Azumogg by DinoHunter2
Titles Fire Slime Snail
The Fire Tracker
Nicknames Magcargo
General Info
Species Mollusk
Habitats Volcano
Size Big
Relatives None
Signature Move Death harpoon strike
Elements Element Fire
Ailments Element FireStatus PoisonStatus Paralysis
Weaknesses Element Water
Creator DinoHunter2
Azumogg is a volcanic Mollusk that secretes a flammable mucus.


Azumogg is a giant snail creature protected with an incredibly strong grey shell with sharp spikes. Its soft part is orange with yellow marks with a red belly, the whiskers on its head have yellow tips and its eyes glow red.


Azumogg is a mollusk that dwells volcanic areas, feeding on anything it can catch. Being a snail, it's a slow monster, but it must not be underrated. Despite its easy look, it's actually pretty strong and has several tricks to defend itself.

Azumogg's armored shell, as expected, is practically invulnerable and deflects all but the most sharp weapons. Its body, while soft and obviously the best place to attack, is also coated in a viscous slime that wears off on everything it touches. This substance is actually highly flammable and acts similar to Brachydios' plasma. If struck by an attack while coated in it, hunters will immediately combust and become plagued Fireblight. Likewise, the trail of slime it leaves behind will eventually catch flame and become an environmental hazard (this can be triggered instantly if it leaves its trail over a fire-geyser). Additionally it can spit globs of the slime to coat players from afar. Azummog can also attack from a distance by launching volleys of paralyzing darts from its underside. Its mouth hides an insidious-looking harpoon that has an impressive range and strikes with such blinding speed that, if not avoided before it comes out, is completely un-dodgeable. The harpoon-strike deals heavy damage, causes quake, and severely poisons the player. When taking a lot of damage the snail will withdraw into its shell, becoming both stationary and essentially invincible. Not only does it not take damage like this, but it will also ooze slime from underneath, increasing the risk of coming near it. Players can detonate large barrel bombs around it to force the snail out of hiding and temporarily stun it. The snail will eventually come out on its own if this is not done, but will have succeeded in stalling the hunter and wasting time. When in rage mode it will immediately perform a wide, sideways lash with its harpoon as it comes out, potentially hitting and poisoning multiple hunters.


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