Titles The Angel of Sunlight
Nicknames Gargoyle
General Info
Species Flying Wyvern
Habitats Any
Size Very Large
Relatives None
Signature Move Deathstare Pin
Elements Element Fire Element Earth
Ailments Severe Fireblight Severe Earthblight
Weaknesses Element Water
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Aurgos is a species of large and powerful Flying Wyvern that roams the world, they are known for their high adaptability to any environment.


The Aurgos have a glossy Red and Yellow carapace on top and gray sales on the bottom, it possesses a long body similar in build to that of a Seregios or Astalos, adopting a quadrupedal stance while walking, its head resembles that of a seahorse, with a sharp glossy shell on top, their wing membranes are short and useless and its tail is long and segmented, resembling a gigantic spine.

When resting, it stands in a bipedal form and closes its wings, resembling a gargoyle, the monster is usually covered in a layer of moss that may make it look like part of the scenery were not for its massive size.


Question Mark Icon
A large Flying Wyvern that was only recently discovered, harnessing the power of the sun, it is as dangerous as it is massive.


Aurgos can't fly, they have powerful organs that can store large quantities of heat, which is gathered by its glass-like carapace that acts as solar panels, although it can store large amounts of heat, it can deplete it very quickly, thus it burns off the moss layer when fighting to keep a constant supply, they can release energy in a blinding flash.

They can use their stored energy in many ways, most commonly by attacking with a powerful fire beam, or to melt or burn the floor it is standing by burrowing its tail and releasing steam from its holes.

Its most notable ability is known as the Deathstare Pin, in which Aurgos will put its head close to its target and and quickly flash its shells to confuse the victim, during this time the tail will be burrowed under the target constantly emitting damaging hot steam.

Its large body is used as a weapon, albeit these monsters are slower from their sheer size, being crushed under its feet or punched by the monster will almost instantly knock out most hunters.

After the floor becomes weaker from the heat, placed bombs will sink and the Aurgos will also burrow parts of its body and attack like a Leviathan.

In G-Rank it can paralyze targets by biting, when its life is endangered, it will enter a final state of rage in which the energy absorbed is instantly expelled, creating a fiery coat over the monster which increases its melee damage but disables the use of its laser, it is, in fact, slowly storing bits of energy to release a last attack in which it creates a giant ball of fire that leaves a crater, if it dies before firing it, it will be fired towards the sky where it will appear as a second sun until it escapes the atmosphere and runs out of air.


Icon Name Description
High Rank
Carapace Icon Black Aurgos Mudshell A piece of an Aurgos' shell, quite dirty.
Claw Icon Black Aurgos Fang A dirty fang from an Aurgos, inhabited by special bacteria that has adapted to the sudden increase in temperature.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Red Aurgos Muscle Tissue Massive muscles that, once properly cooked, can restore energy completely, but it is harmful when eaten raw.
Scale Icon Dark Orange Aurgos Headshell The shell that protudes from the head of an Aurgos, somewhat dirty.
Sac Icon Red Aurgos Blaze Sac The internal sac of an Aurgos, stores massive quantities of heat.
Carapace Icon Dark Orange Aurgos Gleamshell A clean piece of an Aurgos' shell, gleams with a golden reflection.
Claw Icon Black Aurgos Deathfang A dirty fang from an Aurgos, a single touch can paralyze large prey.
Ball Icon Magenta Aurgos Star Eye The still-glowing eye of an Aurgos, it may never lose its brightness.
Bone Icon Dark Orange Aurgos Skull The skull of an Aurgos along with its signature shell.
Sac Icon Red Aurgos Meteor Sac The internal sac of an Aurgos, special care is needed when handling.


  • Its name comes from Argonaut, in the sense that it travels new land, Áurea, due to its Golden gleam and Gargoyle, due to its rocky appareance and stance taken when perched.
  • It is considered an Elder Dragon-Level Monster.
  • The first long distance sight of Aurgos was during its resting time, Guild Explorers noted the sight of a giant Flying Wyvern with a rock-like shell perched on the edge of a hill, when hunters were sent to investigate further, it was revealed that the rocky shell was moss that hardened on top of its actual body, the wyvern went into a rampage which melted this moss layer, revealing a glossy red and yellow carapace that reflected sunlight, the hunters did not return, their fate was unknown until a search party found burnt human corpses near the sleeping wyvern.