Bright Lightenna are a subspecie of Lightenna appearing in High Rank. They tend to fight on ground instead of fighting while flying. They lost their ability to produce electricity but instead reflect sunlight with their shell and use it to fight.
Bright Lightenna
Titles Bright Scarab
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General Info
Species Neopteron
Habitats Forest and Hills, Desert, Dunes
Size medium
Relatives Lightenna
Signature Move Concentrated sunlight laser
Elements Element Light
Ailments N/A
Weaknesses Element Fire,Element Darkness
Creator Pabmel


Bright Lightenna
Icon for your Monster A subspecie of Lightenna. Its shell aloow it to reflect sunlight

Bright Lightennas are a subspecie of Lightenna. While the normal Lightena have developed rear legs, all of Bright Lightenna legs are of the same size. Its wings are also smaller due to it not flying as much as its relative. They have a really pale, almost transparent colour.


Bright Lightennas aren't particularly aggresive. However, they can be fierce when hunting their preys, which never are bigger than a hunter.


Bright Lightennas shells can reflect sunlight. They use it to blind hunters like Gypceros do, but can also use this abilitie on a more agressice maner, reflecting blasts or even lasers of concentrated sunlight, like a magnifying glass.

Rage and Tired States

  • Rage State:

Its shell will glow, and it will be able to use its laser.

  • Tired State:

It will fall during its charges, and won't be able to blind the hunters.


Same as Seltas.


It share the ground non electrical attacks of its relative, along with some new ground attack and light using attacks.

  • Horn jump

It will jump and slash the ground with its horn.

  • Charge and Landing

Similat to Scarynchus one.

  • 180° turn

Without warning, it will spin and slash the hunters near to it with his horn.

  • Claw swipe and throw

It will swipe its claw, sending the hunter flying, and then throw him with its horn.

  • Flash

Its shell will glow (this being harder to see when it is in rage mode, even though the glow colour is slighty different) a,d it will then produce a flash that stun the hunters.

  • Light blast

The Bright Lightenna crouch, point its shell at a hunter and reflect sunlight in three bolts. Inflicts Light elemental damage.

  • Star shapped Light blast

It will crouch, and instead of pointing its shell towards the sky. 5 bolts of light while be reflected around it in a star shaped formation. Inflicts Light elemental damage.

  • Giant Bolt

It will do the same animation as for a light blast, but instead reflect only one bigger bolt.

  • Concentrated Light Laser

It will perform the Light blast animation, but the glow of its shell will intensifie. It will then quickly reflect a single directional laser. Inflicts Light Elemental Damage. Only used in rage mode.

Breakable parts / Weakness Chart

  • Breakable parts

Sama as Lightenna.

  • Weakness Chart

Its legs are its weakspot.