Bokunrex  is a Brute Wyvern. It is encountered in High rank and Above.

Titles The Thunder Blade Wyvern, Tyrant of Lightning
Nicknames Bokun
General Info
Species Brute Wyvern
Habitats coming soon...
Size Large
Relatives Diabolic Bokunrex, Glavenus, Incinerating Blade Glavenus
Signature Move Thunderblade slash, tail sharpener, thunder beam
Elements Thunder
Ailments Thunderblight
Weaknesses Fire
Creator Gojira57 adopted by User:Rack&ruin

In Game information

- Coming soon.....


It looks a bit like a T.rex, but has a plated mouth like Glavenus, and a bladed tail as well. It's body is covered in a dark Green Exoskeleton like hide with black stripes, and it's arms have disappeared entirely during it's evolution. It's head has backwards curving horns that give it a devilish appearance.


When enraged, its body generates electricity, making its physical attacks more deadly. It can generate electricity in it's tail by sharpening it in its mouth. It can also fire "Thunder beams" from it's mouth like Rajang.


It is a Savage and Aggressive Brute Wyvern. It is especially aggressive towards hunters!


Coming soon....

Rage and Tired State

Fatigued State

When fatigued, it will drool, and it will trip when doing tail attacks, and fail to fire thunder beams.

Rage mode

When Enraged, it's whole body will generate Electricity, and it's mouth will huff white smoke. At this point, all of it's physical attacks will be enhanced with thunder element.


Coming soon....


Similar to Deviljho

Breakable Parts

  • Face (scarred)
  • Belly (Scarred)
  • Back (broken)
  • Horns (broken twice after face is scarred)
  • Tailblade (broken)


NOTE: Materials in Italic are found in other monsters as well.....

High Rank Materials
Icon Name Description
Scale Icon Dark Green
Bokunrex Scale An Emerald Green Scale from a Bokunrex. Pretty, yet menacing.
Carapace Icon Dark Green
Bokunrex Carapace A CArapace that is stronger than a single Bokunrex Scale.
Scale Icon Dark Green
Bokunrex Plate A Plate from a Bokunrex. An Emerald Green and impenetrable defense!
Fang Icon Dark Green
Bokunrex Fang A Menacing Fang from a Bokunrex. Used to sharpen the tailblade.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Green
Bokunrex Blade The Blade froma Bokunrex's tail. Generates electricity when sharpened.
Ball Icon Dark Green
Bokunrex Gem A Gem from a Bokunrex that gives of an aura of electricity, even when handled. Be careful not to get shocked!
Sac Icon Yellow
Thunder Sac -
G-Rank Materials
Icon Name Description
Scale Icon Dark Green
Bokunrex Shard A Shard of a Bokenrex's hide. A Pretty Emerald Green, but stil tough
Carapace Icon Dark Green
Bokunrex Cortex The Cortex of a Bokunrex is better than a single shard.
Mantle Icon Dark Green
Bokunrex Mantle A Mantle from a Bokunrex. Very Tough, just like the Bokunrex!
Fang Icon Dark Green
Bokunrex Thunderfang A Fang from a Bokunrex that has an electrical charge to it.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Green
Bokunrex Thunderblade A Quality Blade from the Tail of a Bokunrex. Sharp, and generates alot of electricity!
Ball Icon Dark Green
Bokunrex Storm Gem A Gem from a Bokunrex that embodies the power of a storm.
Sac Icon Yellow
Lightning Sac -
R-Rank Materials
Icon Name Description
Scale Icon Dark Green
Bokunrex Stormshard A Quality Shard froma Bokunrex. Has a metallic sheen to it's green color.
Carapace Icon Dark Green
Bokunrex Stormshell A Shell that is tough and has a bit of static charge to it.
Fang Icon Dark Green
Bokunrex Thunderfang+ A Quality Fang with alot of electricity to it! Careful not to get cut or shocked!
Ball Icon Dark Green
Bokunrex Thunder Emerald An Emerald like Gem from the Bokunrex that embodies the power of Thunderstorms.
Sac Icon Yellow
Thunderstorm Sac -


NOTE: Suggest some moves!


Self explanatory. (Thunderblight when enraged)

Tail Slash

Slashes at the target with it's tail blade. (thunderblight after Bokunrex Sharpens its tail or is in rage mode.)

Tail Sharpener

Sharpens its tail in the fashion of Glavenus. Makes the Tailblade sharper and stimulates it's Electric generating abilities in that area.

Thunder Beam

Will fire from it's mouth a Beam of Electricity similar in the fashion of a Gravios' Fire Beam. (Thunderblight)

Thunder Beam Sweep

Same as Thunder beam, only in a sweeping motion to the left or right. (Thunderblight)

Hip slam

Similar to Deviljho, will slam into the hunter with it's side. (Thunderblight when enraged)


Will stomp on the ground, causing tremors. (Quake status)

Armor Sets

Coming soon....


It shares Glavenus' theme.....

Non Subspecies Variants

Diabolic Bokunrex

Diabolic Bokunrex is an adult female of the species during the breeding season. it's hide has gotten darker, and it's eyes turned red, giving it a frightening appearance, to show other creatures it is in heat, and should be left alone!

Notes and Trivia

  • It's design motif was a "Land Based Astalos".
  • It's name comes from the japenese word for "Tyrant" and the Species name of Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • It will not eat meat placed by hunters if it sees hunters doing so.
  • Hunters will be inflicted with thunderblight if they mount the Bokunrex while its enraged.
  • Most of it's weapons are upgraded from high rank Glavenus Weapons.
  • All Bokunrex that are hunted are males, except for "Diabolic Bokunrex" which is a Female.


Coming soon....

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