Barricade Gammoth is a Rare Species of Gammoth originally conceptualized by BannedLagiacrus, but redone further by TheBrilliantLance.
Barricade Gammoth
Titles Obstructing Giant Beast
Nicknames None
General Info
Species Fanged Beast
Habitats Jurassic Frontier, Verdant Hills, Primal Forest, Ancestral Steppe
Size Large
Relatives Gammoth, Silver Ridge Gammoth, Flint Gammoth
Signature Move Not So Fast!
Elements None
Ailments Stun

Bleeding (in jungle areas)

Weaknesses Fire, Ice
Creator TheBrilliantLance


Barricade Gammoth is much larger than a regular Gammoth, roughly the size of a gold crown Diablos. Unlike the regular Gammoth, Barricade Gammoth dwells in jungles and mountainous regions. They also have much thinner fur due to living in more moderate temperatures. This fur is brown and green where Gammoth's is blue and red. Barricade Gammoth's trunk is also slightly larger and thicker than that of a normal Gammoth, due to having stronger muscles.


Barricade Gammoth cannot produce icy armor on its legs, or use any kind of elemental attacks like Gammoth can. However, it shares all of Gammoth's basic melee attacks while adding a few of its own.

All Locations

Not So Fast!: When hunters fight Barricade Gammoth, it will grab a large log or boulder (depending on terrain) and block off an area entrance/exit nearby, giving hunters less room to escape from its attacks. This roadblock will remain in effect until it decides to cross to the area it blocked off by breaking through it.

Giant's Footsteps: When in Rage Mode, it can cause a quake effect with every step it takes.

Trunk Combination: Barricade Gammoth slams its trunk on the ground before doing its half-turn attack, them lifting its trunk up and doing it again.

Grab And Throw: Barricade Gammoth grabs a hunter with its trunk, forcing them to mash buttons until they escape or throw a Dung Bomb. If the hunter does not escape the pin, Barricade Gammoth will violently toss them away, turning them into a living projectile! If there is more than one hunter in the area, Barricade Gammoth will throw the hunter it grabbed at another hunter, dealing damage to both of them.

Jungle Locations Only

Log Club: Barricade Gammoth lifts up a large log with its powerful trunk before slamming it down on a hunter, dealing heavy damage.

Log Roll: Has the same startup animation as the Log Club attack, but rather than using it like a club, the Barricade Gammoth rolls it on the ground instead. Doesn't do quite as much damage as the Log Club attack, but has considerable horizontal range.

Splinters: Rather than lifting the log with its trunk, Barricade Gammoth instead puts it under its front feet, and then stomps on it. This attack scatters shards of wood in an area around it, and these shards cause Bleeding if they hit.

Mountain Locations Only

Rock Drop: Barricade Gammoth lifts up an enormous boulder before dropping it on the ground. If the boulder falls on a hunter, it can cause Stun.

Boulder Bowling: Rather than lifting up and dropping its boulder, the Barricade Gammoth instead rolls it at a hunter. Does not cause Stun, but can still do heavy damage.

Earthshatter: Barricade Gammoth rears up on its hind legs before smashing down with an incredible force, causing the ground below it to crack and rocks to fly out. These rocks don't do much damage, but can cause hunters to flinch.


Barricade Gammoth
{{{Monster Icon}}} Massive creatures whose brute strength belies their intelligence. Barricade Gammoth are masters of manipulating the environment to attack, capable of shattering rocks with their stomps and wielding trees like bludgeons. As elusive as they are majestic, the Guild is still conducting research on this mysterious monster.

Due to their nomadic nature, there is still much unknown about Barricade Gammoth, It wasn't discovered until relatively recently, and even then it was thought to be a different species of monster altogether due to its numerous differences from the regular Gammoth. However, recent research seems to suggest that Barricade Gammoth is simply a rare subspecies of Gammoth.


  • I based Barricade Gammoth's jungle attacks off the concept of logging elephants.
  • This is the first rare species I've ever created.
    • It's also the first time I adopted an idea from someone else.

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