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Titles Winged Serpent Wyvern
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General Info
Species Snake Wyvern
Habitats Dunes, Jungle, Ancient Forest, Deserted Island and Sandy Plains.
Size Medium to large
Relatives Remobra
Signature Move Corrosive flame
Elements Fire
Ailments Poison
Weaknesses Water
Creator Nrex117


Anggirapax are large flying Snake Wyverns distantly related to Remobra, they have a build that is more reminiscent to Flying Wyverns rather than the typical build of Snake Wyverns. The Anggirapax have evolved large and powerful wings to aid them in tracking down prey over vast distances, to help aid in this tracking Anggirapax have horn like heat sensing organs in the crests above their eyes, they even have forked tongues to aid their sense of smell. Anggirapax have loose scales running down their back ending at the tip of their tails, these scales can produce a rattling sound to warn predators and intimidate rivals. When they feel threatened they can heat up their venom glands and propel ignited globs of poison dealing fire and poison damage to anything that threatens them.


They are known to inhabit a range of subtropical and temperate environments including the jungle, flooded forest, deserted island, misty peaks, heavens mount and deserts.


  • Order: Snake Wyvern
  • Suborder: Winged Snake Wyvern
  • Family: Viperapax

Ecological Niche:

Anggirapax are powerful predators that are known to compete with other fearsome predators such Zinogre, Rathalos and Rathian. They are known to prey on herbivores like Aptonoth and Apceros and even smaller carnivores large Velociprey and Velocidrome, they themselves have very few natural predators.


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