Borsterane by Setheo
Titles Forest Runner Wyvern
Nicknames Bors
General Info
Species Behemoth
Habitats Overgrown Shrine, Lush Gorge, Everwood, Primal Forest, Great Forest, Misty Peaks
Size Large
Relatives None
Signature Move Boulder smash
Elements None
Ailments Status BleedingStatus Stun
Weaknesses Element FireElement Dragon
Creator Setheo
Borsterane is a mysterious Behemoth that has been found deep within forests.


Borsterane has a similar appearance to Estrellian, however, it's known that this monster is a Behemoth. It has a long body with leaf-like fins and moss covered back, this along with the greenish brown shell helps Borsterane to hide perfectly in its environment. It has two prominent yellowish horns as main feature, the horns get longer over the years and can tell how old is the individual. Borsterane has muscular legs with sharp claws for running and a long tail that helps it to keep the balance.


Despite of its peaceful and elegant look, Borsterane is surprisingly aggressive towards intruders. This monster makes wide territories in heavily forested areas, marking old trees with their horns, and will attack any potential threats that enter in it, including other big monsters. Borsterane is a predatory monster that prefers small prey such as Kelbi or Mosswine, attacking from the undergrowth. Nargacuga and Borsterane have an intense rivalry relationship since they both prey on the same prey.

Borsterane is known for running at great speeds through the forest without being obstructed by the trees, this grants it the title of Forest Runner. Its main weapon are its horns and its sharp leaf-like fins.


Borsterane attacks using its big horns with charges at high speed, headbutts and jolts. It can confuse enemies moving from a side to another and attacking all of a sudden, it can throw sharp leaf-like scales to targets in different ways like jumping, rolling or balling, these scales can inflict Bleeding.

Borsterane's tail can throw sharp scales as well and is quite muscular, so it can be used in different ways to attack such as slamming it or spinning. Its claws are also a dangerous weapon and can perform quick claw swipes. Borsterane will usually perform a pin attack when tired, moving forward, it will hold the hunter with the claws and attempt to eat him/her to regain stamina.


  • Horns (twice), each front leg and back can be broken and its tail can be severed.