Coprolite Deviljho
Coprolite Deviljho by T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting)
Titles The Fossilized Tyrant
Nicknames Copper Jho
General Info
Species Brute Wyvern
Habitats Forest and Hills, Swamp, Snowy Mountains, Volcano, Deserted Island, Misty Peaks, Ancestral Steppe, Primal Forest, Frozen Seaway, Volcanic Hollow, Dunes, Ancient Forest
Size Large
Relatives Deviljho
Signature Move Soiled Dragon Beam
Elements Dragon
Ailments Soiled
Weaknesses Water
Creator T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting)
The Coprolite Deviljho is a subspecies of Deviljho that makes the regular flee in disgust.


They emit an ungodly smell, which gives them a brown trail as they move. Their back is covered in coprolite pieces, and the spikes on their head are larger. They are normally much, much larger than Deviljho, and one specimen's bones have been proven to be almost a thousand years old, one of the oldest Deviljho ever. They have adapted to awful smells, and as such, dung bombs will not work on them.

Coprolite Deviljho
Coprolite Deviljho Icon
Monsters with awful attitude and even worse stench. However, at least their armor will keep unwanted monsters away... but is that really worth smelling like dung?


They rarely eat live animals, mainly because they can be smelled from miles away. When they do eat, it's normally carrion. They are solitary, but meet, an entire population, in a secret area. There, they find a mate and reproduce, which is how their species stays alive.


They can spray a cannon of stench from their stomach. This will knock out smaller monsters instantly if they are near. However, the stench numbs ones sense of smell completely, making them unaware that they now smell like monster faeces. As such, the Soiled is different. It only makes it to where your fellow hunters get stunned if you wander too close. They will then contract Soiled. But hey, at least you still get to use items.

Rage and Tired State


Their muscles will swell until they turn purple. Scars will be purple as well. In this state, they can use their signature move.


They will drool heavily, and will eat ANYTHING. They will even try to grab hunters and try to eat them.


They have the normal Deviljho mount. But when enraged, they will spray an awful stench from their stomach and crouch into it, hurting your hunter and giving them Soiled.


They share many attacks with Deviljho, so these are exclusive to Coprolite Deviljho.

Wall Runner

Copper Jho will run up the nearest wall, jump off it, and attempt to crush a hunter under their massive body.


They will charge Barroth-Style towards a hunter, and hit them away, sending them high into the air.

Coprolite Toss

They will toss coprolites from their tail, and if these hit you, they will inflict soiled.

Hunter Slam

They will perform their stomp attack, launching nearby hunters into the air. From this, it can combo it's next move.

Hunter Snap

They will, if a hunter is in the air and near their head, snap them from the air. The hunter has until the gauge runs out to be swallowed unless they are saved. While this is happening, you can still attack them. If the hunter is swallowed, they will be slowly damaged for about thirty seconds. After that time frame is over, the Coprolite Deviljho will spit the hunter back up. This attack inflicts Soiled.

Soiled Dragon Beam

They will use their dragon beam, but it will be green and surrounded by the Soiled ailment. This does A LOT of damage to anybody caught by it.

Breakable Parts

Head x2- First time, the chin spikes will break, second, the face will be scarred.

Arms- Their claws will break.

Tail- The tail will be severed.


A special weapon is in development. But the armor was created long ago.

Rarity Name Defense Slots Description Price
Helmet Icon Orange
Coprolite Helm 300 o-- A rare, awful smelling helmet. It's strength, however, is able to repel unwanted monster from the area. 180000z
Chest Icon Orange
Coprolite Mail 450 ooo Chest armor that could make the Coprolite Deviljho itself pinch it's nose. It smells so bad, that simply leaving it out will repel monsters (and humanity) for weeks. 200000z
Arm Icon Orange
Coprolite Gloves 200 oo- Gloves that smell like they were used for... other purposes. Never ask someone wearing these to shake your hand... you'll regret it. 120000z
Waist Icon Orange
Coprolite Belt 375 oo- A belt with a heavy bronze buckle. Wear this if you want to be asked if you put on deodorant this morning. 150000z
Leg Icon Orange
Coprolite Greaves 400 ooo Boots that look and smell like you took a stroll through a Mosswine sty. It's a wonder these passed health inspections over the last few years. 195000z


Icon Item Name Description Qty Drop Rate Type
Scale Icon Brown
C.Jho Scale The scale of a Coprolite Deviljho. It has a coprolite on it... you aren't sure if that makes it sturdier. 1-3 39%
Hide Icon Brown
C.Jho Hide The hide of a Coprolite Deviljho. It smells like a rug for pigs. 1-3 28%
Claw Icon Dark Red
C.Jho Talon A red talon from a Coprolite Deviljho. It could be used as a knife. 1-2 20%
Claw Icon White
C.Jho Fang The fang of a Coprolite Deviljho. It used to be covered in dried blood, but it looks more comforting now that it's polished. 1-2 11%
Monster Parts Icon Brown
C.Jho Scalp Removing this part of a Coprolite Deviljho's skull is liable to make you pass out due to the foul odor it emits. 1 10%
Monster Parts Icon Brown
C.Jho Tail The tail of a Coprolite Deviljho. It is covered in coprolites and mud... maybe mud. 1 5%
Mantle Icon Teal
C.Jho Jasper A rare stone produced inside the heart of a Coprolite Deviljho. It has a soft glow to it. 1 2%


  • When weak, they cannot perform their signature move
  • When their arms are wounded, they cannot perform Wall Runner.

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