! - When beginning his Black Blast attack.
  • Death will rain from above! - Occasionally when using his Black Meteors attack.
  • Let me remind you of something.. - When about to use the Death Ball for the first time.
  • I'LL KILL YOU QUICKLY!! DIIIEEEE!!! - Occasionally if he successfully uses his Brutal Ruiner attack.
  • I'LL DESTROY YOU IN AN INSTANT!! - Occasionally during the A Black Dragon Can Simply Create Destruction attack.

  • To think one would DARE inflict injury is insanity! - Occasionally if hunters wound a part on Cwealis before phase four.
  • Aggh! No! - Commonly if hunters wound a part on Cwealis before phase four.
  • WHHYY YOOUU!! - Commonly if hunters wound a part on Cwealis in phase four.
  • Damn you hunters! - Occasionally if hunters wound a part on Cwealis before phase four.
  • AGH!! DAMN IT ALL!! - Occasionally if hunters wound a part on Cwealis in phase four.
  • Ugh! Insolence! - Occasionally if hunters knock Cwealis out of the air before phase four.
  • Agh! You won't keep us down forever! - Occasionally if hunters knock Cwealis out of the air before phase four.
  • GRRAAGH!! YOU WILL NEVER TAKE OUR FLIGHT AWAY FROM US!! - Occasionally if hunters knock Cwealis out of the air in phase four.
  • WAUUUGHH!! CHEAP HUMANS!! - Occasionally if hunters knock Cwealis out of the air in phase four.

  • So, you are able to hold your own against me. Very well. But it will take much more than a few lacerations to slay me! - Once Cwealis is at 80% health.
  • Garughargh! You! This is no where near over! - Once Cwealis is at 40% health.
  • NUUAAGHH!! WHAT?!! HOW?!! HOW COULD I BE WOUNDED THIS BAD ONCE MORE?!! - Once Cwealis is at 10% health.

