The Ciemran Ruins is the place which held Tenebroshi Kirin, now with its captive gone another dark monster has made this place into a cavern and its home...

Ciemran Ruins Map by Chaoarren


  • Base Camp: This is Area 5 of the Fallen Woods, the differences are the additions of supply boxes and a bed. The staircase is the way down.
  • Area 1: The New Canyon: At the entrance you are still at the ruins. But the area has clearly been broken into, their is a newly made hole through the wall. Going through it leads to a thin twisting cavern. At the right of the entrance is a shortcut to Area 4.
  • Area 2: Clouded Pool: A spire is positioned over a clouded pool of water. When a Magala is here the water turns purple.
  • Area 3: Descending To Disease: The area is made out of multiple cliffs, this can be destroyed and turned into a steep decline.
  • Area 4: Gateway To The Frenzy: An arc shaped area that's drop is normally blocked off by a magenta rock. When not blocked off players can fall to area 5.
  • Area 5: Corruptions Haven: Once one enters this place there's no way to exit without fainting or Farcasting. It is one huge arena, the floor is ripe with The frenzy's mist. The source of it lies in the throne rock formation, as something had built it. The entire areas lighting is dark and purple.

Monsters appearing here

Area Hazards

  • Frenzy Virus: Area 2,4 and 5. Swimming in the water or getting hit by the frenzy clouds inflicts the frenzy on the player.


  • Cantios along with Shadow Cantios only appear here in an Event Quest in Apex. The quest is extremely difficult, due to them both being in the area at the same time.

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