Buzzarbile by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis
Titles Vulture Wyvern
Nicknames Condor, Doros, Codos
General Info
Species Bird Wyvern
Habitats w.i.p
Size Large
Relatives None
Signature Move Projectile Vomit
Elements None
Ailments Defense Down, Soiled
Weaknesses Fire,Ice
Creator Gojira57 (Adopted by Rathalosaurus rioreurensis)

Condoros(name considered for change) is a Bird Wyvern.

no icon Loathsome Bird wyverns that feed on the dead and dying, they have a face only a mother could love. They are notorius for vomiting on threats to buy time to escape while the threat is occupied with the awful stench. Despite their ugly and intimidating appearance, they are actually quite timid by wyvern standards, but will aggressively defend themselves when enraged.


It looks like an oversized Condor or Vulture, with a long reptillian tail, and wyvern like wings. It has both large eyes and large nostrils, which alow it to detect carcasses of monsters with either it's sense of smell or sight. It has a rather bulky yet sharp beak, and it's head is bald, with no feathers. It has a featherless pouch on it's chest that is reminecent of real vultures called a "Crop", which it uses to store undigested food there, which it often needs to spit out if threatened. Like Malfestio, it's wings have Wingtalons that are normally hidden because they overlap, but when enraged, the Condoros will use them as weapons.

It's feathers on it's body are mainly black with red patterns, which gives it a rather intimidating appearance for a timid Wyvern.


When threatened and/or provoked, it will attempt to defend itself by puking out a mix of digestive juices, and half digested and rotten meat, which often smells terrible enough to drive even a Deviljho away.


It is timid by wyvern standards, but will viciously defend itself if threatened.


It inhabits temperate and tropical enviroments.


It's name is a combination of "Condor", and "os", which is a common suffix in Monster names in Monster Hunter


Low Rank Materials
Icon Name Description
Feather Icon Black
Ebonfeather A Black feather from the Condoros that, along with its red feathers, give it a rather intimidating color scheme for a timid wyvern.
Feather Icon Dark Red
Condoros Redfeather A Red feather that, along with the Black feathers, give the Condoros a rather intimidating color scheme for a timid wyvern.
Claw Icon Black
Condoros Wingtalon A Talon from the wings of a Condoros that are similar to the unrelated Malfestio.
Webbing Icon Grey
Condoros Webbing Webbing from the wings of a Condoros. Covered in hair like protofeathers that give it a fuzzy texture.
Monster Parts Icon Black
Condoros Tail The Tail of a Condoros. The tip is covered in feathers.
Monster Parts Icon Black
Condoros Beak A Sharp beak from the Condoros. Able to rip carcasses apart with ease!
Monster Parts Icon Yellow
Condoros Crest The Crest of a Condoros is impressive enough for a timid bird wyvern.
High Rank Materials
Icon Name Description
Feather Icon Black
Ebonfeather+ Higher Quality Black Feathers that, along with Red ones, make the Condoros look scarier in appearance.
Feather Icon Dark Red
Condoros Redfeather+ Higher Quality Red Feathers that, along with the black ones, make the Condoros look scarier in appearance.
Claw Icon Black
Condoros Wingtalon+ High Quality Wingtalon from a Condoros that can slice bone in two!
Wing Icon Black
Condoros Wing The wings of a Condoros are an omen of death occuring nearby.
Webbing Icon Grey
Condoros Webbing Webbing from the wings of a Condoros. Covered in hair like protofeathers that give it a fuzzy texture.
Monster Parts Icon Black
Condoros Tail The Tail of a Condoros. The tip is covered in feathers.
Monster Parts Icon Black
Condoros Beak+ High Quality Condoros beak that rips flesh into pieces!
Monster Parts Icon Grey
Condoros Head The Head of a Condoros lacks feathers. Logical, given that flesh and blood are hard to clean off of feathers.
Ball Icon Dark Red
Condoros Bonegem A "Gem" from inside a Condoros that is actually bits of undigested pieces of it's meals in the form of a gem like pellet.
G-Rank Materials
Feather Icon Black
Condoros Darkfeather Dark Black Feathers that are intimidating when used with Blood red ones.
Feather Icon Dark Red
Condoros Bloodfeather Blood red feathers that are intimidating when used with dark black feathers.
Claw Icon Black
Condoros Wingblade A Blade like Wingtalon from the Condoros. Slices bone in two and rips flesh.
Wing Icon Black
Condoros Fellwing Best Quality Wing from a Condoros. Black as Night, and an ill omen of death occuring nearby for a feast meant for the Bird Wyvern.
Webbing Icon Grey
Condoros Webbing+ Fuzzy textured webbing from a Condoros' Wings. Soft to touch.
Monster Parts Icon Black
Condoros Lash Best Quality Tail from a Condoros. Can leave an impression when used as a whip.
Monster Parts Icon Black
Condoros Ripperbeak A Beak that is able to rip flesh asunder and crunch bones into dust.
Monster Parts Icon Grey
Condoros Head The Head of a Condoros lacks feathers. Logical, given that flesh and blood are hard to clean off of feathers.
Ball Icon Dark Red
Condoros Large Bonegem A Larger "Gem" from inside the Condoros. Even more pieces of Undigested parts of the bird wyverns previous meals can be found inside.