  • You came here to fight me, yet you bring that armor made out of that worthless excuse for a living being? Guess you don't care about life after all? - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Blob, and Blobdrome(all Variants included) material.
  • Why would you DARE, make armor out of a pitiably weak bug far below any wyvern for your use? Your kind are truly savages for massacring Seltas! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Seltas or Desert Seltas material.
  • Yian Kut-Ku are foolish beings, stumbling around aimlessly all their lives. But they are nothing compared to the foolishness of humans! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Yian Kut-Ku, Blue Yian Kut-Ku or Bronze Yian Kut-Ku material.
  • Soon... the Garuga will become the hunters of the world, as they rightfully should be. Hunting down pathetic humans and tearing them apart without any mercy like they did to its cousins! - If a hunter is using equipment of Yian Garuga material.
  • The Rath species are nothing compared to me! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Rath species material.
  • On you is the mangled remains of the wyvern perfect of devastating villages in a handful of passes. Only fragments shall remain! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Bazelgeuze material.
  • If you fail, the Deviljho shall never go hungry ever again! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Deviljho species material.
  • Everywhere on this world, no matter what it may be, is insignificant enough to prevent my calls to war from being heard! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Cantios material.
  • Shadow! Look at what these revolting humans have done to your brethren! You must take revenge on them for this act of barbarity! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Shadow Cantios material and Shadow Cantios is in the area alive. This will make the Shadow Cantios attack the hunter(s) wearing the equipment much more furiously than before.
  • You think wearing the Optiaster's scales makes you a master? That is true. You are a master of murder! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Optiaster Cantios material.
  • Even the Black and White gods respect me! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Akantor/Ukanlos material.
  • It will possibly be a long process, but all your gold shall belong to us. - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Kulve Taroth material.
  • My powers triumph over the size of the Dalamadur's! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Dalamadur material.
  • Such unknown energy, it flows from you. I will not allow you to destroy life before it even gets to properly live! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Xeno'jiiva material.
  • No... that power you wield is pure of dragon blood, a perfect being! We will NEVER live down the shame of not acting soon enough to save it! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Conquest War Xeno'jiiva material.
  • The forests yearn to be freed from control from human pests! The Mikiragaan's will become their guardians. - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Mikiragaan material.
  • Your so called "rebellion" weaponry cannot harm me! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Stygian Zinogre material.
  • The emperor of flame will be a great strength for my army! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Teostra material.
  • The empress of flame will scorch your resistances to ashes! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Lunastra material.
  • No longer will I have your kind use the scales of the Kushala for your constructs! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Kushala material.
  • Soon, all humans shall bear the great fear of death... - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Vaal Hazak material.
  • Why bother killing us, when the great necromancer will bring us back to life to continue the battle? - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Conquest War Vaal Hazak material.
  • The Miralis will sink your island refuges to the sea! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Dire Miralis material.
  • Death will always surround the Nakarkos when I'm done with humanity - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Nakarkos material.
  • I have no use for fearful beings! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Lao Shan Lung material.
  • A Gogmazios can easily steal your weapons for our use! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Gogmazios material.
  • The Alatreon is too a Black Dragon. And it will be a secondary ruler over the land! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Alatreon material.
  • You use the remains of origin dragons for your own purposes, you really are my enemy! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Black (Normal)/Crimson (Normal)/White Fatalis material.
  • Do you humans think that you can simply hold pure uncontrollable hatred in your hand that is directed at your own kind? Fiery end shall be your fate! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Conquest War Crimson Fatalis material.
  • Even the great dragon god of lightning has fallen to your lust for battle. Your armor is your death mark for a stronger successor to it to bring justice from the skies upon you! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Frontier G-rank White Fatalis material.
  • It really is true. That you are so selfish that you would use my old masters scales as equipment to fight me. I cannot forgive this abominable act! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Conquest War Fatalis material.
  • What is that?! You took pieces out of my old form to use for yourself! I'll make sure to make its maker suffer! - If a hunter is wearing equipment of Cwenos material.
  • Hahahahaha! Do you actually believe wielding that worthless thing will be able to even effect me? You must have a death wish! - If a hunter is using a Rarity 1 weapon.
  • Are you more foolish than you were before? Using such a common weapon won't be even close to harming me! - If a hunter is using a Rarity 2-5 weapon.
  • The weapon you use must be one of a Higher tier make for more dangerous monsters. Those monsters it kills I can destroy in a simple blast! I am far above what it can puncture at maximum power! - If a hunter is using a Rarity 6-7 weapon.
  • Hmm. That weapon is strong enough to go against the strongest tier of monsters, what you call G-rank. But even now you cannot hope to deliver a deadly wound to me! - If a hunter is using a Rarity 8-9 weapon.
  • The strongest can be hurt by what you hold. You bare a weapon worthy enough to go against me! Do not think that it will guarantee your victory, as my power is enough to rend that useless! - If a hunter is using a Rarity 10 weapon.
  • In no memory from my master do I see any hunter wielding weapons of such power. There is no doubt you crafted them from the remains of fellow dragons, the true apexes of the world! You have the ability to harm me, but you will not destroy me with your vile creations! - If a hunter is using a Rarity 11-12 weapon (Frontier Rarities).

  • You are brave to face me alone. I only have one human to kill! - Fighting Cwealis solo.
  • Hahahahahaha! You worthless beings could not have hoped to defeat my superior power. Now, the rest of your kind shall feel the wrath of the Second Great Dragon War. This is the end! - On quest failure due to faints
  • And begin the eternal rule of dragonkind over the world! I shall make sure that no such massacres of our kind by other beings ever happen again! This is the end for you humans! Hahahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! - If all the hunters were hit with the Eclipse Purge.

