Bamboo Grove
Name Bamboo Grove
"A big bamboo forest inhabited by many different monsters. A lake inside the grove is central point for many species."
Area No. 9
Hazards -
Small monsters Kelbi, Gargwa, Suito, Norados
Big monsters Plesioth, Zinogre, Suitonga, Bluzarvus
Creator/s Democide
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Climate Boreal
Weather -
Secret Areas -
Aquatic Areas 2
Shortcuts 2

The Bamboo Grove is a big boreal area which consists of great bamboo forests and some rocky ledges inside. A lake is located inside the forest which most monsters are reliant on.


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  • Base Camp: Inside a small area inside the forest surrounded by rocks. The only way leads to Area 1.
  • Area 1: An area within the grove with many bamboo growing. A way brings you to Area 2, another one to Area 5.
  • Area 2: The area has some thick bamboo that can be climbed to get to a higher altitude onto a net-like construction. The path below the net goes to Area 3. A climbabale wall on the net leads to Area 7.
  • Area 3: A ledge with many rocks and a some bamboo still growing on them. A way to Area 4 is on a ledge.
  • Area 4: The area is on a higher ledge and gets used as nest for flying monsters. A path leads to Area 7, a jump from the cliff gets you to Area 6.
  • Area 5: A big area with many climbable bamboo stems. A way brings you to Area 6, another path goes to Area 8.
  • Area 6: The area with the thickest growth of bamboo. Because of its uneven ground and many climbing and hiding spots many Snake Wyverns can be found here sleeping. Only way goes back to Area 5.
  • Area 7: An area created by the entwined growing of the bamboo stems on the upper end. Many arboreal monsters can be found here. A jump down from the edge gets you to Area 9.
  • Area 8: One of the two lake areas. It has a small coast section and a big underwater one. The underwater way leads to Area 9.
  • Area 9: The second lake area with a relatively small cave, that is only accessible with an underwater path, which gets used as nest for aquatic monsters. A dead end when entered from Area 8.


  • In this area no hazards are known.


The lake is home to many Fishes, Piscine Wyverns and some Leviathans. The forest areas are inhabited by many monsters like Fanged Beasts/Wyverns as well as Behemoths, Snake Wyverns and other Wyverns.


Kelbi, Slagtoth, Gargwa, Suito, Norados


Plesioth, Zinogre, Najarala, Suitonga, Bluzarvus