Ancient Temple
Name Ancient Temple
Japanese Name Jungle Shrine
"An ancient temple found in the heart of the Jungle. Many say that the ancients had made this edifice for worshipping an important deity. Now, nature has taken back the temple, and it has become a hideout for powerful monsters."
Area No. 2
Hazards Traps
Small monsters Great Thunderbug, Velociprey
Big monsters Akantor, Anvelos, Irdustlus, Kushala Daora, Malaxiator, Pruornops, Rathian, Thanamarachus, Yama Tsukami, Velocidrome
Creator/s MHAdvent
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Climate Warm
Weather N/A
Secret Areas None
Aquatic Areas N/A
Shortcuts N/A

The Ancient Temple is a new special location in Monster Hunter Y.

It is an aged temple hidden in the depths of the Tropics, and is known for its deadly traps and deadly monster battles.


Base Camp

Situated in a small clearing near the temple, the Base Camp allows players to look at the antiquity of the edifice, the spacious night sky above it, and the massive jungle behind it.

Main Area

A large area with large stone walls, an exposed square roof supported by a row of columns spanning everywhere near the walls, and 3 raised, receding stone platforms spanning around the main square. On the wall of the 2nd platform that faces the entry to the area, there is a Dragonator that can be activated by a small plate on the 3rd platform. Great Thunderbugs are always present here.


  • Traps: On two walls of the 2nd platform, there are a row of holes that can shoot arrows or blow out fire whenever activated by a small plate in front of the platform. Although these traps are harmful to hunters, they could also be used to damage monsters.

Music Theme

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite OST 06 - Inside the Jungle (Jungle Battle) HQ01:42

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite OST 06 - Inside the Jungle (Jungle Battle) HQ

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