• Setheo

    Christmas Event 2017

    December 17, 2017 by Setheo

    First of all I need to apologize to everyone for the late Blog creation, it has been overdue since two weeks but due to some technical issues i wasn't able to create it anytime sooner.  *Bows in polite japanese*

    So, as every year the Staff decided to make a Christmas Event  and hopes for contributions again just as last year. Just as the Halloween Event there will be a prize (giftcard worth of 10-15€ depending on which platform you want to redeem your prize).

    The rules to the contest are simple: Hand in a Christmas themed creature of a canon class (No subs, Variante, etc) , add as much data and info to the page please, otherwise it will not be recognized. Start will be 8th Dezember till 1st January. Please keep in mind that each person may on…

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  • Ace hunter1324

    If you could eat a monster what monster would it be?and would you simply eat it cooked or would you roast it or fry it or eat it with a side? What would you think said monster would taste like?

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  • Rathalosaurus rioreurensis

    What's up FanonWiki? So, TheElusiveOne and I have come up with an idea for fan-made localised names for the frontier monsters. These names are really just an idea of how the monsters' names could sound like when localised - note that some of the names were just simplified rather than fully changed. We at first made them just for ourselves, but then thought: "Why not make a blog post to see what other people think?" To cut a long-ish story short, here are the names - and for everyone who wants to use them, plase feel free to do so.

    • Elupa = Erupe
    • Ulki = Uruki
    • Brakulath = Burukku

    • Arratertor = Odibatorasu
    • Arualotai = Anorupatisu
    • Ascarthas = UNKNOWN Black Flying Wyvern
    • Barzughal = Baruragaru
    • Barayozus = Berukyurosu
    • Drakhayozus = Doragyurosu
    • Duera Moroxa …

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  • Chaoarren

    Now that all the ideas have came together and the deadline for submission has passed, it is now time for the voting. You can select one monster and one area from the two polls you think are the best. As stated in the idea submission page, the winner of these gets a reward from Setheo.

    Reminder: You cannot vote for your idea, vote for another users one. If it is discovered you have done so, your entry may be removed.

    Also, only entries that have FanonMonsterHunter pages are included in this poll, OldFanon entries have been declared invalid unless they are moved to here in time.

    The deadline for voting is November 14th.

    The winner of both the monster and area categories is TheBrilliantLance! Congratulations to him, he shall receive his reward in …

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  • Setheo

    Halloween Contest 2017

    October 8, 2017 by Setheo

    Alright, like last year we'll be doing a contest with our halloween theme. Since it went well last year I hope to se some contributuions again this year too.

    The rules are simple, create something based from MH (And/or Fanon) and spice it up with some halloween theme. It can be anything including Monsters, Areas, Weapons or even armors. Please note that ebery person is only allowed to contribute one of each Category ( A for Area, M for Monster, E for Equipment). The prize will be a Nitendo Giftcard with 10-15€.

    End of the contest will be November 7th. After that everyone will have a week to vote on a contribution, also for those who don't know out custom voting rules: You may only vote once, you may only vote on someone elses contribution and not on your ow…

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  • T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting)

    Ebenomokun is an Elder Dragon that first appeared in Monster Hunter Advance, but it isn't intended to be as important to the game's plot as it is in the FanFiction of the game.

    It's primary ability is that it can use a store of energy that naturally builds up in it's body to revitalize living things. It also knows any person's natural lifespan. If they were killed before their time was up, the Ebenomokun will use the energy to bring them back to life, at the cost of most of their memories, save for their name and the name of some of the people closest to them. Once it uses all of this energy, it must find a place to hibernate and recharge, which takes many years at least.

    It's name is a combination of Leben, the German word for Life, a modif…

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  • Chaoarren

    Hello everyone. As you may have known Rio is taking a break from editing here due to issues with his personal life. The monster render he made reflects his feelings and thoughts he has. I'll try to explain them here.

    Why is it a flying wyvern?: It is to reflect the repeating of his sadness over and over again, like how the class is used constantly with each game.

