Corvolos by Nrex117
Titles Ebony Bandits
Nicknames Crow wyvern
General Info
Species Bird Wyverns
Habitats Primal Coastline, Jurassic Frontier, Great Forest, Arctic Ridge, Marshland, Verdant Hills, Dunes, Ancestral Steppe, Jungle, Deserted Islands and Forgotten Valley.
Size Small
Relatives Arch Corvolos
Signature Move None
Elements None
Ailments Bleeding and Stun
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Creator Nrex117


Corvolos are intelligent Bird Wyverns that travel in large flocks, they are cooperative pack hunters that follow the orders of a single alpha male. They are known to trick other predators away from their kills. They are omnivorous by nature, but are known to tackle large game in groups. They are known to mimic the calls of other monsters.


Their bodies are covered in dark plume like scales and they have a clubbed tail covered in serrated edges, they are used in defense against larger predators. They have short, but powerful wings that enables them to pursue prey and travel long distances. Corvolos have the ability to create powerful bursts of sound that they use to stun prey and predators.


Corvolos are intelligent creatures that are known to harass hunters and other monsters, they typically guard a territory similar to other pack hunting monsters and will defend their land with fierce cunning and aggressive attacks. They are often known to aid their Arch Corvolos alpha in battles and hunts.


Corvolos Scalefeather: A soft yet sturdy feather like scale withstand the harshest of environments.

Corvolos Hide: A dark hide covered in scales and feathers.

Corvolos Talon: A claw designed to grip and hold objects.


  • Corvolos are all female and are often ruled by a single male called Arch Corvolos.
  • They are obviously based on Corvids.
  • They are minion monsters.