Special Failure Cutscene

If Cwealises core was one hit away from being destroyed during its Final Black Fall To Doom attack then a special failure cutscene will play. Cwealises core will be destroyed by the beam anyway and instead of his speech of ruling the world he'll say this: My tail! My source of power! Its completely gone! Its.. its all my fault. I destroyed my own home, my masters home over four insolent hunters. I've destroyed my chances of getting my revenge. Without my core, how shall I even recover... or even survive these ghastly wounds? No dragon would listen to me without my power.. I have, failed you, my master.... Cwealis, feeling sadness for the first time flies to the castle he ruined and lands to oversee the chasm he made. It seems to be shaking, as if the beam is still travelling through it. Its not the beam though, its something much bigger. Cwealis begins to take notice: What... what is this?!. The ground begins to shake as the thing comes closer to the surface. Soon two gigantic hands rise out and grasp both ends of the chasm and a figure begins to appear. The figure is very Fatalis like, except in place of wings is a single vent that is now spewing ashes into the clouds to make a violent storm above. Cwealis notices on the beings face that there is a blue glow on it and looks damaged. His beam has hit this thing, and it isn't taking kindly to it. Its eyes open up in a fiery red and it uses the Black Flame power that struck it to speak to Cwealis: OH FATALIS. THIS BEING HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL, BUT YOU JUST HAD TO GIVE IT YOUR FIERY TEMPER WHEN ENRAGED! NOW THANKS TO YOU CWEALIS YOU HAVE DESTROYED ONE OF OUR GREATEST ICONS AND DISGRACED OUR NAME! . Cwealis is quick to reply: Who are you?! My master never told me of you! And how do you know of me?!. The being replies: I, AM THE DASAMIOS! THE CHASM DRAGON! YOU COULD SPEND SO MUCH TIME BLASTING UPON THE SURFACE WORLD WHEN I COULD SIMPLY BRING IT DOWN FROM BELOW! I EMERGED FROM THE ENDLESS MAGMA OCEAN OVER 6000 YEARS AGO! YOUR MASTER, THE MOST POWERFUL OF THE FATALIS SPECIES AT THAT TIME, CAME TO ME AFTER LEARNING I WAS OF ORIGIN DRAGON BLOOD. TELLING HIM THE TRUTH THAT HIS SURFACE ONLY WAR AGAINST HUMANITY AND THE CIVILISATION WAS COSTING THE LIVES OF SO MANY DRAGONS AND WYVERNS THAT WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE! WITH THAT KNOWLEDGE, I GAVE HIM A GRAND SOLUTION! USING BOTH MY UNRIVALLED ABILITIES TO TEAR THEIR WHOLE CITIES DOWN INTO FIERY OBLIVION AND HIS SURFACE NUMBERS, WE WOULD BRING A SWIFT END TO THE HUMAN THREAT, AND RESTORE ORDER TO THE WORLD! BUT, FATALIS REFUSED, HE SAID I BELONGED DOWN BELOW THE PLANET'S SURFACE TO KEEP THE FEW MONSTERS LIVING THERE FROM REBELLING AGAINST US THERE. HE SAID THAT MY POWER WOULD DO UNTHINKABLE DAMAGE TO THE ECOSYSTEM, RENDERING THE WORLD RUINED BEYOND REPAIR! THEN HE DARED, HE >DARED< TELL ME TO GO BACK TO THE DEPTHS FROM WHERE I CAME AND NEVER RETURN, SAYING THAT I WAS AS BAD AS THE HUMANS, AS IN HIS BELIEFS, I WOULD DESTROY LIFE AS HE KNEW IT TO OBLITERATE THEM! IT WAS MADNESS! I WATCHED AS MANY OF THE GLORIOUS SPECIES THAT ONCE LIVED HERE BE COMPLETELY ANNIHILATED THANKS TO HIS MINDLESS DECISION! NOW... HUMANITY HAS TAKEN OVER THIS WORLD!! THE WAR HE AND YOU THOUGHT HAD WON, IS LOST!! HE WAS A FOOL TO NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT HIS MEMORIES! HE JUST SAT IN HIS CASTLE AND ROASTED A FEW HUMANS AND MONSTERS, NEVER ACTING ON THEM, INSTEAD CREATING YOU WHEN HE GOT TOO LAZY TO DO EVEN THAT! . Cwealises rage returns although weaker: How dare you insult me AND my master! He was certainly was going to do something about this, just not then! It was those hunters that killed him. I gained his memories, and