Arcticryo Icon
Titles Absolute Zero Wyvern
Nicknames Cryo
General Info
Species Flying Wyvern
Habitats Frozen Seaway, Polar Sea, Snowy Mountains, Tundra, Yilufa Snowy Mountains
Size Largest: 2567.43 cm
Shortest: 1476.23 cm
Relatives None
Signature Move Icicle Rain
Elements Element Ice Ice
Ailments Status Frostbite Frostbite
Element Ice Iceblight
Status Snowman Snowman
Weaknesses Element Dragon Dragon
Element Fire Fire
Creator MonsterHunterFlacko

Cryolos (アークティクライオ, Ākutikuraio) is a Flying Wyvern.


Cryolos appears as a large Wyvern with light blue wings and a long, segmented tail of the same color ending in a large, curved, dagger-like blade. It has a smooth white and gray carapace. It has a large gray nasal crest with a light blue that runs just over the eyes, where it rises up perpendicular to the skull and fans out. It is thin and highly furrowed, giving it a Spanish comb-like appearance.


Cryolos generates a powerful, freezing energy inside itself, which is what causes ice to form on its wings and tail. Its body is cold to the touch. This ability is used to instantly freeze moisture in the air. it does so when performing its signature icicle rain attack where it forms sharp icicles to drop down onto Hunters, or to freeze its prey, which it then consumes later.


Cryolos are shy and reclusive Wyverns. However, when threatened or provoked, they become quite aggressive and will attack anything on sight.


Cryolos is founded exclusively in the harsh environments of the Frozen Seaway, Polar Sea, Snowy Mountains, Tundra, and the Yilufa Snowy Mountains.


  • Cryolos's name is derived from the prefix cryo-, from κρύος kruos, Greek for cold. Its concept is based off dry ice.
  • When in Rage Mode, Cryolos will encase its wings and tail in ice and its attacks will inflict Frosbite instead of Iceblight.
  • When fatigued it will be unable to perform its ice attacks.
    • It will prey on herbivores to regain stamina.
  • Its head crest and wings can be broken and the tail can be severed.
  • Cryolos's roar requires Earplugs to block.