    Why does it have a large tongue?: Rio doesn't have any people except for a select few here, myself included to talk about his feelings.

    What does the red stand for, and why is it mostly on the spikes?: It stands for Rio's state of his heart, as in his emotional heart. They are on the spikes because he feels like spikes are piercing through it.

    What does the purple stand for, and why d…

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  • Setheo

    Visual Tutorial Guide

    April 20, 2017 by Setheo

    Since i have been seing how users don't know how to edit properly and add/do stuff within our wiki and reading the guides in wikia seems to be too much for them, i've decided to make a smart tutorial video. I think i'll start making a small series of "How to..." in order to explain how we do stuff within our wiki.

    If you have any specific request on what you would want to have explained please tell me so.

    • How to:Template/infobox
      • How to add the template:"Infobox Monster" and other templates.

    • How to:Template/Carving Template
      • Showing how to add and use the carving template.
      • VID here soon
    • How to:Template/Area
      • Showing how to use the area template and how to use it.
      • VID here soon
    • How to:Rules
      • Simply guide through the rules and the reasoning behind them.
      • VID…

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  • Chaoarren

    Ok, now that the week has passed the entries will now be added to this page and the voting will begin. You have two days to vote and the two highest voted statuses/elements will win and be officially added to the list here to be used by everyone.

    Be very aware that you cannot vote for your own idea, being caught doing so will result in immediate disqualification from the contest and your idea removed.

    Make sure that you're certain which is your favourite out of the ideas.


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  • Chaoarren

    Since Setheo is on hiatus thanks to MHXX's release it is I who will be hosting this event.

    Recently we created skill pages for the new skill list system, which took our fanon above 1000 pages. So, to celebrate this landmark there shall be an element burst!

    Here a little revision/facts/Rules on what is going to happen now for a week or so: 

    • Everyone is allowed to enter this contest
    • Each person is only allowed to enter one Idea (Either 1 Status Effect or 1 Element or 1 Blight).
    • Please give in details to your idea!
      • What makes it unique?
      • How many monsters will you think will be using this new ailment?
      • How is it created and how can it be cured? If not why?
      • Where does your Idea come from? What does its name mean?
      • How many pages have you planned that will …

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  • Setheo

    Frenzy Quest Contest

    March 7, 2017 by Setheo

    Hello dear Fanon community, As the new Template for the Quests has been created i wanted to use this opertunity to get everyone here into the quest template by making a small contest about it. the idea is simple; create 3 Quests and win a neat prize.

    Since the quest template has been created to finaly enhance the Fangames a bit more and make them look better, I have though of making this contest. By creating three Quests with the template everyone can contribute and win a 10€ Giftcard (Google play, steam, amazon etc).

    If you need any help use the following links below.

    Template Link:

    • Template:Infobox Quest

    Icon List Link:

    • Item Icon List

    The three Quest types everyone can hand in are Fun, Fanon, or Canon. This means each contributer has to hand in one of each o…

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  • Setheo

    Path Ideas Needed

    February 6, 2017 by Setheo

    This post is directed to all users in this wiki. I am posting not as an the Crat but more as a user myself from my FanGame:Monster Hunter Project Gigas. Since i have completed (more or less) all monsters, as also all the areas, for its openingmy next big tackle would be the weapon paths.

    For this I would like some help from you guys (and grills, i'm looking at you Cookie). What i would need are simple ideas for weapon paths such we know from any other MH game. Here a link of what i mean: Weapon Tree Link. I kind of lack the time to make up weapon trees, also in order to do so you'll need to know what monster are in Project Gigas which are listed here [Project Gigas Monsters]. What I would like is to see multiple ideas from this wiki with di…

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  • TheBrilliantLance

    You may have noticed that I have created two new pages recently: those of Dokutsune and Astrian. This is because I am working on making altenate gender counterparts to the Fated Four, much like how Rathian and Rathalos are the male and female of the same species. 

    The thing is, when designing these counterparts, I want to make them considerably different from the existing fated four. After all, Rathalos and Rathian have completely different fighting styles, and I wanted my counterparts to be unique in that same way. I approached this be giving the counterparts more emphasis on non-elemental status effects: Dokutsune has Poison, and Astrian has Paralysis.