I was about to contact the dragons to begin the war anew, WHEN THEY DESTROYED MY MAIN SOURCE OF POWER, AND NOW I SHALL HAVE TO WAIT FOR ENTIRE YEARS TO COMPLETELY REGENERATE BACK TO MY FULL- SSIILLLLLEEEEEEENNNNCCEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! . The voice from Dasamios is so strong it send Cwealis flying through several crumbled walls of the castle. He recovers fast and is right back at his original spot. Cwealis asks a question now: Why are you even here? to which Dasamios replies I WAS WATCHING YOUR RAMPAGE FROM FAR BELOW THE SURFACE, AND IF YOU COULDN'T NOTICE YOUR BEAM JUST STRUCK ME IN THE HEAD! SO NOW I'VE MADE MY DECISION ON WHAT TO DO! . Do what?! Cwealis says. I WILL END YOUR LIFE FOR WHAT I HAVE WITNESSED HERE. YOU ARE NOT AT ALL FIT FOR SUCH A TASK OF RULING THE WORLD! Dasamios yells. Then Cwealis rejects this: NO!! BY MY OLD MASTERS WORD I WON'T LET YOU DO THAT!. He then dashes at Dasamios only for him to swipe him away into more building to fall on him, to which be bolts out of. His flames turn purple again: NO MATTER HOW BIG YOU ARE, YOU WILL BE OBEYING ME NO MATTER WHAT!!. Cwealis musters power from the body and manages to point blank fire a Super Beam at Dasamioses face, fully breaking the damaged layer and striking the softer layer. Dasamios flinches from this and gives Cwealis the opportunity to gather enough power to fire a beam at the greatest power he can and fires it at Dasamioses chest. What Cwealis didn't know was that Dasamioses greatest power source, a core just like Cwealis had, lies inside his chest. The beam at that power manages to penetrate the extremely thick shell and fire right into the core. A burst of Black Flame erupts from his vent and he makes a scream from pain, collapsing back into the chasm. Cwealis then laughs: Guess I still do have enough power after all! With Dasamioses death I could make the dragons respect me out of fear of what I can do! First the hunters went, then the one who doubted my power! Only things left is to eradicate the humans and my master will be completely avenged!. Once again Cwealises hopes are cut short for the second time as Dasamios rises up and roars to the sky in fury, its scales blazing in fire. With both hands it punches Cwealis right backwards. Cwealis responds by quickly using his wings to try and stop himself to no avail. He crashes through many structure before finally hitting against a Dragonator slot. The fire burning on Cwealis causes it to activate and spear him right through the chest, destroying the skull on it. The heat eventually causes it to melt and break, releasing him. Blood pours from Cwealises mouth and chest, as well as pieces of his torn wings. Dasamios speaks again: DID YOU REALLY THINK "THAT" WOULD KILL ME? FOR THAT, YOU WILL SUFFER MY WRATH!! . A large white ball of fire forms in Dasamioses mouth, his Disaster Sphere attack. Cwealis does something he nor any man could expect a Black Dragon to do: PLEASE DASAMIOS!! DON'T KILL ME!! I CAN REFORM!! I CAN GET BETTER!!. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU WOULD BEG FOR MERCY! YOU REALLY MUST DIE FOR THIS! NO ORIGIN DRAGON WOULD ACCEPT YOUR WAYS! Dasamios calls out. Then he fires the ball at Cwealis, and as it descends towards him he makes a final cry: NNOOOO!! YOU'LL DOOM THIS WORLD TO HUMANS!! DRAGONKIND WILL GO EXTINCT!! NNNNYYYAAAAAAAAAAUUGGGGHHHH!!!. As the Disaster Sphere explodes it blasts Cwealis into oblivion and levels the entire remains of Castle Schrade into an even bigger chasm. Now, the ancient schrade now looks like the World's Ravine with no signs to tell it ever existed. With his job done Dasamios descends and seals shut the chasm, leaving a flat black slate of rock where the dark place used to be...


