Cuckarakeos is a small neopterons considered as a peast and which lives in almost all environments

Titles none
Nicknames none
General Info
Species Neopteron
Habitats Forest and Hils, Snowy Mountains, Swamp, Jungle, Desert, Great Forest, Tower, Deserted Island, Sandy Plains, Primal Forest, Sunken Hollow, Everwood, Neopteron Hive
Size small
Relatives Strepslevi
Signature Move {{{move}}}
Elements none
Ailments none
Weaknesses Element Fire
Creator Pabmel
{{{Monster Icon}}} A neopteron considered as a peast. They are omvirous and live in larges groups


Cuckarakeos are cockroack looking neopterons, with bigger jaws. They are around the size of an hornetaur They sommetime fly, even if they wont do it often.


They usually don't attack hunters, unless they are prococed. However, when controlled by Strepslevi, in which case they became agressive mindless beasts, not caring about their live.


They haven't any special abilities, but can survive after a really high amout of damage, sometimes fighting without their head.


  • They have 2 attacks : bitting and charging.

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