Baraloros by Setheo
Titles Ice Bird King
Nicknames Baralo
General Info
Species Bird Wyvern
Habitats Tundra, Snowy Mountains
Size Medium
Relatives Hypnocatrice
Signature Move Ice Mortar Attack
Elements Element Ice Ice
Ailments Element Ice Iceblight Severe Iceblight Severe Iceblight
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire Element Thunder Thunder
Creator Azo369
Artwork: Setheo


The appearence of Baraloros is quite strange as it has an odd shaped beak for easily crushing the Neopterons they eat, they upper part of the beak is longer than the bottom but only slightly, it is shaped like a curved blade when the bottom part has four blade like curves pointing upwards, two on each side and then a straight point center of the bottom part of the beak, the whole body is ice white with patches of blue in certain places. Itshead is ice white but it has a line of fur going down its neck which is blue.

The body is quite small because of its diet of Neopterons. Its body is ice white but with a streak of blue fur going all the way down the back and it stops as it reaches the tail.

The tail is quite long and is also completely white but with small spikes on the tail which are blue and can cause iceblight if touched aswell as the ice breath attacks being able to cause iceblight. The wings are quite small as they are only used sometimes for the Baraloros to change area but they are completely white with 4 medium sized blue spikes coming from the tips of the wings, finally the legs are relatively small and are completely white with its small talon-like claws being the blue colour which is the same as the tail and wing spikes.

A Medium sized Bird Wyvern like no other of the Bird Wyvern species. This monster uses the power of ice from living in the Tundra for so long, some believe it may be the reasons for snow storms around villages where it lives. Be very wary of the freezing ice it breathes as even expert hunters need to watch out for it as they may be encased in ice for eternity.

Habitat and Ecology

Baraloros usually prey on Altaroth but if they get the chance then they will eat Bnahabra.Baraloros are quite large Bird Wyverns that live in the Tundra or Snowy Mountains, they are equal in size to a Hypnocatrice and acts very similar to a Hypnocatrice when performing attacks against hunters.

Breakable parts

  • Beak - The curved part of the beak breaks and the top part of the beak becomes scarred.
  • Wings x2 - The spikes on the front of the wings break, only leaving a select few left and the wing bone at the back breaks.
  • Tail (damage not sever) - Most spikes are damaged and broken and the tail becomes scarred.

Quest Low Rank Level 3 Title: The Winter child

  • Goal: Hunt a Baraloros.
  • Location: Tundra (Night).
  • Reward: 2800z.
  • Main Monsters: Popo + Baggi.
  • Limit: 50 minutes.
  • Fee: 340z.
  • Terms: None.
  • Success: Hunt a Baraloros
  • Failure: Reward hits 0, or time expires.
  • Client: Injured Hunter
    • Details: "I was told to go investigate what was causing the snow storms, and I found a Shining White Bird, it was beautiful....until it tried to kill me! I need any Hunter to go hunt that Monster down to protect my pride!