Cwealis. Those who hear its name shudder in fear. Once it was known as the Cwenos, a being not born but created out of fused altered parts of pseudowyverns and kept alive by a power source located in its hammer tail, a weapon taken from the ruins of the forging zone of the town there. It's creator, the Black Dragon itself commonly known as Fatalis. Fatalis created this wyvern as a guard to defend the place without having to waste energy on them itself.

There isn't very much ecology on the Cwenos so to know Cwealis you have to delve into the full story of its master, the Fatalis beforehand.

The Story Of It's Old Master And Creation

Nobody in the world besides the Fatalis species itself knows how one is born. The Fatalis was born into a world that was once at peace, where several now unknown species of Fatalis along with the species known in the present day existed. Some imagine what those were: a Green Fatalis that had poison, a Yellow Fatalis that created sandstorms, a Dark Blue Fatalis that resided underwater, a Golden Fatalis that had the dragon element as its main ability and even some came up with absurd ideas like a Pink Fatalis that used Felvine and a Brown Fatalis that used a extremely foul breath so disgusting it was deadly.

That was until the Ancients began their unforgettable nor forgivable experiments on the world, killing rare monsters like cattle for machines that if failed they threw away, without any thought of the lives they took to make it. The Great Dragon War broke out after nature decided to rebel against being used as simply materials for their gains. This war was brutal beyond reckoning, it saw the vicious death of tens of thousands on both sides. Many species went extinct as a result, and it looked like the Ancients would have their way, until... Without warning the Fatalis attacked the Castle Schrade, the then capital of the peoples armies. Every single last human on that castle was killed that day, it showed mercy on none. Their faces turned to eternal shock as the weapons they had built over years of perfecting had no effect on the Black Dragon, ballistas bounced off its wings, shotgun shells broke upon impact, and blades broke against the scales. All it have to do to kill them was use simple movements, a swing of its claw sliced men clean in half and its fire burned their bodies to ashes. Those whose armor survived, it melted onto its shell to extract revenge over dragons being turned into buildings. Though the fires died out, the clouds above didn't. Through use of the dragon element a vortex appeared above and continued keeping those clouds from dissipating and cloaked the place in apocalyptic darkness. With their sudden and terrible loss of one of their main command structures and many men the Ancients were weakened immensely resulting in them losing the war in the end, along with them being wiped off the face of the planet. Fatalis over hundreds of years began to forget about its old powers and the memories faded away. It wasn't until many years later when they would become relevant again.

Four elite hunters were commonly dispatched to the Castle Schrade region whenever the Guild detected unnatural activity there related to the Fatalis. They first came to the area when they were mere High Rank hunters to slay Fatalis in its weakest form. Although they succeeded in killing it in their own beliefs and the Guild too, giving them the grand promotion to G Rank, the dragon eventually regenerated and came back to life. This defeat made it begin to remember memories hidden away long ago about the slaughter of many of its kind and slight glimpses of the Great Dragon War. These sorts of memories made it angry, knowing that those memories are ambiguous for the due time. With little training and tapping into previously forgotten knowledge it reached the G Rank levels of power seen in the highest tier of Apex monsters and Deviants. The four hunters returned, and they again fell the Fatalis. While regenerating all the memories came rushing back, the memories that it had previously won against not hearing them again. The memories where nothing short of a horrific nightmare to it, it saw dragons now extinct being shot down like common birds, atrocities against wyvernkind itself, atrocities that warned of a possible future where humankind was the only supreme organisms left alive. All them unlocked its greatest power, the power known as Black Flame which had been sealed off from use as it had no enemies up to that point strong enough to withstand Fatalises base strength. The Fatalis awoke, and made a roar not like a eagle screech, but of pure revealed dark hate. The Black Flame burst from its body and mutated the dragon's body into a undoubtedly more threatening form. With this new power it managed over time to contact the remaining Fatalis species left alive and detailed a plan to eradicate the humans from the world and take back what was theirs centuries ago. But, the Black Fatalis would never act on this plan, instead remaining in the Castle, almost by fate condemned to effortlessly slay unauthorised hunters who's goal was suicide incarnate.

After seeing several pseudowyverns attack the place, Fatalis had a unique idea. it decided to try using the Black Flame to mutate the limbs and body of the monsters and meld them all together into a single new being. Fatalis crafted together the parts, but no matter what it did the creature was unresponsive and kept on dying in mere seconds of being created. So, it made the creature the shape of a Tigrex, the main base of it along with several different parts and melded a hammer into the monster to act as a tail and created a core instead it filled with Black Flame. This time it was a success, the creation arose. The Fatalis was pleased with this, and gave its permanent order for it to keep the Castle safe from attack. The creation's name was given to it soon after, Cwenos.

Service To Fatalis And Temporary Death

It wasn't long before the first intruders approached the Schrade for Cwenos to stop. They were killed all by the tail smashing. Over time Fatalis noticed a problem, the Cwenos wasn't using its true power on any of them and dragging out fights. Although it eventually tried to make it use the power, it couldn't, making Fatalis ponder if it was even worth creating. Cwenos at that time has only a Tigrex like attack pattern with the only real danger being the tail. While the Fatalis watched on for the time being it remembered that the four hunters that drove it into its ascended form will return after knowing what is happening here. It feared that this may even be the death of itself should it happen.

That wouldn't be the case for long as the four hunters returned once again and fought with the Cwenos and due to its weaker state, injured it. Threatened, Cwenos finally unlocked it's Black Flame power to defend itself. Surprised by this sudden revelation it smiled, thinking that this would finally be the end for those ones. Dismay followed, the Cwenos was overpowered and killed in the end. This infuriated Fatalis who flew into the central Castle and remained in there for a solid month while the Cwenoses body got covered with rubble.

