Ceonecrus by Setheo
Titles Fishers trouble maker
Nicknames Fishers Nightmare
General Info
Species Carapaceon
Habitats At every place with an Ocean/ Lake/ Sea
Size 410.45 cm
145.20 cm
Relatives None
Signature Move Bubble Beam/ Claw Smash
Elements Element Water Water
Ailments Severe Waterblight Waterblight
Status Stun Stun
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Element Thunder Thunder
Creator Setheo

The Ceonecrus is a Carapaceon that often raids fisher boats and ruins their nets, which was why it got called a "Fishers Nightmare" from the people who live near the Ocean.


Ceonecrus are medium sized Carapaceon's which dwell near the shorelines of beaches, some like the ones near the Jungle. Although the smallest of Carapaceon bosses they can also be dangerous, since they have the ability to summon another Ceonecrus into battle through some sort of call, There have been rare sightings of Ceonecrus summoning more than one of its species but these are only the strongest of their species. They have quite hard shells which are difficult to pierce with low sharpness.


Their techniques of killing a hunter is too summon allies in the middle of battle while the hunter is distracted so the secondary Ceonecrus can strike a quick and deadly blow to the hunters back, possibly even crippling the hunter if weak enough armour is equipped. They tend to eat small fish at the shorelines when hungry. They are sometimes hunted for their incredibly strong and powerful claws which are used to make lethal weaponry for hunters once the claws have been obtained.


The Ceonecrus are rather slow monsters but make up for this with the cunning trap of summoning an ally, their attacks consist of swiping with their sharp claws, lunging at the hunter in an attempt to damage it with its solid shell and rarely when summoning an ally the summoned Ceonecrus may dig up from underneath the hunter and pin their legs while the other Ceonecrus closes in for the deathly blows to finish the hunter. The Hunter has to struggle to get free before they meet their untimely end.

Breakable Parts

  • Claws x2
  • Shell x1



  • Long Sword: Ceon Slicer
  • Dual Blades: Deaths Pincers
  • Heavy Bowgun: Ceon ShellBlaster