Titles Brother of the Abyssal Reef
Nicknames Arse, Senni
General Info
Species Piscine Wyvern
Habitats Abyssal Reef
Size 1190cm-1370cm
Relatives Thilypsaria
Signature Move Darkness Tornado, Darkness Yin Yang, Dragon Beam, Dragon Wheel
Elements Element Dragon Dragon
Element Darkness Darkness
Ailments Element Dragon Dragonblight
Weaknesses Element Blaze Blaze
Element Dragon Dragon
Creator WerequazaRack&ruin
Arsenipsaria are powerful piscine wyverns appearing in Monster Hunter Legacy and is the male counterpart of Thilypsaria. They can be hunted alonngside his mate in the Reef Sanctuary in G Rank.


Arsenipsaria is just about the size of his mate, thilypsaria. But, arsenipsaria is brown and red with a slightly larger dorsal fin and his wings are reddish black with a barracuda-like head. Arsenipsaria also has crimson red foot webbig and a V-shaped head.


When a hunter or a group of hunters is spotted by Arsenipsaria and Thilypsaria, arsenipsaria will be the last to attack, using the dragon element along with his mate's ice elemental attacks to create and manipulate the Darkness element. If its a group of hunters, then he will target the player(s) with the highest raw damage and or elemental damage and the highest defense until the second phase.


Arsenipsaria along with his mate are rarely seen in any different areas besides the abyssal reef, their breeding site. Arsenipsaria itself doesn't have any predators but some older specimens do have wounds from three currently unidentified monsters. One is a Piscine Wyvern and the other two are Flying Wyverns. Occasionally, remains of arsenipsaria bones along with other wyvern bones are found in piles and the footprints of an currently unknown wyvern have been found near these bone piles. And these occurrences just keep happening.

Carves (G Rank)

Scale Icon Dark Red
Arsenipsaria Shard The re and brown colored scale of a arsenipsaria. A Piscine Wyver scale at in its prime condition.
Hide Icon Dark Brown
Fine Arseni Hide Quality hide from arsenipsaria hide. Has a lot of wounds and scars deite its beauty.
Webbing Icon Special 1
Hrd Arsenipsaria Webbing Legendary webbing from a rare piscine wyvern. Dragon energy sparks from time to time.
Claw Icon Red
Hvy Arsenipsaria Fang A beautiful, sharp fang from an arsenipsaria. The fang by itself is strong enough to destroy a Shogun Ceanataur's claws.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Red
Arsenipsaria Dragon Head A thick skull of an Arsenipsaria. Just merely touching the fangs gives one dragon blight.
Webbing Icon Dark Brown
Arseni Fine Fin A tough fin from an arsenipsaria. Gourmands love these fins for their strong taste and flavor when cooked.
Mantle Icon Black
Arsenipsaria Spirit A dark stone reaped from the insides of a arsenipsaria. Often said to be used in strange rituals.