None Yet
Titles Leader Of The World's Weakest Monster
Nicknames Great Blob, Big Blob, Bigger Circle With Eyes, Bundle Of Jelly
General Info
Species Celloid
Habitats All Main Areas
Size Small
Relatives HC Blobdrome, Blob, Onealg
Signature Move Having An Attack
Elements None
Ailments None
Weaknesses None
Creator Chaoarren

Blobdrome are leaders of Blobs.

Aesthetic Differences

Blobdrome Icon by Chaoarren A Blob created from multiple eggs merging into one. Blobs like to follow them around like Velociprey follow their largest and can be found in all places they can. Many are shocked by this one's ability of having an attack.

Blobdromes have a slightly more detailed design, their eyes now have a white pupil that are seen connected to a circular grey brain.


Blobdrome have the same behaviour as any other Blob, unless it sees something that poses a risk for Blobs. If it does it will proceed to jump into their face with a jump. If that fails it will proceed to do it again or flee.


Blobdrome's can be mounted and have a unique animation for it. They will hop up and down repeatedly to try and get the hunter off.



Rage And Tired States

  • Enraged: It's brain glows red and the insides of it bubble.
  • Tired: It's brain turns bluish and its body droops.


  • Jump!: Blobdrome stretches backwards and launches itself at it's target's face. After doing this it will roll on the floor. This attack can only knock hunters down on their backsides and only does very slightly more damage than a standard minion monster.

Damage/Status Animations

For modorate flinches Blobdrome will be knocked backwards and face the direction of the attack which caused it.

For heavy flinches Blobdrome will be sent rolling in the direction opposite where the attack hit it.

For upswing caused flinches Blobdrome will be sent flying for a second and fall to the ground.

If paralysed it will shake like jelly.

If put to sleep it will fall on its "face". This is also the animation it uses if it goes into the Frenzied state.

Death Animation

Blobdrome use a slightly altered version of the inflated Zamtrioses death animation.


They also share Blob materials.

Low Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Cytoplasm Icon Grey Blobdrome Jelly More developed than a standard Blob's it sees fit to be used in much more material. Use of this however is considered controversial.
Ball Icon Grey Blobdrome Brain The brain of a Blobdrome serves as it's true shower of feelings for it. If the user is angry or hungry it will change colour.

High Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Cytoplasm Icon Grey Blobdrome Jelly+ Even these monsters have higher ranked versions and the materials to go with them. It has a smooth and firm feel to it.
Ball Icon Grey Blobdrome Brain+ The brain of a Blobdrome is the only true edible part of it to most beings, and that's saying much.

G Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Cytoplasm Icon Grey Blobdrome Thickjelly A premium sample of Blobdrome material. At this quality it can be used to protect against lethal environments.
Ball Icon Grey Blobdrome Finebrain Its sad to think even once at its maximum potential and growth the Blobdrome's only method of dealing with threats was to jump into their faces.

Interactions with The Frenzy/Hyper Status/Apex

Blobdrome can be inflicted with The Frenzy, only difference other than the red eyes and purple tint is that its trail causes The Frenzy,

Blobdrome cannot become Apex or be in the Hyper Status.


  • Blobdrome was created due to Chaoarren wanting to create something weak after making Dragonvoice Brute Tigrex, the voice killer Deviant and Cwealis, who has enough power to be considered a living god.