Arctic Duramboros
Titles Tail Shovel Wyvern
Nicknames Ice Duram
General Info
Species Brute Wyvern
Habitats Snowy Mountains/Arctic Ridge

Snowy Areas

Size Large
Relatives Duramboros, Rust Duramboros
Signature Move Tail Snow Throw
Elements Element Ice Element Earth
Ailments Element Ice Severe Iceblight Element Earth Status Snowman
Weaknesses Element Thunder
Creator YukiHerz

The Arctic Duramboros is a Rare Species of Duramboros that lives in Snowy and Frozen locations, primarily, the Arctic Ridge.


Arctic Duramboros are hulking Brute Wyverns, reaching the same heights as the Rust Duramboros, these monsters are usually covered in patches of Ice and Snow, their horns are shorter than the other species but open up on a bigger angle, and they possess 3 humps in their back.

Their tails are completely different from other Duramboros, the tail is convex on the underside and concave on top, it closes into a pointed tip, with two large flat shells growing from each side.


Arctic Duramboros
Arctic Duramboros Icon by YukiHerz
Massive Brute Wyverns covered in Snow and Ice, their soft shells are priced for their liquid purifying abilities, but one should be extremely wary of their tails, which they move with unbelievable agility.

The Arctic Duramboros has been seen in the lowlands of the Arctic Ridge collecting water, which they store in their humps, this water is used to regulate their temperature, the water warms up in their humps and then it is sent to different parts of their bodies to increase temperature.

Sometimes they may need to lower their temperature instead, using their shovel tails or hitting the sides of snowy hills they bury themselves in snow which then slowly melts and the water is absorved by their shells, which then purify it and send it to the humps.

When struck by powerful shocks their water heating humps become unstable, this can be noticed by the humps becoming soft and wet, they will run towards colder areas and sometimes they will roll in the snow to cool back.


They retain the common abilities displayed by other Duramboros Species, along with some of their own, they can swiftly move their tails to the sides, when doing this they will also lunge dirt or snow.

When fighting in snowy areas, they will use their tails to lift chunks of ice and snow and lunge them at targets, on low land areas they will lunge chunks of dirt or rocks, sometimes they will shake violently to drop snow and ice on targets.

When enraged they use their hot water offensively, they are known to spit at targets or the ground and create natural traps that sink objects into the ground like a pitfall trap.


Icon Name Description
Scale Icon Dark Blue Arctic Duramboros Scale A dark scale from an Arctic Duramboros, it is valued for its ability to hold temperature.
Claw Icon Light Blue Arctic Duramboros Crown The horns of an Arctic Duramboros, used for decorations and medicine.
Carapace Icon Light Blue Artic Duramboros Carapace A soft carapace that can convert natural water into purified, drinkable water, even after the death of its owner, this is due to specialized bacteria that grows within it.
Bone Icon Orange Arctic Duramboros Tail Bone The tail bone of an Arctic Duramboros, sturdy and flexible.
Ball Icon White Arctic Duramboros Diamond A large bright gem formed rarely inside an Arctic Duramboros' middle hump, it is believed to be an undiscovered state of water.
Medicine Icon White Pure Water A drink of this water brewed inside an Arctic Duramboros' hump will cleanse all ailments and recover a large portion of health.


  • Its horns, humps, legs and tail can be broken, the tail will sever if attacked with slicing weapons.