Fatalis continued over the years to keep on defending the Castle Schrade without Cwenos however its age and wounds began to show and the dragon gradually became weakened as a result. It left the place and headed to a gathering point for another talk with the Fatalis species again. This time, it was the exact opposite the way it turned out last time. The others ridiculed and resented its appearance there. The Black Fatalis was deemed an old relic, a failure and a complete fool. Without acting out its plan it had betrayed the entire race. The dragon's had a kind of speech unrecognisable to man, but was words to the Fatalis, who could be recognised by gender as male or female just like any other species. He listened on as they said once his time was done they would replace him with a new Black Fatalis in place of him. The very thought of being replaced after everything it had done for them to protect their lives sent him into a rage. He let lose a blast that instantly killed the Fatalis they talked about which silenced the others, that one was still but a child, a Low Rank Fatalis to be precise.

The place was in an uproar as the White Fatalis there spoke in his own tongue, This. This is a disgrace! Not ever since the banishment of the Tynyin has there been a crime against our kind by our own! Tynyin refused to attack the humans by command by Crimson, and you murder a youngling and your successor right in front of our eyes! This is the final time we've suffered at your hand! Crimson, what shall be his fate?. The Crimson Fatalises scales turn fiery red and he makes his sentence: EXECUTE HIM!!. The Conquest War Black Fatalis was shocked and White obliged the Crimson's word, So be it. Your life is hereby forfeit, you shall die at the desecration of our kind immediately! Destroy this traitor!. And immediately they did. Barages of fire and thunder rained down on the CW Fatalises position and forced him to escape through a portal. There it emerged in a field next to the Castle Schrade, where there was a trap waiting for it.

There were around a hundred guild knights with a large missile like weapon with them. As soon as it could realise the danger it was shot at with ballistas and cannons enough to overwhelm it and knock it down to be bonded into the ground by binding shots. With its limbs bound it couldn't do anything to protect itself. A finely sharpened dragon element sword would have pieced its skull and possibly ended its life right there and then if it wasn't for a large cluster fire from above that killed the soldiers next to it and sent Fatalis crashing across the ground. The Fatalis race isn't so easily evaded, they also used a portal to follow CWFatalis to his place. Seeing no other choice it decided to fight off the dragon's and began combat with them and began creating a Death Ball in the sky. The targets were mixed, White Fatalis fired a ball into the sky that split into multiple projectiles which each struck a knight each, imploding them from the energy alone. As the Death Ball was imminent to strike the missile was fired in fear of death right before the Death Ball obliterated the remaining humans. The missile sadly for Fatalis was a direct hit, engulfing it in dragon element and severely wounding it. Motionless, the Fatalis were about to kill it before White Fatalis spoke: Stop! He is already dead! The humans have claimed their kill before we have. Such shame that this is the fate that befalls the one who once aided us, now trash that lies useless in a field! Leave. Do not give him any disrespectable honour, he deserves to rot!. The Fatalises left, and minutes later the one they thought was dead awoke in great pain. It took 10 minutes for it to stand upwards again and attempt regeneration, only the blood was cleared.

One thing was in its mind now, he needed to bring back Cwenos to defend itself when they would discover he's still alive. So he limped to the Schrade Forging Zone to do such.

Resurrection And Ascension To Cwealis

The Fatalis, still injured from that attack clears away the rubble from the Cwenos. The majority of its flesh had rotten away and its scales were lifeless husks. He grew angry knowing this monster died just like the ones killed to make it. That is when he decided to insert Black Flame across the entirety of its body to boost it to its full potential. He preforms the resurrection act, bring Cwenos back as a now truly unique being of its own. The Fatalis falls to its fours due to being weakened even more, then it gets even worse as he sees the four hunters have come once again. Fatalis flies up behind Cwenos and orders it to defend his life then flies onto the ramparts to watch again.

Although it did much better than last time, Cwenos is again near death. Fatalis refuses to let it die again and comes to its aid. It grabs the leading hunter and throws him into the sky and flies at him with jaws ready to crunch bone first in a long time. But this hunter is far above the skill of any common hunter and strikes the dragon midair in the chest with his Greatsword, breaking right through the scales that protect it. Crashing down and injured further, it made its point clear that Cwenos must protect the place with its own life. The master and guard fought alongside each other for the first and final time, as it all came to an end when the leader used a Lion's Maw charged Brimstone Slash at the Cwenoses head which in an instant was teleported with a portal that Fatalis used to swap places with it. The great strike tore right through the Fatalises chest and destroyed the remaining scales and managed to pierce through its back. A Black Flame dome is formed around it in its last burst of power to knock away the hunters.

