Amura Ganqeon
None Yet
Titles Shielded Sea Cutter Squid
Nicknames Amora, Purple Ganqeon, SNS Monster
General Info
Species Mollusk
Habitats Deserted Island, Flooded Forest, Spotted Coast, Sherin Peaks, Water Arena, Defiant Stronghold
Size Large
Relatives Amura Gansi, Zenith Amura Ganqeon, Ganqeon, Gansi, Zenfor Gansi, Zenfor Ganqeon
Signature Move Smash Slice
Elements Element Water
Ailments Severe Waterblight Status Stun Status Bleeding
Weaknesses Element Thunder
Creator Chaoarren

The Amura Ganqeon are nocturnal Subspecies of Ganqeon.


Amura Ganqeon
None Yet These Ganqeon subspecies process a strange battle style like the sword and shield class used by hunters. They are capable of using the front right blade to slash with greater accuracy, and block using a shield where its front left blade would normally be. Known to be far more powerful and combat skilled than their pink relatives.

Amura maintains most of the physical appearance of normal Ganqeon, with the exception of shorter back tentacles, the left fronts blade becoming a oval shield and a longer right blade. Plus its head fins are shorter. Instead of the pink hide it has a rich purple colour, the red eyes become a green colouration with the red going to the pupils.

The mouth mostly stays extended out more frequently than normal's.


Some moves are shared with Ganqeon

  • Shield: Mostly when not attacking, it has its left tentacle in front of it.
  • Sword Combo 1: Swiftly swings its sword left and then right. Bleeding if both hits connect.
  • Advanced Sword Combo 1: Enraged it ends the combo with a spinning cut.
  • Sword Combo 2: An up and down swinging attack. Bleeding if both hits connect.
  • Advanced Sword Combo 2: Spinning slash after combo when enraged.
  • Vent Usage: Will use its heat vent to heat up its blade, causing it to do fire damage without fireblight.
  • Water Beam: Enraged instead of the water spit it becomes a short ranged waterbeam.
  • Shield Bash: A swift swing of it followed by a forward slam.
  • Advanced Shield Bash: Enraged it does a spin attack after.
  • Block: If a charge attack is about to finish and hit Amura, it will place its right arm behind its left as it places its shield in front of itself to cause it to bounce. Can break out of an attack to do it.
  • Charged Slice: Goes backwards drawing back its blade, then dashes back forward and does a heavy slash. Instant bleeding.
  • Block Counter Attack: If an attack causes the block to make Amura flinch, the shield might to used to ram into the target that caused it.
  • Blockswimmer: Amura Ganqeon moves backwards and shield's its face and then rushes forward. Hunters hit by the charge get knocked backwards far. Once charged enough it will stop the charge with a mega slam and an arc slice. Impact with the mega slam will cause Stunned and the slice can cause Bleeding.


  • Back Tentacle Scarred (Individual Breaks)
  • Shield Damaged
    • Shield Tentacle Severed
  • Blade Cracked
  • Heat Vent Scarred
  • Horns Broken
    • Face Scarred
  • Head Fins Broken (Rage Only)

Rage and Tired states

  • Enraged: Blade extends and will huff bubbles from mouth.
  • Tired: Blade droops, drools and its blocks fail far more.


High Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Hide Icon Dark Purple A.Ganqeon Hide+ Bright purple hide from Amura, far stronger than the pink variant.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Purple A.Ganqeon Strongarm One swing from this is deadly, even if the blade or shield.
Bone Icon Black A.Ganqeon Horn+ An Amura horn's are used to show dominance to others of its kind.
Claw Icon Black A.Ganqeon Blade A blade longer than the rest, used many times by its original owner.
Monster Parts Icon Black A.Ganqeon Shield Bone structure mutated to be too bulky for cutting. Extremely durable.
Fang Icon Black A.Ganqeon Fang+ Advanced intelligence allows this to be used in much more ways than usual.

G Rank

Icon Item Name Description
Hide Icon Dark Purple A.Ganqeon Piel Thick flexible hide that kept its toughness through ages. It is effective of hiding in the nighttime waters.
Monster Parts Icon Dark Purple A.Ganqeon Crusher Very powerful in melee blows, but weak compared to the blade it held.
Bone Icon Black A.Ganqeon Hardhorn Very long and hard bone that shows the creatures dominance over others. If jabbed it is just as effective as a knife.
Claw Icon Black A.Ganqeon Carveblade Welded like a human uses a sword, this weapon is fatal in its world. If forged it will be of great use and quality.
Monster Parts Icon Black A.Ganqeon Wall Used correctly no blade can scar this blocker nor get past its defence. It can even block elemental attacks.
Fang Icon Black A.Ganqeon Ripper A perfect representation of the grand master of cutting in the seas.


Same as normal species.

Interactions with The Frenzy/Hyper State/Apex

Amura Ganqeon can be infected by The Frenzy, its eyes turn completely red like its standard species and its hide turns a near black colour.

It cannot go apex.

Amura Ganqeon can be in the Hyper Status.


  • Upon severing the shield, it will fall down and fall to the floor. There it can be carved once like severed wyvern tails.
  • The move set is easily guessed, based off the Sword and Shield class for hunters.