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This is the Flagship Monster of Monster Hunter Venture

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Titles Thunder Horn Wyvern
Nicknames Cera, Rambi
General Info
Species Scelidian
Habitats Vast Frontier, Royal Forest, Verdant Jungle, Wild Savanna, Redrock Canyon, Mount Calamity, Crumbling Arena, Forsaken Tower
Size Large
Relatives Onyx Cerambus, Skypiercer Cerambus, Tarrustah, Avalanche Tarrustah, Scarletcape Tarrustah
Signature Move Stormlance
Elements Element Thunder Thunder
Ailments Element Thunder Thunderblight
Status Stun Stun
Status Paralysis Paralysis
Weaknesses Element Earth Earth
Element Fire Fire
Creator TheBrilliantLance

Cerambus (トヘキレキラ,Tohekirekira) is a Scelidian introduced in Monster Hunter Venture. Along with Thallidos and Seicheluth, it is also one of the game's 3 flagship monsters. 


Cerambus resembles a ceratopian dinosaur, like Triceratops or Torosaurus. Its skin covered in light blue scales, and the skin itself is set into deep, thick folds like the skin of a rhinoceros. Its back is covered in a navy blue carapace, with the same thick folds as its regular skin. Adorning its head is a broad frill, two massive, curved horns sit atop its brow, and it also has a small nasal ridge. This large frill can be used to absorb sunlight to convert into electricity. Its upper jaw, face, horns, and frill are covered in a silvery, conductive shell. It also sports conductive keratinous spines on its throat, shoulders, and tail. The spikes on the tail run all the way down its length before accumulating in a thagomizer at the end of its tail.


Much like Zinogre, Cerambus's body is extremely conductive of electricity, although it can't produce any of its own. However, it has two methods to absorb electricity: on a sunny day, it can absorb solar energy using its large, broad frill, and in storms it uses its frontal horns as lightning rods to attract falling bolts.


Cerambus are territorial creatures that become aggressive in the presence of predators or members of their own species, but they will allow smaller herbivores to graze in their presence.


Low Rank

Horn Swipe: A simple swipe with its horns. This can be repeated.

Horizontal Head Swing: Cerambus swings its head toward an enemy horizontally, knocking them away.

Vertical Head Swing: Cerambus swings its head towards a threat upward or downward, which can either knock smaller enemies upward or Stun them respectively.

Headbutt: Quickly ramming its head forward, Cerambus knocks smaller foes away.

Tail Swing: Cerambus swings its tail at a nearby enemy.

Stomp: The monster stomps the ground with one of its front legs. This move can cause tremors in a small area around it.

Stormlance: Cerambus engulfs one of its horns in electricity, then jabs it straight forward. If this attack hits a hunter, it will cause Thunderblight. Has a large windup time.

Enraged Only

Electric Wrath: When entering Rage Mode, a lightning bolt will strike Cerambus's horns. This will make its horns charge up with electricity. All horn attacks will now cause Thunderblight, and Stormlance's windup time is lowered greatly.

Horizontal Head Charge: Cerambus charges toward a combatant at a moderate speed, and will then perform a Horizontal Head Swing when it is close to them. This attack can knock smaller foes away.

Vertical Head Charge: Cerambus charges forward at a reasonable speed and will then do a Vertical Head Swing when it nears an enemy. This attack can knock smaller enemies upward or Stun them.

Bull Charge: Cerambus charges forward. If it runs into a hunter, they can be sent flying and once they land they can be Stunned. After this attack it will taunt.

High Rank

Flail Kick: Cerambus quickly kicks with its back legs to prevent threats from attacking its weaker rear end.

Turnabout: Cerambus spins around 180 degrees, turning to face enemies attempting to attack from behind.

Tail Slap: Cerambus waves its tail around, damaging foes behind it.

Hip Smash: Cerambus slams the side of its body into a threat.

Uppercut: Similar to Gammoth, Cerambus drags its head along the ground, then jerks its head skyward to strike enemies with its horns. Causes Stun.

Stompquake: Cerambus rears up and stomps smaller foes with its front feet. Causes Quake if close.

Enraged Only

Charged Stompquake: Cerambus rears up like normally, but electricity forms around its front legs. When it comes down, it has a wider area of effect than normal. Causes Quake and Thunderblight

Head Thrash: Cerambus wildly waves its head around, dealing damage to any living creature it hits.

Lightning Arrow: It shoots an arrow-shaped electric projectile from its nasal ridge. This attack causes Thunderblight.