Fatalis, realising that its time is done, thinks of a plan unthinkable, transfer all its power and memories into Cwenos and allow it to continue his reign in his place. He tells it this plan as his final words before he finally dies. Cwenos obeys this and absorbs every bit of energy the Black Dragon has, creating a chaotic scene around the place as it happens. With a dark roar the Cwenos completely morphs its power with Fatalises which engulfs everything in the area in a blue light. In those few seconds the Cwenos was no more.

The thing that it became told the four hunters to leave and never return or it would carry out the ultimate plan by Fatalis to exterminate the humans and take control of the planet. They left immediately. The Cwealis was born.

Cwealises Powers And Ecology

Cwealis in a sense is a fusion of the Cwenos and the Fatalis, but he is an entirely new monster. Cwealis holds all the powers the Conquest War Fatalis has, even some it never knew had. Whenever he merged, he obtained all the memories Fatalis had, his vengeful feelings, all essences of his Black Flame, and even his gender. With a massive boost in intelligence he knows how to speak in the language of the humans, and make his words understandable to any creature or monster in the area listening to him. The most deadly and unnatural of his powers lies inside the black human shaped skull on his chest, that is activated by the third closed eye on the forehead and its powers that are used from it always result in something's death if used.

While still having the powers of Cwenos he has a lot more abilities than it, most of them involving the Black Flame. His most basic one is the act of levitating with the use of his cloak shaped wings which looks to be able to be done infinitely. He also can use fire and dragon elements separately in attacks, create a nerve gas that puts whatever is effected to sleep, mix the Black Flame with air to confuse minds, create energy blades that make enemies bleed, use much more complex melee attacks, fire beams from his very eyes with a unique gaze, and use telekinesis on larger objects. Cwealis also has more basic attacks. He can slash through targets precisely with his claws, crunch into flesh and bone with fangs that tear, stun with the spikes on his head and of course and most effectively, smash anything to dust and mush with attacks from his death bringing tail. Cwealis doesn't need his tail to live anymore, but without it he is severely weakened as it still contains a majority of his energies and his most valuable and used weapon. One of his most sinister ablities he gained from Fatalis in his prime is possession. With it he seizes control of a beings very mind and forces it to do his bidding's. The main thing he used it on was a powerful Shadow Cantios, who he used as an assassin and his own guard. This possession power allows Cwealis to have a possessed hunter or monster kill threats then order that possessed individual to then kill themselves so none can find out he was the one who did it. Cwealises power gets stronger the more serious and angry he is. In his enraged state he can become more careless and at worst psychopathic beyond Crimson Fatalis standards of rage, throwing attacks left and right in pure fury enough to create eternal damage that could never fade away.

His undoubtedly most powerful attack witnessed is the Eclipse Purge, a colossal beam that kills anything and everyone hit by it without fail. This beam is not actually the peak of his power. He if he wanted to could do an attack known as the Death Beam. It is a devastating version of the Eclipse Purge that instead of a ray of death, is a actual lazer that creates an even more colossal explosion as it hits, one that's effects can be seen from space. Cwealises ultimate attack possible is something none on the world could imagine happening. Using all reserves of every power he has, including the ones found in the skull he can use the Black Reckoning Finale. The Black Reckoning Finale allows Cwealis to enter into the void of outer space surrounding the planet. He gathers and builds all his energy and powers into his tail, forming a gigantic orb from it. Once the lengthy process is completed and all powers possible is inserted into the orb, Cwealis fires it as a long length beam at the planets surface where it will go right through to the very core. The unbelieveably extreme power of the attack would pierce the opposite side of the planet where the beam entered, then swirl the energy around the core, ripping apart the crust. Finally, the energy would warp too much to be controlled, combusting in a blast that would destroy the entire planet in an explosion four times its own size. Even if the attack somehow misses the planet its energy is enough keep it at full strength enough for it to strike another star with exactly the same result. This attack is a absolute final resort that would be used if his world domination plan backfires and the entire world hates him, making him conclude life on the world is only savable by obliterating it. Cwealis would then travel the infinite spaces as his energy regains back to full power, either using it to remake the planet to his desires over unimmaginably long years, finding another planet with life and taking it over in another attempt at dominance, or simply deciding to destroy himself out of misery for destroying everything he knew or out of insanity from thousands upon thousands of years travelling across nothing but emptyness.

