Carcalodon Prime
Titles Devil Hammer Weapon
Nicknames Carca Prime
General Info
Species Brute Wyvern
Habitats Ancient Mines
Size Large
Relatives Carcalodon (Extinct)
Signature Move Jackhammer
Elements Element Earth
Ailments Element EarthSevere Earthblight
Weaknesses Element Fire(In the Eye Sockets)
Creator YukiHerz
The Carcalodon Prime is a man-made variant of the extinct Carcalodon Brute Wyvern.


The original Carcalodon was a large Theropod Brute Wyvern, usually around the height of Deviljho or larger, it had a feathered body and a long head similar to that of a crocodile or alligator.

Carcalodon Prime was created by the Ancients much like Duremudira, using the Carcalodon as a base, they improved its toughness by adding copper biometallic plating to cover its sleek figure, its arms feature long blades pointing outwards, while its tail was made into a hammer-like limb to help balance weight.

Its face features a skull-like full cover plating, adding two glowing appendages where its eye sockets would be, with two horns spawning outwards which were not originally part of Carcalodon, its back spines were kept as is.


Carcalodon Prime
Question Mark Icon Orange The Carcalodon Prime is a Bio-Weapon made by the ancients to guard their buildings.

The Carcalodon Prime is blind, as the Ancients knew that with time underground their vision would quickly diminish, they added the two glowing appendages similar to a substance also used in Duremudira for other purposes, these allow the monster to feel its surroundings, combining smell, temperature and energy waves.


The Carcalodon was an innate melee Brute, and Carcalodon Prime shows remarkable memory on its original methods of attack, it jumps, kicks, tail whips, bites and headbutts savagely at foes.

Carcalodon Prime can throw boulders around with its hammer tail, it also uses it to slam down foes and to create earthquakes and tremors that cause dirt and rocks to fall from the ceiling.


Sword and Shield

Broken Prime Hammer

Damage: 250
Element: Earth, 120
Sharpness: Blue
Slots: --O

Prime Hammer

Damage: 280
Element: Earth, 180
Sharpness: White
Slots: -OO

Prime Hammer+

Damage: 320
Element: Earth, 200
Sharpness: White
Slots: -OO


Broken Prime Slammer

Damage: 250
Element: Earth, 120
Sharpness: Green
Slots: -OO

Prime Slammer

Damage: 280
Element: Earth, 190
Sharpness: Blue
Slots: OOO

Prime Slammer+

Damage: 320
Element: Earth, 210
Sharpness: Blue/White
Slots: OOO


  • It is somewhat based on the Carcharodontosaurus, with the idea of a hammer and a bioweapon added.
  • Unlike Duremudira, there is enough information on Carcalodon Prime that it can be considered a Brute Wyvern.
  • This monster is a Burst Species.