    However, I found myself at something of a roadblock when thinking of a male counterpart …

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  • BannedLagiacrus

    Hello everyone! BannedLagiacrus here and I'm here today to giveaway a few of my scrapped ideas! These ideas are of a Subspecies, some Rare Species, and a Deviant, that I've chosen not to finish or just don't plan on making. Anyway, here is the few I'm giving away!

    Yeah, I actually thought about doing this, but went against it. The reason why is, because the Fated Four were getting a bit repetitive to see on this wiki and from having done plenty for them in the form of HCs and Subspecies.

    As the name implies, Akull Astalos would have been controlling the Ice Element. Unlike the other Astalos species, this one would've specialized in using its tail to fight foes. Akull Astalos's tail would change to four forms in the battle as it got closer to …

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  • Ailuromancy


    January 10, 2017 by Ailuromancy

    I'm baaaack. ;)

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  • Chaoarren

    My list of concepts and monsters that never got made here.

    This was a concept planned for Tri Frenzy but was never created due to not being able to find a good idea to create them into. Since The Frenzy was a big part in the FanGame, hence the name, I thought of creating minion classed Magala species and this came to mind. Essentially they are Magalas that have recently broken out of a host's body and are not in the Gore Magala stage yet. What I could think of was them being like Zamites, they would leach onto hunters and also other monsters bodies and drain them of bloods while infecting them in the process. They would then transform from a worm-like shape to a form that looks like a chibified Gore Magala.

    For a while I had an idea for Tyny…

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  • Setheo

    Christmas 2016

    December 25, 2016 by Setheo

    Alright, Hello everyone

    Just wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas and hope they have a good time together with their families. Also I want to welcome all newcomers to our wiki and every returnees. I hope we get along well and see lots of new awesome creations. Just be sure to check our policies to avoid problems with the staff.

    As for me, Christmas was pretty good, got some money and some other nice mini gifts. (The older you get the smaller the presents go) Got some perfume candles, a Cactus plushie and a small starwars lego set.

    Work was the last few weeks deadly, since i work now in retail the customers have been going apeshit on the smallest things. It was really stressfull thus I wasn't really active in the wiki and wasn't able to c…

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  • Rex White

    Exactly as the title says. If I do continue, there will be some changes. Firstly, Thashath will be dropped, for multiple reasons. The main one being that it's too similar to Agnaktor (Who I had not fought at the time of creating the Thashath page). Secondarily, I now realize Monster Hunter's distinct style with the powers of monsters, which directly conflicts with concepts I had thought of, so I'll drop most of them as well. Some things, such as the Gladius Seltas (Formerly known as Scimitar Seltas) will not be dropped.

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  • Chaoarren


    As Halloween is approaching and the site is currently having very low activity, I have decided that there's no better way than to start an event.

    A element/ailment contest will be held. You can write your entry in the comment section of this blog. Everyone can make one entry of an ailment or element he/she created and thinks would be usable to the members of this wiki.

    However... This time this is special! In this contest, no standard element/ailments are allowed. For this is for ideas that are based around fear and dark material. Why? Because this is a Halloween contest of course! Here you can place your most sinister ideas you can think of, as long as…

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  • Setheo

    Fanon Hunter Arts

    September 8, 2016 by Setheo

    After thinking for a while now and getting lots of ideas I really do think I should create and draw some self made hunter arts. I mean I would need some scrap artworks to show how it works and such but i also think you guys would also maybe come up with some ideas yourself. Either way, I thought of some HA that are based on the moved of some Canon monsters.

    I'll just have to think of some names and a way to show how I can explain how the HA are going to work, beside using illustrations.

    here would be some Ideas:

    • Khezu tripple volt attack for IG
    • Doton Style for DS (User uses Earth chunks to attack or evade)
    • Doton Style for GS (based on the Atatck from Uragaan, where he does his heavy chin slam)
    • Wind Gale attack (based on SW Narga) for SnS
    • Poison t…
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  • Setheo

    Project Gigas Updates

    August 18, 2016 by Setheo

    Alright so seeing that Project Gigas is stalling a bit and not going forward I'll do some "Improvements" to make it a bit easier since it is getting pretty big and almost out of hand. Also doing everything nearly alone is kinda hard for me. I'll make a list of how/what is going to change and so on.

