Titles Black Slime Toad
Nicknames Slimey
General Info
Species Amphibian
Habitats Swamps,Caves,Tundra
Size Small
Relatives Quapoe
Signature Move Ink Bomb
Elements Element Mud Mud
Ailments Element Water Waterblight
Element Earth Earthblight
Weaknesses Element Ice Ice
Creator Setheo


Croaktkin are medium sized Amphibians that dwell in cold and damp areas, these mainly include Swamps and also dark caves where they can rest if badly injured. Croaktkin have been seen eating their juveniles which are known as Quapoe, but this only seems to happen when the Croaktkin are in harsh environments or a specific area with an apex predator which could seriously injure or even kill Croaktkin.


Croaktkin usually prey on insects but also some minion monsters, this includes Quapoe depending on its area. Croaktkin are covered in an odd slimy substance which can cause problems for larger monsters as when they attempt to attack it they slip on the slime making them vulnerable themselves. The Croaktkin's colouration is black which gives it great camouflage in the dark caves that it dwells within.


Croaktkin's attacks consist of forward charges at the hunter, it also strikes the hunters with its large tail, if the hunter is hit too much by the Croaktkin then the slime will cause a similar effect to the paralyzed status making the hunter unable to move because of the mass build up of slime restricting the hunters movements, while the hunter is unable to move the Croaktkin may use its pin move on the hunter to regain stamina.

Breakable Parts

  • Tail (Break) x1
  • Head x1


  • Croaktkin Slimetastrophe - Hammer
  • Croaktkin Croaker - Hunting Horn