Auroral Teostra
Titles Emperor of Blizzard
Nicknames Ice Teo
General Info
Species Elder Dragon
Habitats Snowy Mountains
Size Large
Relatives Teostra, Lunastra
Signature Move Freeze Dust
Elements Element Ice
Ailments Severe IceblightStatus Snowman
Weaknesses Element DragonElement Fire
Creator Rina

Auroral Teostra is a subspecies of Teostra found in the Snowy Mountains.


Auroral Teostra has snow white fur and mane and it's covered with light blue shells, while the legs are bluish gray. Its longer horns and claws are black. Its wings are incredibly beautiful, as they shine like a boreal aurora, hence its name.


Auroral Teostra is a dangerous Elder Dragon capable of creating blizzards and strong winds, it can be found in cold environments and has nocturnal habits. Being very agressive, it's a great danger for villages found near these areas.

Auroral Teostra has a similar moveset to its volcanic cousin, but unlike Teostra, its dust doesn't explode and instead it saps the heat from air so it can freeze its enemies. It can also breath ice and create strong winds to push the hunters.


Auroral Teostra
Auroral Teostra Icon An exalted dragon that lives high in the mountains. Rarely seen and said only to hunt at night, its very presence saps all heat from the air. Feared for its power to summon harsh winds and entomb foes in ice. Its mesmerizing wings shimmer like the northern lights.