    After looking at the list and such, Imma still seeing some of them not being done. On my part I'll either take some out or finish them. Meaning I'll reduce the amount of monsters in this project a bit. Also thinking of removing all canon monsters complete (yes, even the minions).

    As for armors, seeing that this is going to be a bit to big I'll change the META of PG (project Gigas) a bit. LR armors will have 1-2 skills max., HR armors will have 3 +…

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  • Democide

    Anniversary Contest poll

    August 18, 2016 by Democide

    So, we have five entries for this contest. Let's again look at our contestants. (I'm not gonna pull back, as what is done, is done...):

    • Chaoarren - Undrea
    • Democide - Pollution
    • Pabmel - Corrosion
    • Ligalig 960 - Vision Impairment
    • BannedLagiacrus - Solidification

    For further information on the entries please look at the comment section of this page.

    There are some simple rules in this contest. Please do not vote for your own idea, but for one of another contestant. Otherwise than this anyone can vote, not only the contestants. You are allowed to tell everyone which entry you voted for if you want to.

    There will be only one winner. The poll will end at Sunday, the 21st August 2016. Your next chance will be the contest when we reach one thousand pages in this wiki.


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  • Democide

    Well, hello, my name is Democide and I'm proud to announce that a new event will be held in the next days. The occasion is my absolvement of my 5th year in MH Fanon (old and new) creating monsters and other stuff. On Sunday, the 21st August I am five years around in wikia.

    First, another element/ailment contest will be held. You can write your entry in the comment section of this blog!. Same as always everyone can make one entry of an ailment or element he/she created and thinks would be usable to the members of this wiki. It should include several informations:

    • What does the element/ailment consist of? What does it do?
    • How many monsters do you think will use this element/ailment? Is it an exclusive element/ailment or usable for a wide range of …

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  • BannedLagiacrus

    Hello everyone! BannedLagiacrus here and I'm here today to giveaway a few of my scrapped ideas! These ideas include a few monsters and areas, that I've chosen not to finish or just don't plan on making. Anyway, here is the few I'm giving away!

    Name: Inrogin

    Title: Silver Rain Dragon

    Class: Elder Dragon

    Element: Ice, Thunder (When enraged)

    Ailments: Iceblight, Thunderblight (When enraged), Mucus, Boned

    Area: Roosting Tower

    Some of you might remember this monster being mentioned on the old Fanon Wiki, but I never really detailed it much until now! Originally, it was going to have a unique relationship with Inrogin, the Sky God, and the rain produced around the Jurassic Frontier in the Roosting Tower. It uses the rain to help produce ice-based attac…

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  • T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting)

    We are currently debating whether or not to add Customization to Monster Hunter Zephyr. I just want to know if we should have this feature or have two preset hunters with a preset backstory.

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  • Dragonzzilla

    Deviants have been in vogue since the release of MHGen/MHX in Japan. The allure of their outrageous names and new powers has compelled a number of creators here on the wiki to try their hand at making their own Deviants, styling after the seeming pattern established in MHGen. That itself doesn't bother me in the slightest; it's a craze, it happens to us all. But when I look upon these fan-works, I can't help but feel apprehensive about them. The names just kind of discourage me from reading; they just seem so out there.

    Now, I am not a moderator and do not wish to pass judgment on the quality of others' work. I am simply offering observations of mine, nothing more—it is your decision whether or not to act on them, if you have created or asp…

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  • Setheo

    500 Pages: Element Voting

    March 24, 2016 by Setheo

    Alright so now that a week has passed and it seems nobody will introduse any more Ideas I'll wrap it up here and declare the first phase of this festival for closed. Now it is time to move to the next Phase; voting. This will take about a week again to give everyone the chance to vote.

