Andevora Render by KitWhitham
Titles Anteater Wyvern
Nicknames Vora
General Info
Species Fanged Wyvern
Habitats Sandy Plains, Neopteron Hive
Size Large
Relatives Zinogre
Signature Move Tongue slash
Elements None
Ailments Status Defense Down
Weaknesses Element Fire
Creator KitWhitham
Andevora is a Fanged Wyvern found where Neopterons abound.


Andevora has a structure similar to Zinogre, howver, it's less bulky and has smaller front legs. Andevora is covered with thick brown fur and numerous spiky scales of dark red over its limbs, back and tail. Its tail is also very long and furry. Andevora's head is small and its mouth is narrow, filled with small sharp teeth and with a long flexible tongue.


Andevora mainly inhabits places with a great number of Neopteron monsters. Although it mainly feeds on Altaroth, it can hunt bigger prey with its sharp fangs and claws like Aptonoth or even Seltas. It uses its claws to burrow and destroy anthills and bugnests and then catch its prey with its sticky tongue.

Andevora is an aggressive monster that will attack any intruders in its territory. It mainly uses claw slashes and pounds to attack, but it can charge and perform powerful tail attacks as well. Andevora can also make use of its tongue to attack distant enemies at dashing speed, besides, its saliva has an acidic agent from its diet that inflicts defense down. Sometimes it will stand on two legs to attack with claws, body slams or roar. Some rare times it will burrow and attack from below with its claws.

Andevora Icon by Chaoarren Pink furred Fanged Wyverns with a lengthy tongue that can reach a maximum reach of half its body size. They pick territories with high numbers of Neopterons, which they prey upon exclusively. Should one try to hunt its prey in their area they become hostile and attack with specially shaped claws, their heavy tail and their quick tongue.


  • Its front claws and face can be damaged and its tail can be damaged and then severed.