Arch Corvolos
Arch Corvolos by Nrex117
Titles Murder Crow, Raven King, Ebony Bandit Prince
Nicknames King Crow Wyvern
General Info
Species Bird Wyvern
Habitats Primal Coastline, Jurassic Frontier, Great Forest, Arctic Ridge, Marshland, Verdant Hills, Dunes, Ancestral Steppe, Jungle, Deserted Islands and Forgotten Valley.
Size 540.27 cm - 760.47 cm
Relatives Corvolos
Signature Move to be decided
Elements N/A
Ailments Bleeding, Stun
Weaknesses Thunder (head) Fire (body)
Creator Nrex117


Arch Corvolos are intelligent Bird Wyverns that travel in large flocks composed of their Corvolos harem, they are cooperative pack hunters and command their Corvolos minions in battle. They are omnivorous by nature, but are known to tackle large game on their own or with the aid of their flock. They are known to mimic the calls of other monsters and call for their flock when needed.


Their bodies are covered in dark plume like scales and shells composed of rigid scales and they have a large clubbed tail covered in serrated edges that the use to bleed out prey and deter predators. They have powerful wings that they use to travel long distances in search of food. Arch Corvolos have the ability to produce powerful bursts of sound waves that the use to knock out prey items, this sound wave is strong enough to knock a hunter back. Unlike the smaller female Corvolos, Arch Corvolos have teeth inside their beaks.


Arch Corvolos are intelligent creatures that are known to harass hunters and other monsters. They are known to lead large flocks of Corvolos to aid them in patrolling its territory and gathering food.


Order: Saurischia - Suborder: Bird Feet - Family: Corvid Wyverns - Species: Corvolos rex

A very wide spread species of Corvid Wyverns known to inhabit most parts of the world with the exception of extreme climates like volcanic regions. Arch Corvolos are omnivores, but they are known to prey upon Aptonoth, young Larinoth, and Slagtoth on their own, but with the aid of a pack of Corvolos they are known to tackle much larger and more dangerous prey and even steal kills from other predators, but when they aren't hunting they forage for fruits, nuts and monster eggs.

The males (Arch Corvolos) are larger than the female (Corvolos) and have larger more prominent crests that double as resonating chambers.


Ground Attacks

Peck: Arch Corvolos will lunge at the hunter with its beak dealing low damage.

Kick: Arch Corvolos jumps in the air and gores the hunter with its claws dealing moderate damage.

Tail Smack: Arch Corvolos swings its tail knocking down and inflicting the bleeding status effect on the hunter dealing moderate damage.

Hip Check: Arch Corvolos rams the hunter with side of it body knocking them down and dealing high damage.

Scream: Arch Corvolos produces a loud screech that can knock back hunters and stun them, this will summon Corvolos.

Air Attacks

Dive Bomb: Arch Corvolos dive bombs the hunter dealing high damage.

Sound pulse: Arch Corvolos creates a pulse of sound strong enough to blow back hunters and stun them dealing moderate damage.

Tail Flail: Arch Corvolos flies towards the hunter flailing its tail around dealing high damage and inflicting the bleeding status effect.

Breakable parts

Arch Corvolos can have its crest broken, its wings scared and its tail severed.


Carapace Icon Black

A. Corvolos Carapace: A bunch of compact scales that are black as midnight. (uncommon)

Claw Icon Black

A. Corvolos Wingtalon: A talon found at the edge of an Arch Corvolos wing, sharp yet sturdy. (rare)

Feather Icon Black

A. Corvolos Feather: An impressive and incredibly soft feather, used to show authority over its flock! (uncommon)

Monster Parts Icon Black

A. Corvolos Beak: A mighty crest adorned beak filled with an impressive array of fang! (rare)

Webbing Icon Black

A. Corvolos Webbing: Feather covered webbing carved from an Arch Corvolos wing. (uncommon)

Scale Icon Black

A. Corvolos Plume Scale: A soft yet durable dark feather like scale. (common)

Sac Icon Black

A. Corvolos Syrinx: Pitch black vocal organs of an Arch Corvolos. (high rank only)

Monster Parts Icon Black

A. Corvolos Tail: A sturdy tail covered in serrated edges that can pierce even the toughest of hides. (rare)


Great Sword: Ebony Wing.

Katana: Midnight Feather.

Insect Glaive: Arch Staff.


  • Arch Corvolos are all males.
  • Its movement on the ground is similar to Malfestio.

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