U-Turn Charge: Cerambus paws at the ground, performs its Bull Charge, and then makes a U-turn to target an enemy again.


Thunder Pulse: The monster tenses its body as its quills begin to subtly vibrate. It then releases a wave of electricity outwards from its body. Causes Thunderblight.

Enraged Only

Electric Trident: Cerambus engulfs all three of its horns in electricity, and then charges. This is its most powerful attack, and inflicts Thunderblight.

Delta Thunder: Cerambus summons blue lightning bolts to fall from the sky in a triangular pattern. Causes Thunderblight.

Rampage Charge: The monster charges forward while swinging its head around. This attack has the same effects as the Bull Charge, Horizontal Head Swing, and Vertical Head Swing.

Stampede: Cerambus wildly charges forward, then turns around and charges again. It can repeat this move up to 3 times.

Breakable Parts / Damage Effectiveness

  • Horns (x2). Breaking both of them will significantly weaken its charge attacks and lengthen the time needed for it to build up an electric field.
  • Head (x2)
  • Right Foreleg (x1)
  • Left Foreleg (x1)
  • Right Hindleg (x1)
  • Left Hindleg (x1)
  • Tail (Severable)

Physical Damage Effectiveness

  • Head = ★ cutting, ★★ impact, ★ shot
  • Body = ★★★ cutting, ★★ impact, ★★ shot
  • Forelegs = ★ cutting, ★ impact, ★★ shot
  • Hindlegs = ★★ cutting, ★ impact, ★★★ shot
  • Tail = ★★★ cutting, ★★★ impact, ★★★ shot

Element Effectiveness

  • Fire = ★★
  • Water = ★
  • Thunder = ✖ 
  • Ice = ★
  • Dragon = ★
  • Earth = ★★★
  • Wind = ★

Status Effectiveness

  • Poison = ★★
  • Sleep = ★★★
  • Paralysis = ✖ 
  • Blast = ★
  • Stun = ★★★

Shiny Item Drops

Material Items

  • Wyvern Tear, Cerambus Scale (Low Rank)
  • Large Wyvern Tear, Cerambus Scale+ (High Rank)
  • Large Wyvern Tear, Cerambus Plate (G-Rank)

Slinger Ammo

Cerambus can drop Thorn Pods when sufficiently damaged.


Icon Item Name Description Drop Rate Type
Scale Icon Blue
Cerambus Scale A small, pebble-shaped scale. One of many that covered the body of a Cerambus. 40%-



Body Carve - Tail Carve - Shiny Drop
Carapace Icon Dark Blue
Cerambus Shell Hard shelling from the back of a Cerambus. Protected its spine from the jaws of predators. 25% Body Carve
Horn Icon Grey
Cerambus Horn A long horn with the ability to channel electricity. Often used by smiths to create weapons. 80% Break Horns (2)
Monster Parts Icon White
Electrospine A small white quill used to store electricity. Not much use on its own, but could become more effective in a group. 15%-


Body Carve-

Tail Carve

Monster Parts Icon Blue
Cerambus Tail The short, heavy tail of a Cerambus. Served as a counterweight to hold up its massive head. 72% Tail Carve
Monster Parts Icon Grey
Cerambus Frill The frill that sat atop the head of a Cerambus. Useful as both a shield and a generator. 12% Break Frill

Icon Item Name Description Drop Rate Type
Scale Icon Blue
Cerambus Scale+ A slightly higher quality scale from a strong Cerambus individual. Suprisingly tough for its size. 40% Body Carve - Tail Carve - Shiny Drop
Carapace Icon Dark Blue
Cerambus Carapace The thick carapace of an older Cerambus. Durable enough to withstand a lightning strike or stop the bite of a Tirraukronus. 23% Body Carve
Horn Icon Grey
Cerambus Horn+ This horn has seen extensive use in its day, being used as both a spear in confrontations with rivals and a conduit for the monster's electricity. 80% Break Horns


Monster Parts Icon White
Electrospine+ A quill used by the Cerambus to store electricity. A faint buzzing sound still emits from it. 13%-


Body Carve-Tail Carve
Monster Parts Icon Grey
Cerambus Frill+ A mighty frill that functioned like a battery. Sent most predators running from its intimidating appearance alone. 10%-


Body Carve-Break


Ball Icon Blue
Cerambus Gem A rare gem that forms inside an old Cerambus. It's the same beautiful blue color as the sky. 5% Body Carve

Icon Item Name Description Drop Rate Type
Scale Icon Blue
Cerambus Plate A high-quality scale from the body of a Cerambus. Tough enough to repel all but the strongest attacks. 40% Body Carve - Tail Carve - Shiny Drop
Carapace Icon Dark Blue
Cerambus Cortex A superior shell from the back of a Cerambus. Can be used to make fine armor if cut right. 37% Body Carve
Horn Icon Grey
Cerambus Lancehorn A Cerambus horn of the highest degree. Sought after by many smiths looking to create powerful

Thunder weapons.

