Amuthere by DinoHunter2
Titles Shepard of the North
Colossal Trumpeting
Nicknames Amu
General Info
Species Herbivore
Habitats Ice Chasm
Size Large
Relatives Gammoth
Signature Move Tusk wag
Elements Element Ice
Ailments Element Ice
Weaknesses Element Fire
Creator DinoHunter2
Amuthere is a gigantic Herbivore that wanders through regions of the North.


Amuthere are giant monster resembling to a mammoth. They have thick brown hair covering their enormous bodies with small protuberances on the back. They have a muscular trunk, stout legs and two pairs of slightly thorny tusks growing out from its mouth.


This huge herbivore monster lives in frozen areas, its huge size defends him from the predators of its environment, this makes it quite calm and slow-moving when wandering through the territory, however, it will destroy everything that encounters on its path, so villages can be in danger when an Amuthere is approaching. When fought, it's found in an icy chasm and must be stopped. It's surrounded at all times by a herd of Popos. The smaller herbivores follow it for protection, knowing that predators like Tigrex and Barioth would never chance a run-in with such a massive monster.


Amuthere Icon
A colossal herbivore with thick fur and deadly tusks. It is called the Shepard of the North because smaller plant-eaters flock around it for safety. Its roar causes stampedes and avalanches, and its footsteps are an earthquake. No predator dares to attack it.


Amuthere has a fight similar to Lao-Shan. Hunters follow this lumbering herbivore through an icy chasm, trying to slow it down and eventually stop it before it gets too far and destroys a village. Though attacking it from behind or the sides is relatively safe, it will attack hunters with its giant tusks if they get in range. It can also body-check the walls of the chasm, causing mini-avalanches that rain damaging, ice-blight inflicting bits of debris on the area. The herd if Popos can easily get in a hunter's way while trying to attack Amuthere and is especially frustrating for gunners; working as a team and clearing paths for ranged teammates is key to an efficient victory. Unlike other giant-sized monsters, Amuthere has a rage mode. When it enters rage it will stop and trumpet, panicking the Popo herd and causing a stampede. The charging Popos can interrupt and damage hunters, causing total chaos while the Amuthere itself doubles its walking speed to try and get away. Here gunners become more of an asset than a burden as (if properly defended) they can stop Popos from interrupting the blademasters attacking the mammoth. In the end it will take a smart, coordinated effort to kill this behemoth in time.