  • Peck attack: Will Peck at a target once.
  • Furious Pecking: Will Peck at the target multiple times.
  • Puke attack: Will start to gurgle, before violently vomiting at the target. (Soiled and Defense Down)
  • Projectile Vomit: Will Gurgle and spit a ball of vomit. (Soiled and Defense Down)
  • Wing Claw Swipe: will swipe at a target with it's wingclaws.
  • Pin Claw: Will take to the air, and attempt to pin a target down to the ground with it's talons.
  • Peck-a-Thon!: If successful at pinning a target, it will do it's pin attack, where it will peck at the pinned target repeatedly. The hunters need to squirm out, or use a dung bomb to escape.

Rage mode only

  • Enhanced Claw Swipe: Will Do the Claw Swipe attack in a multi hit fashion.
  • Tripe Projectile Vomit: Will Spit three balls of Vomit in a sweeping motion.


Condoros Trouble Lv 3 star
Question Mark Icon 4th Fanon Icon
Hunt a Condoros
Reward: 1800z Location: Arcane Forest
Contract Fee: 200z Time Limit: no time limit
Subquest: none Sub.Reward: 0z
Other Monsters:

Aptonoth, Kelbi

Client: A disgruntled trader

Well, this bird may not win any beauty contests, but it sure can win the vile award! I was just walking along, minding my own buiness to a client when all of a sudden I step on a chewn-up leg and this thing decided to throw up on me! Completely ruined my day it did! You have to put a stop to this things sick joke at once!

Notes and trivia

  • It's face can be scarred, it's wingtalons broken, and it's tail severed.
  • Obviously, it's appearance is based on the Vulture and/or the Condor.
  • Despite it's Wingtalon's resemblence to Malfestio's, it shares no relationship with the owl like bird wyvern.
  • It will eat from a nearby carcass, even that of a recently slain monster, to regain stamina.


  • Rio for the current Render



Condoros is an Avian Bird Wyvern.


Many Tropical and temperate areas are fair game as Habitats for Condoros, though they can't survive in Volcanic and artic regions, as they would overheat or freeze to death in the two respective enviroment types. Otherwise, they are quite adaptable. They have even been seen near the outskirts of villages and cities, feeding on roadkill.


As it's Condor/Vulture like appearance would suggest, it is mostly a scavenger, feeding on the dead and dying individuals of any species, but will sometimes kill live prey if it can't find any carcasses. They don't have much competition, since other scavengers like remobra tend to give Condoros a wide berth until the Bird Wyvern had it's fill. However, Condoros does have to worry about predators bigger than itself, such as Wilolu, and other predatory monsters.

Biological Adaptations

Condoros have many interesting adaptations, including their bladed wings, which bear resemblence to those of the unrelated Malfestio, which the Condoros can use as a weapon when enraged. But their most notorius adaptation is the fact that, when threatened, it will make a coughing sound as a warning to back off, but if that does not work, it will cough even harder until it vomits it's stomach contents towards the threat, which includes digestive juices, and half digested meat, rotten and fresh, wich can prove to be too much for most creatures' sensitive noses, and buys the Condoros enough time to escape. Thie rbeaks are designed to rip through carcasses with ease, and their talons are more than capable of holding live prey and smaller carcasses it can lift.

Their stomachs are also worthy of note, since they can digest any meat, be it rotten, diseased or fresh, and more often than not gets rid of any pathogens found in rotting or diseased meat  when the said meat is consumed by the Condoros. They also have a strong immune system that targets any pathogen, be it virus or bacteria, so they are well immune to most, if not all, diseases found in nature, including the frenzy virus.


Despite the repulsive appearance and habits of the Condoros, they are actually clean and well groomed creatures, very often seen cleaning their feathers to rid it of any leftovers from previous meals. They are also very timid by nature, often choosing flight over fight in any situation unless cornered. They have been known, however, to attack caravans that transport meat products, to get a free meal, and also hang around roads and the outskirts of cities and villages to feed on roadkill that is numerous in such locations.

Condoros have been known to follow Gore Magals's, shagaru Magalas and Frenzied Monsters, to feed on the kills made by the Magalas or even feed on carcasses that result from the Frenzied killing of Frenzied monsters.

They have been known to hang around battlefields.

In hot seasons, Condoros have been known, like real vultures, to urinate straight down on their legs, so the evaporated moisture cools them off, as well as killing bacteria that accumulate from Condoros walking in or near carcasses.

During Mating season, Condoros will congregate in groups called a "wake" and courtship begins there. Female Condoros will lay between two to four eggs at a time, and when the young hatch, the Parents feed the young by Disgorging the food from the crop. This continues until the young can fend for themselves.

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