    • YukiHerz - Starlight Element
    • Narwhaler - Slobber / Gooey status
    • MonsterHunterFlacko - Plasma
    • BannedLagiacrus - Wu-Xing Element
    • Master Ceadeus 27 - Withering Wind
    • Pabmel - Acid
    • Democide - Toxysis
    • T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting) - Toxoria Disease

    Aight, we have had another entry but he had to step out to due to default.

    • Werequaza86 - (default, he used a mechanic from Frontier that already exists)

    Please keep in mind that the fanon wiki is always up to date with Main/frontier series and know pro…

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  • T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting)

    Zehokrii is the counterpart to Rethalatos. They have control over the Thunder Pole element. It and Rethalatos share a relation to an unknown monster, which ill be revealed after Zehokrii's page is complete. What do you think Zehokrii will look like? What attacks will it use? This will all be revealed soon...

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  • Dragonzzilla

    Since MHX's been approved for localization in the West as Monster Hunter Generations (I'm going to call it MHGen for short), that means names are being localized and boy, that poses repercussions for this wiki. Should we start renaming all the monsters now? I definitely know that Named Variants have been renamed as "Deviants".

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  • T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting)

    As most of you probably already know, Monster Huner X is finally coming to the west this summer. I'm super hyped to finally play it, and after seeing an announcment video, it made me want to do something. Make a little demo of a Monster Hunter game, like a Monster Hunter NEO demo or something. So, I'd like some comments saying what game should I do a demo for. Suggestions are greatly appreciated for what monster as well. If you want one of your monsters, I'll try to make and animate a model for it. So just leave that in the comments. Thanks,

    T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting) (talk) 23:38, March 3, 2016 (UTC)

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  • T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting)

    I'm planning to write a fan fiction series with different seasons revolving around my three games, Monster Hunter Alpha Dos, Monster Hunter NEO, and Monster Hunter X Unlimited. I should have some practice, due to the fact that I used to write little books. Anyway, just mentioning they will not have a name, and if you have a suggestion, just comment. I hope you will read at least one season, and enjoy them. Thanks for reading,

    T1GREXHUNTER (10 Years of Hunting) (talk) 00:00, February 19, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Setheo

    500 Pages Element Event

    February 12, 2016 by Setheo

    Okay, sooo ... We are almost at 500 pages Volks! o(≧▽≦)o

    So due to that, after some discussions I though of telling you what will be happening. Every 500 pages (hence at 500, 1k, 1,5k etc) I'll create a Blog where we'll !Vote for 1-3 New Elements/Blights/Ailments/Statuses. These will then be implented into the NewFanon here. How will it go? 

    After creating a blog, everyone may write as a comment about their Idea, here the first rule will imply: One idea per person, meaning you may contribute one of the following as a contest entry:Elements/Blights/Ailments/Statuses. This means not ONE element and ONE Blight and ONE Ailment, it means you have to pick one of those and make it an single entry. I hope that is clear so far. Please give in as much as …

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  • Rex White

    Moving to this Wiki

    January 24, 2016 by Rex White

    I realized that a lot of stuff had just changed/ been deleted on the old wiki, so I've decided to move over here.

    The Thashath page will be moved over here shortly. I am halfway done with the Scimitar Seltas page.

    I have also thought up two new monsters which will be subspecies. They have evolved from their normal forms to be symbiotic. For now, all I will give you is that both monsters in their normal form are first found in MH3, one is integral to low rank, and the other is integral to high rank.

    Here is the order in which I will be making the pages for these new monsters.

    1. Scimitar Seltas

    2. Scimitar Seltas Queen

    3. Penguem

    4. Aeriostega

    5. Therizinoterror

    6. Secret Monster 1

    7. Secret Monster 2 (Both will be released at the same time)

    Those are…

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  • Setheo

    Personal List of Works

    January 5, 2016 by Setheo

    Just making a Blog for myself to keep trap of all my Pages that Aren't Monster creations for a better overview and references.(Alphabetical Order)

    • Idea:New Coatings
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