Titles Electric Snake Wyvern
Nicknames Anguilla, Yanka
General Info
Species Snake Wyvern
Habitats Deserted Island, Flooded Forest, Primal Forest
Size 5837.28 cm
3969.33 cm
Relatives Slimy Anguilluyankas, Agnathayankas
Signature Move Electric Slither Charge
Elements Element Thunder Thunder
Ailments Severe Thunderblight Thunderblight
Status Paralysis Paralysis
Weaknesses Element Fire Fire
Element Ice Ice
Creator MonsterHunterFlacko

Anguilluyankas (アンギライルヤンカシュ, Angirairuruyankashu) is a Snake Wyvern.


Anguilluyankas is a Snake Wyvern with smooth yet thick insulated green skin with jagged silver markings on its body and yellow eyes. It possesses small yet long, fully functional fore- and hind-limbs with long claws. Its head has two large fins that extend from the top of its eyes, travel down the length of its body, to the beginning of its tail where they merge into a single fin that ends at the tail tip.


Anguilluyankas is an amphibious monster, capable of surviving in both land and water. It can produce electrical charges with the use of its highly specialized nerve cells which can generate a far stronger than normal current. It can release this electrical charge through nerve endings in its body, making it dangerous to touch. As such, it will coil its long body around targets to shock them. It also contains a potent paralysis-inducing neurotoxin in its fangs and claws that allow for easier kills against bigger targets.


Anguilluyankas is an opportunistic ambush predator, waiting in the shadows and charging a current in body and will then rush and strike prey once fully charged.


Anguilluyankas can be found in areas near large bodies of water such as the Primal Forest, Flooded Forest, and the Deserted Island.



No availabile icon. An amphibious Snake Wyvern that crawls out of the water with its arms and then uses its long body to coil around prey and deliver a deadly electric shock. After electrocuting its prey it drags it below the water's surface where it eats to it leisure.


  • Order: Snake Wyvern
  • Suborder: Snake Wyvern
  • Family: Anguilla

Anguilluyankas is a member of the Snake Wyvern class. Its closest relative is its Subspecies Slimy Anguilluyankas and its Origin Species Agnathayankas.


Anguilluyankas's known habitats include the Primal Forest in the Old World, and the Flooded Forest and Deserted Island in the New World.

Ecological Niche

A powerful predator, Anguilluyankas utilizes deadly ambush attacks to constrict and electrocute prey. Herbivores such as Slagoth, Aptanoth, Kelbi, Gargwa, and Rhenoplos make up a large portion of its diet. Other potential meals include Royal Ludroth, Great Wroggi, Daimyo Hermitaur, and Kecha Wacha. Despite being such a fearsome beast, competition involves equally powerful creatures such as Zinogre, Rajang, Seltas Queen, Gobul, Duramboros, Rathian, and Rathalos. However, should an Anguilluyankas encounter any of these monsters, it is more than capable of holding its own.

Biological Adaptations

Anguilluyankas is well knwon for its ability to generate a powerful electric shock used to electrocute prey and predator alike when it constricts a victim. It creates these electrical currents by highly developed nerve cells in its body that produce far more electricity than normal. In fact, this electricity is so powerful Anguilluyankas has evolved soft rubbery skin to protect itself from its own electricity. Running through its fangs and claws is a powerful paralyzing toxin. This paralysis-inducing venom might seem redundant considering its electrical capabilities but its actually quite useful in taking down larger prey items.


Anguilluyankas is an opportunistic ambush predator, hiding in the thick fog of the Primal Forest or the murky water of the Flooded Forest to strike unsuspecting prey and shock them.


  • Bite: Anguilluyankas will face the hunter and strike at him/her with incredible speed in an attempt to bite them. If successful, the hunter will become paralyzed. In Rage Mode, Anguilluyankas will attack at a much faster speed. To dodge, roll to either side of its head.
  • Electric Slither Rush: Anguilluyankas will charge up electricity around its body and will then attempt to run into the hunter by launching itself into a charge attack, slithering very quickly along the ground and moving forward in a unique spiral motion.
  • Tail Slap: Anguilluyankas will simply flick its tail at the hunter, knocking him/her down and dealing very little damage.
  • Claw Swipe: Anguilluyankas will lean forward and swipe at a hunter with its left or right claw. In rage mode this attack will inflict Thunderblight.
  • Constricting Shock: will attempt to trap the hunter by circling around him/her, assuming the Constrict position. Anguilluyankas will then proceed to circle around the player 3 whole rotations in a counterclockwise direction. However, if the player escapes after the first rotation, it will assume the Coiled position again. Upon the third rotation, Anguilluyankas will create a massive electrical discharge around its body.
  • Constrict: Anguilluyankas's pin attack. Anguilluyankas will attempt to trap the hunter once again in its Constrict position by using its tail to slap the hunter and launch him or her up into the air, and into its body where it will proceed to circle around the hunter, drawing closer and closer. Finally, it will coil itself ON TOP of the hunter and start to squeeze its body while discharging small electrical bursts.


  • The name "Anguilluyankas" is derived from the words anguilla, a genus of eels and "Illuyanka", a serpent in Hittite mythology.
  • Its head, back, back legs, and tail can be broken.
  • When low on stamina, its silver markings will turn white and will fail to produce electricity.
    • It will prey on monsters such as Slagtoth, Aptonoth, and Epioth to regain stamina.
  • It can become infected with the Frenzy Virus and Apex Status.
    • Apex Anguilluyankas's weak spots are its head, legs, and tail. Attacking anywhere else will cause your weapon to bounce off unless the Drive Wystone is active.
    • Apex Anguilluyankas's attacks will now cause Severe Thunderblight instead of regular Thunderblight unless the Hunter has high enough Thunder resistance.
    • Apex Anguilluyankas can now chain its attacks.
  • Anguilluyankas's roar requires HG Earplugs to block.

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