Titles Shapeshifting Monster
Nicknames Ditto
General Info
Species Celloid
Habitats All Main Areas
Size Large
Relatives None
Signature Move Transform
Elements N/A
Ailments Status Sleep Sleep
Weaknesses Element Dragon Dragon
Element Fire Fire
Element Ice Ice
Element Thunder Thunder
Element Water Water
Creator MonsterHunterFlacko

Amorpheus (アモルフェウス, Amorufeusu) is a monster of an unknown type.


For the most part, Amorpheus is a silver shapeless blob without any features, resembling liquid metal. However, Amorpheus can mimic monsters of different classes and is known to have mimic the following: Flying Wyverns, Leviathans, Fanged Beasts, and Brute Wyverns.

A Flying Wyvern shaped Amorpheus takes on the shape of a Flying Wyvern similar to Rathalos or Rathian. Amorpheus mimicking a Leviathan becomes similar to a Lagiacrus. A Brute Wyvern Amorpheus takes on the standard theropod look of most Brute Wyverns. Amorpheus becoming a Fanged Beast becomes reminiscent of Arzuros, Lagombi, and Volvidon.

Regardless of form an Amorpheus takes on, it will still retain its silver color and featureless body, save for a mouth.


As previously stated, Amorpheus can transform into a replica of any of the monster classes, except Herbivores. The known types they have copied are Flying Wyverns, Brute Wyverns, Fanged Beasts, and Leviathans. The attacks they use depend on whatever form they're utilizing but Amorpheus is known to secrete a sedative agent in its "mouth." This allows it to put prey to sleep through its bite.


Amorpheus are incredibly aggressive monsters that will attack any moving on sight. They are said to feed on the DNA on other monsters, which is how they transform into other monsters.


Amorpheus can be found in literally any normal area. This does not include special areas such as the Battlequarters, Ingle Isle, and the Polar Field.


  • Amorpheus is based off bdelloids, asexual microscopic organisms that are known to possess DNA from other organisms, which they use to reproduce.
  • Its nickname, Ditto, is a reference to the Pokemon of the same name that can transform into another Pokemon.
  • The breakable of Amorpheus varies depending on what form its currently in. Flying Wyvern Amorpheus can have its head and wings broken and its tail can be severed. Fanged Beast and Leviathan Amorpheus can have their head and front limbs broken and the tail can be severed for Leviathan Amorpheus. Brute Wyvern Amorpheus can only have its head broken and its tail severed.
  • The name Amorpheus is a portmanteau of amorphous, meaning lacking a clearly defined shape or form, and Morpheus, the Greek god of sleep, referring to its sleep bite.
  • Amorpheus has different sounding roars for each form that requires HG Earplugs to block.