Outside of his powers Cwealis is considered by few to be the most powerful being on the planet, most treat him like a new Fatalis, and some deny his existence as nonsense. The Fatalis species do not resent him like his master, respected by all except for one. Most other species understandably fear Cwealis, and will flee at once if they sense his approach from miles away.

Cwealis wears the skin and flesh from his defeated enemies on himself as something that resembles clothing. This is a another thing Cwealis does to mimic what the humans do to monsters, aside from also melting armor like Fatalis did. This hide is coloured an ashen grey and is covered with several black bones mostly of human origin. Some speculate that this is something Cwealis uses for intimation or fear tactics to drive both monster and human away from Castle Schrade and show a sign of domination if he was to take over the world for his own.

The equipment made from Cwealis heavily hint that even in death Cwealis still wants vengeance from hell. Some believe if enough time passes while wearing it Cwealis will use the body as a sacrifice host to bring himself back into the living world. Cwealis himself states: The only thing that can permanently kill me is the power of holy light piecing through the skull upon my chest while I am severely injured. Since none on this world can do both I will rule forever!. Since the Light element is found next to once in a lifetime, the Cwealis is almost unstoppable and extremely difficult to kill even for a temporarily time.

If it wasn't for the four hunters succeeding in killing the Cwealis as shown above in this page, he would have gone through with his plan and drive humanity to near extinction and proclaim dragon and wyvernkind the dominant species of the world. In that canon he is dead and now plans as usual, this time to come back from the dead and immediately after, begin his next domination plan with newborn powers of hatred and a much different way of doing it...


  • Several parts of Cwealis are based around the character known as Black Doom from Shadow The Hedgehog.
    • Cwealises voice is depicted as sounding much like Black Doom himself. There is however a more unique voice change when Cwealis is greatly angry (This change happens in Phase 4).
  • Along with being called a Black Dragon Cwealis has also been called the Black Flame God due to his absolute mastery over it.
    • He can also inflict the Fanon Black Flameblight, which gives hunters a combination of Severe Dragonblight and Fireblight and also makes them easier to possess by maker it harder to escape its moves where it attempts to do so.
  • One of the concepts for Cwealis was for it be in the Old Gen Castle Schrade.
    • The cutscene for it would show Fatalis already dead and Cwenos alive and well. In a similar way to BannedLagiacruses Solstice Conquest War Fatalis four possessed hunters would try to resurrect Fatalis but before they can Cwenos decides to take the power for its own and kills the hunters. Then it drains the Black Flame power from Fatalis and destroys its body. Then the hunters of the quest would arrive to see what it had done. And the fight would begin from there.
      • Half way during the fight Cwenos would fully transform into a Fatalis itself and use its new body for several new abilities.
        • This was scrapped in favour of a more unique concept.
  • Cwealis was planned soon after Cwenos was completed.
  • He makes a cameo based appearance in the Christmasbeard Uragaan hunt should hunters decide to slay it. Cwealises voice is heard saying: Your selfish and greed filled actions will cost you a great price.... This is a direct reference to one of the reason why he hates hunters, due to several instances of them killing monsters who have never done any real harm maliciously to them and even killed some who can help them with their normal lives.
    • Reasoning why he appears here is that he thinks his version of evil actions doesn't get excused just because its a joyous event and day, to which he thinks makes the actions even worse as they often go ignored. Cwealis thinks that Christmas is a human made day where greed and uncaring towards others run it where they also slaughter Bird Wyverns like the Gypceros and Gargwa just for one day only for multiple samples to be left to rot. He is enraged knowing these monsters die only to go unused occasionally entirely.
  • It was considered by its creator, Chaoarren to be his most powerful creation he has and likely will ever make until he came up with the ideas for its subspecies.
    • Vindictive Cwealis is the Subspecies in Crimson who has resurfaced from hell to take revenge on the world, by seeking to destroy it after killing the hunters.
      • Perfectial Cwealis is the Rare Species in White after escaping purgatory by recreating himself by fusing his flesh body with his very soul, thus guaranteeing him a permanent death if his soul core is destroyed.