80% Break Horns (2)
Monster Parts Icon White
Astraspine A long, sharp quill used by the Cerambus to store the electricity of lightning. Pale blue light shines from it when swung. 25% Body Carve
Monster Parts Icon Blue
Cerambus Surgetail The best Cerambus tail on the market. The Astraspines that line it give it a Thunder elemental boost to its attacks. 72% Body Carve - Cut off Tail
Monster Parts Icon Grey
Cerambus Crown A shieldlike frill that crowned the mighty horned head of the Cerambus. Its toughness is akin to metal. 10%-


Body Carve - Break Head(2)
Mantle Icon Blue


A Cerambus scale of superior quality. Those who find it are destined to rise from the land and storm the heavens. 3% Body Carve



  • Order: Ornithoscelida
  • Suborder: Marginocephalia
  • Infraorder: Heavy Horn
  • Family: Cerambus


Cerambus can be seen living in the Vast Frontier, Royal Forest, Verdant Jungle, Wild Savanna, and Redrock Canyon areas of the Lost Continent. Herds of them are also known to gather at Mount Calamity for unknown reasons.

Ecological Niche

Cerambus are generalist herbivores, and will eat many different types of vegetation such as shoots, leaves, grasses, conifer needles, conifer cones, flowers, and fruit. In some cases they have also been observed using their powerful forelimbs and tough nails to dig for fungi and large seeds. Cerambus are also known to eat bark and twigs if greenery becomes scarce. Due to its size and power, it does not have any major predators as an adult save for the rare monster Tirraukronus, powerful Deviants such as Dreadking Rathalos and Hellblade Glavenus, and Elder Dragons. However, as juveniles are much smaller and lack the defensive horns and frills of their adult counterparts, they are much more susceptible to being preyed upon. Predators of juvenile Cerambus include Rathalos, Rathian, Tigrex, Glavenus, Glacera, and Ferleaos.

Biological Adaptations

Cerambus is well adapted to protect itself from predators. Its body is covered in many small, hard scales that are placed closely together in a fashion reminiscent of chainmail. Its hide is thick and folded, allowing for another layer of natural defense. The carapace on its back is also extremely tough, and almost completely shields its spine from any attack. Its legs are packed with powerful muscles that enable it to make quick and powerful charges. However, its main source of defense is its head, which sports two long frontal horns and a broad frill. The frill protects its neck and shoulders from the fangs and claws of predators, and its frontal horns are used to thrust at predators and in shoving matches with rival males. The horns and frills are also used in display to indicate an individual Cerambus's fitness/age. It also possesses small quills that provide a minor defense against small predators like Great Jaggi that seek to attack it from the rear. Its horns, frill, and quills can also be charged with electricity, which makes its physical attacks more powerful and adds the Thunder element to its attacks. This helps give it an edge against monsters who are weak to the Thunder element.


Despite being a herbivorous species, Cerambus can become surprisingly hostile and has a large temper. It generally tolerates the company of smaller herbivores such as its distant relative Tarrustah, but if they begin to intrude on its resources or make it uncomfortable, it will not hesitate to drive them off or attack them. Cerambus is also known to be a dedicated parent, and will charge to the defense of its young if it feels they are in danger in any way. With the exception of females with young, Cerambus is solitary.


Cerambus Icon by TheBrilliantLance Scelidians with power over the Thunder element. By standing in thunderstorms, they can use their lightning rod-like horns to attract and absorb falling lightning bolts. However, if there are no nearby thunderclouds, they simply absorb solar energy to convert into electricity.


  • When enraged, Cerambus will huff blue smoke and its frill will glow.
  • When exhausted, it will trip and fall at the end of its charges.
  • When weak, it will eat a nearby bush to recover health.
  • Cerambus's roar requires Earplugs to block.
  • Cerambus can be carved 4 times.


  • Cerambus's name is derived form "Triceratops", "Ram", and "Nimbus".
    • Its Japanese name, Tohekirekira, is a combination of the Japanese words for "Triceratops" and "Thunderclap".
  • This was the first monster TheBrilliantLance has ever created.
  • Cerambus and Tirraukronus's rivalry is a reference to the rivalry between Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus in real life.